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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 26 July 2008, 19:28:12 GMT+7

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness Tips and Trick


Prologue: Darkness Over The Northern Mountains
Chapter 1: The Path Of The Master
Chapter 2: The Orc Kahanat
Chapter 3: The Great War

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness Tips and Trick


001. Goblin Lands
   - Type of Recruits Soldier: Human, Goblin

002. The Sage
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Goblin, Orcs
   - It would be better during this mission, you didn't sell your woods and stones, because you'll need more woods and stones for rebuilding the goblin city
   - Location of the pigs:
   i. Near Save The Miners Quest
   ii. Near Sage's Grandson Quest
   iii. Near Punish The Giant Quest
   iv. Near Wolves Dent, right of Goblin's outpost

003. The Dungeons
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Goblin, Dwarf
   - If you could not find the path and seems stuck, you can use your armies to find the way by clicking at the path in front of the stone block

004. The Ritual
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Brigand, Elves
   - To open the Dwarf Tower, just obtain the 3 scrolls and talk to the 3 statues near (left) the tower
   - The spots to unlock the hidden bridge:
   i. The tree near the hidden bridge
   ii. The tree near the brigand camp

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness Tips and Trick


001. Hroll's Grimoir
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Orc, Human, Undead
   - Orc's God Stone Location:
   i. Near Radgar Clan Camp
   ii. Near Fierce Jackals
   iii. Near Dark Barrows
   - You can move the Orc's God Stone with strongest warrior, such as Ogree
   - You must maintain 1 brigand army to deal with other town peacefully. Especially when you are doing the Caravan Quest
   - Other than brigand, any race who will see your undead army will become hostile. It did too with your own soldiers. So never combine your undead soldiers with other races (except brigand) in the same place, if you want to keep them all.
   - At the end of this mission, you only can take 1 army (would be good if you bring your brigand army with you). And make sure that you have 1 empty inventory slot, because sometimes you will get a free item

002. The Darkness Is Looming
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Undead, Human, Goblin
   - At the beginning of this mission, place your brigand army at the mercenary camp. Then go to the isolated tower and create some undead armies to defeat Vorlog near your tower. You can stop your brigand army becoming undead by skipping the cutscene, and stop the brigand army before entering the red sigma symbol near your tower. Then move your undead armies to the Mercenary location, to help your brigand army. Make sure your brigand army did not wipe out during battle, so you can still bargain to other town and exchanging items within your soldier easily.
   - In the Lich Abode quest, you can not kill the lich's armies because they are immune to your weapons and spells. Just kill the lich.
   - At Knight Dragobor quest, if you manage to safe the horror mage, you can make him into your army
   - At the Wizard Tower quest, to find the miner, just go to the Aldorgoth city. There, you will find a quest where you can met these miners.
   - At the Convert Man Into Lycanthropes quest, you must take the black blood rune with you before attacking the village

003. Elf Hospitality
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Elf, Human, Undead
   - At Destroy The Forest Spirit Dwellings quest, you can destroy it with human armies or you can met Zoragon armies at the bottom right corner of the map

004. Mountain Keep
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Goblin, Human, Brigand, Undead
   - At the Strange Construction quest, you must bring Tooth Of Dragon and Fire Guardian Shield (You can get these items from Strong Chaos Nest) to the Strange Construction location
   - Before you attack the Keep, you must gather your armies as much as you can. And it would be better if you have Night Of Horror spell (the highest Darkness spell) and Summon Fire Demons spell. With Night Of Horror spell, your armies will become a killing machines. And with Summon Fire Demons spell, Szi's energy will double at certain times.
   - If you have trap by the dwarves during attack the keep quest, you must not exit the keep, because if you do, you'll instantly being killed. So, do not teleport to the nearest town or your army that outside of the keep

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness Tips and Trick


001. The Revival
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Orcs

002. The Alliance with The Elves
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Orcs, Elves, Goblin
   - If during the battle, there's another army (that didn't hostile to you) passing by, better your shaman did not use Fog Of Decay spell, or, if that army contracted by the spell, they will become hostile to you and maybe the town race would also become hostile
   - If you choose to destroy the goblin settlement (other than doing get rid of the shaman quest), then you must return to the shaman after you have destroy the goblin settlement, so your armies will be cure and you'll receive another quest from the shaman

003. The War
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Orcs, Elves
   - At Safe Dahlia quest, the kidnapper will go through the bridge, near the location of Rob Of Imperial Caravan quest. It would be better if you move your armies to the bridge location before you have completed build the new tower quest, so you have enought time to intercept the kidnapper

004. A Mighty Blow
   - Type of Recruit Soldier: Orcs, Goblin

Battle Mages: Sign Of Darkness Tips and Trick


001. At The Far Borders
   - Type of Recruit Soldiers: Human, Goblin
   - The answers for Convince The Brigands quest are: no, no, yes, yes

002. Mission Impossible
   - Type of Recruit Soldiers: Human
   - In save the guild master or bring back Zoragon mission, you can gain an experience as much as you can by fighting all enemies at the 2 Capital Bridge. Just don't set free Zoragon, because if you free him, the mission will be completed and you can't fight the enemies again

003. Victory or Death
   - Type of Recruit Soldiers: Goblin, Demons
   - Location of Oak Woods:
   i. Between Helcaras and Lyacos
   ii. Near Lyacos
   iii. Near Helcaras

004. Exodus
   - Type of Recruit Soldiers: Human, Elves
   - There's a teleport mechanism, you can noticed at the ground with holes (blinking) in there
   - If you receive "Put Out The Fire Tower" mission, you must go to the nearest forest area (at bottom left corner) to meet a goblin that can help you out







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