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Note: This guide is not intended for spoilers, and/or cheating/hacking.
Please play fair, and DON'T CHEAT/HACK!

=AQ= guide: BoA: part one =AQ=

The Blade of Awe (BOA) is probably one of the most powerful weapons you can get in AQ.

Blade of Awe: Information

With a dmg. capable of up to 31 Earth damage, this awesome weapon can kill a level 15 monster in two hits! It has 6 awesome attacks. I'll get into the attacks a little bit later.

Blade of Awe: How to obtain

To obtain your Blade of Awe, you can either:
A) Find the pieces using a Stonewrit
B) Rent one for one log-in period for 200 Z-Tokens

I'll tell you how to obtain your BoA both ways.

First option

Find a rare treasure chest, open it to obtain the Stonewrit. After you get your Stonewrit, you can start finding and fitting in the pieces of the puzzle (Handle, Hilt, Blade, and Runes).

After you complete the Stonewrit, take it to Valencia, than talk to her about the BoA. She will forge it for you. After that...
CONGRATULATIONS! Your very own Blade of Awe!

Second option

Maybe you have never heard of the BoA, maybe you want to try it out before you start your very long journey for the pieces. Well, the AQ staff let you do just that! For only 200 Z-Tokens, you can rent a BoA. Find Valencia in front of Yulgar's Inn, and ask her about the BoAs. Than, she will give you an option to either, give her 0 Z-Tokens to cancel the "purchase", or 200 Z-Tokens to rent it.

=AQ= guide: Classes: Part two =AQ=

At the moment, AdventureQuest has only 11 classes. But soon, there will be more classes, Bezerker Class being one.

Fighter, Mage, and Rogue are the first ones you can choose to start out with. If your a sword type of person, I suggest starting out with the Fighter class. If your a dagger, laid back type of person, try out the Rogue class first. If you are a magic freak... Well, you know the right class for you.

=AQ= guide: Guardian Advantanges =AQ=

Guardians are the elite warriors of Lore in AdventureQuest. You can become a Guardian for $19.95 USD, and get full access to the game.

NOTE: You must be a guardian to quest for the BoA. You can rent it though still with a free account.

For $5.00 USD more, you can get a X-Boost, while you purchase your Guardian upgrade. You can purchase just the regular Guardian upgrade. A X-Guardian is just the highest upgrade you can recieve. I would suggest buying it, just for the heck of it. It is a actually pretty good.

But, if you get the regular upgrade, and that's it. The price of the X-Boost will be $9.95 USD. So, if you want to purchase the X-Boost upgrade as well, I would suggest purchasing it WHEN you get the Guardian upgrade... Cheaper. Faster. Better.

=AQ= guide: Tips on how to be a good clan member

Alright, i'm sure all of you want to be a good clan member. I like to donate Z-Tokens a lot, and I love to participate in events and such. So, you should donate at least 40-90 Z-Tokens every couple days, just to support your clan. I like to 'repair' it as well. That helps your clan out a lot too.

=AQ= guide: Leveling up: Part three =AQ=

I know everyone wants to become a level 130 AQ master. I do too, but in order to get there, you have to work for it. I have some tips that will get you to where you want to be in seemingly no time!

To be a excellent leveler, you should always have the proper equipment, so i've created a checklist for all you eager players out there!

Here's what you should carry at all times, and when to carry them:

5 potions

Know what monsters are going to be where your going, and carry the proper weapons and armor.

5 mana potions

If their's a area you know by heart, and you just leveled up, and you want to level up again, goto that area you know well. It always helped me to draw out a little map on a piece of paper of where i'm at, what type of monsters are there, and how long it took me to level up.

I know it sounds a bit weird, but trust me, it helps. For example, I know in Krovesport, their are a lot of Rogues, so I carry a Light, Fire, and on occasion, a Water weapon with me. I carry a Fire shield and usually have Light and Fire armor.

Okay, once you have these items, read this carefully, and try to remember it:

If you find a monster that has 10% more health than you have (You = 329 Monster = 339), or more, follow these steps:

Fight, Fight, Heal, Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight until you have at least 30 health left, than heal two times, you should have 2 potions left.
At this point, you should have done a good bit of damage to the monster. Follow those steps again, and it should be beat.

If you do that, you should level up in no time! And remember, you should never fight monsters you know you cannot defeat.

=AQ= guide: Gold: Part four =AQ=

Earning gold is easy as pie. You just need to fight monsters that are easy to defeat, but have loads of money. The monsters that have the big bucks, are the ones that are usually the OPPOSITE of the type of weapon you have. For example, you have a Light sword, and the opponent is Dark, it may have around 140-200 gold. It doesn't sound like a lot, but if you keep beating them, you'll be rich in no time!

=AQ= guide: Guests: Part five =AQ=

The guests in AQ are fun, and unique. Very original, the guests can be found in various locations. From Alnaphar, all the way to Yulgar's Inn, the guests are very good fighters, and should be used when offered.

=AQ= guide: Weapons: Part six =AQ=

Their are many many many weapons in AQ, the most unique and rare, can be found in the most rather 'weirdest' places. Just look in the most 'favorite' places to fight. It will make your day when you find a rare or unique item!


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