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Best Combination Equipment For Defense

Fire Defense

Armor: Flame Guardian Plate (Maximize it's fire defense until there's a notification that you had receive 50% Fire Defense)
Shield: Starblaze Shield
Misc. Items: Dragon Spirit Totem
Result: Fire Element Defense Modifier = 30%

Battle Strategy


1. First Round, equip Eye Of Naab (EoN) or Father Time shield, then use your favourite Miscellanous Items (such as Water Sign), or summon your favourite Guests (such as Guests from BeastMaster skill). After that, the monster will attack you
2. Second Round, if you has been hit, you can restore your previouse HP and MP by clicking at the center of Eye of Naab or Father Time shield to restore your HP and MP, just like the previous round. Then change to your best shield
3. For some quests, that you must fight many battles without have a chance to get healing, you can use Undead Giant skill from Necromancer class skill to defeat the enemies, because it's moderate damage and minimal MP cost

Fight Am-Bush

Use Dragons Slayer armor, and attack it with Aimed Fang Strike, due to it's accurate attack

Fight Isako the Sand Dragon

1. Remember, as long as he have MP, whenever you use Energy Attack on him, you'll hit by the shard that Isako fire at you
2. Don't attack him with water, because if you do that, his defense will rise (depend on your attack type)
3. First, Attack him with Energy Spell, until you have half of your MP. You can regain your lost HP whenever the step 4th succeed
4. Then change your weapon with King's Dualight, so you can emptying his MP and refill your own MP
5. After his MP is empty, then change your weapon again and attack him with your Energy Spell, until he's dead

Fight Wyvern

1. Beware if it fly, because at the next turn, it will do high damage at you.
2. When fly, his defense will be very high. Try to attack it with weapons that have a high BTH, or if you've equipped with Dragon Slayer armor, you can use Aimed Fang Strike skill to hit it

Fight Gravis

1. Gravis can increase his attack at maximum 100% and also he can absorb your attack a bit.
2. Use Miscellanouse Items Water Sign
3. Attack Gravis with Call Forth The Fire Dragon (Skill from Dragon Slayer Class, but, you must charge it first before fighting Gravis) to decrease his HP by 50%
4. Then Change your armor to Flame Guardian Plate, so you can absorb his fire damage a lot.
5. Change your weapon into King's Dualight, so you can absorb his MP
6. Then, if his MP is empty, you can attack him with Water Spells until he's dead

Fight Eldron

1. Remember, Eldron has a very strong spell damage and can steal your MP, so you must drain your MP as fast as you can
2. Equip Eye of Naab Shield (or Father Time Shield) then Equip Stone Sign, so you have more HP
3. After that, Eldron will attack with his very damaging spell. Then Use Eye of Naab (EoN) or Father Time special healing, by clicking at the center of the shield to get your lost HP from previous attack.
4. After you've use the Shield, just change with your powefull shield, and use your healing spell whenever you got hit
5. If both of you and Eldron has no MP left, then you can attack him with your weapons






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