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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 06 July 2006, 10:12:00 GMT+7

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion Walkthrough and Tips


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Chorrol Quest
Cure Vampirism Quest
Fighter Guild Quest
Imperial City Quest
Mage Guild Quest
Main Quest
Mephala Shrine Quest
Meridia Shrine Quest
Molag Bal Shrine Quest
Oblivion Tips
Potion Formula
Roxey Inn Quest
Skill Master Trainers
Skingrad Quest>
Weye Settlement Quest


001. Train Speechcraft:
   - Talk to NPC, click the face icon at the bottom left corner to admire
   - Try to find out, what the NPC like by watching if the center number is going up or down (usually they like 2 topics). If it's going up, it good, and bad if otherwise
   - If you have discover what both topics the NPC like, try to maximize it by arrange the full red shape at that topics. Keep in mind, that the red shape is moving clockwise
   - Apprentice level: When trying to persuade a character, you can rotate the shape without choosing a topics
   - Journeyman level: When trying to persuade a character, his or her disposition now decreases much slower

002. Always read the books you find (do not take it if have the red sign, just read it, but if you like to steal it, then go ahead). You'll find that some books give you a statistic bonus

003. Train Acrobat:
Whenever you walk / run, just do jumping, you'll increase your acrobatic skill much faster.
   - Apprentice level: You can do regular attack while jumping or falling

004. Train Athletic:
Always to run, don't walk. But try swimming, it increase more faster
   - Apprentice Level: Fatique Regeneration is increased by 25%
   - Journeyman Level: Your rate of fatigue regeneration when running is increased by 50%

005. Train Sneak:
Whenever you walk/run, also activate sneaking mode (press Left Ctrl by default)

006. Shop open: usually at 9 pm
Shop close: usually at 8 am

007. Blocking:
   - Apprentice level: Blocking with your shield or weapon no longer drains fatigue

008. Armorer:
   - Apprentice level: Your repair hammer last twice as long
   - Journeyman level: Fully repair magic weapons and armor

009. Security:
   - Apprentice level: When you pick locks, only 3 tumblers will fall when you break a pick

010. Merchant:
   - Apprentice level: Damaged condition of item is no longer a factor when you sell it

011. Varla Stone (usually you'll find at Ayleid ruins): Recharge your item, but you can use it one time only

012. If you lost your Arena Armor, just search at the Arena Training cabinets, there's plenty of Arena Armor there

013. If you got Porphyric Hemophilia Disease (usually from vampires) and you didn't cure it (it can be cure by using cure disease potions or spell) for as long as 3 days, you'll become a vampire.

014. If you become a vampire and you didn't drink blood at all, you'll gain more strength and ability, but most of the NPC didn't want to interact with you and you'll become more suffer from sunlight

015. You can sell vampire dust to Roland and receive great reward for each of it AFTER you've completed Order of the Virtuous Blood (at Temple District) Quest

016. Heavy Armor
   - Journeyman Level : Your Plate Mail is no longer damaged as swiftly from combat

017. Welkynd Stone: Can generate your magicka

018. Warrior Stone : Near Silorn Ayleid ruin, South East of Skingard. Touch it and you'll grant a War Cry spell
War Cry: Fortify Strength 20 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Blade 10 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Blunt 10 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify hand to hand 10 pts for 120 secs on self (only can cast once per day)

019. Apprentice Stone: South West of Skingrad

020. Aethirius Stone: North West Skingrad. Touch it and you'll grant a Gate of Aetherius spell (the stone activated around 9:02 am)
Gate of Aetherius: Fortify Magicka 50 pts for 120 secs on self, Resist Magicka 20% for 120 secs on self (only can cast once per day)

021. Reman Rune Stone: North West Skingrad. Touch it and you'll grant bound armor and weapon (tempo