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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 06 July 2006, 10:12:00 GMT+7

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion Walkthrough and Tips


Add On Side Quest
Chorrol Quest
Cure Vampirism Quest
Fighter Guild Quest
Imperial City Quest
Mage Guild Quest
Main Quest
Mephala Shrine Quest
Meridia Shrine Quest
Molag Bal Shrine Quest
Oblivion Tips
Potion Formula
Roxey Inn Quest
Skill Master Trainers
Skingrad Quest>
Weye Settlement Quest


001. Train Speechcraft:
   - Talk to NPC, click the face icon at the bottom left corner to admire
   - Try to find out, what the NPC like by watching if the center number is going up or down (usually they like 2 topics). If it's going up, it good, and bad if otherwise
   - If you have discover what both topics the NPC like, try to maximize it by arrange the full red shape at that topics. Keep in mind, that the red shape is moving clockwise
   - Apprentice level: When trying to persuade a character, you can rotate the shape without choosing a topics
   - Journeyman level: When trying to persuade a character, his or her disposition now decreases much slower

002. Always read the books you find (do not take it if have the red sign, just read it, but if you like to steal it, then go ahead). You'll find that some books give you a statistic bonus

003. Train Acrobat:
Whenever you walk / run, just do jumping, you'll increase your acrobatic skill much faster.
   - Apprentice level: You can do regular attack while jumping or falling

004. Train Athletic:
Always to run, don't walk. But try swimming, it increase more faster
   - Apprentice Level: Fatique Regeneration is increased by 25%
   - Journeyman Level: Your rate of fatigue regeneration when running is increased by 50%

005. Train Sneak:
Whenever you walk/run, also activate sneaking mode (press Left Ctrl by default)

006. Shop open: usually at 9 pm
Shop close: usually at 8 am

007. Blocking:
   - Apprentice level: Blocking with your shield or weapon no longer drains fatigue

008. Armorer:
   - Apprentice level: Your repair hammer last twice as long
   - Journeyman level: Fully repair magic weapons and armor

009. Security:
   - Apprentice level: When you pick locks, only 3 tumblers will fall when you break a pick

010. Merchant:
   - Apprentice level: Damaged condition of item is no longer a factor when you sell it

011. Varla Stone (usually you'll find at Ayleid ruins): Recharge your item, but you can use it one time only

012. If you lost your Arena Armor, just search at the Arena Training cabinets, there's plenty of Arena Armor there

013. If you got Porphyric Hemophilia Disease (usually from vampires) and you didn't cure it (it can be cure by using cure disease potions or spell) for as long as 3 days, you'll become a vampire.

014. If you become a vampire and you didn't drink blood at all, you'll gain more strength and ability, but most of the NPC didn't want to interact with you and you'll become more suffer from sunlight

015. You can sell vampire dust to Roland and receive great reward for each of it AFTER you've completed Order of the Virtuous Blood (at Temple District) Quest

016. Heavy Armor
   - Journeyman Level : Your Plate Mail is no longer damaged as swiftly from combat

017. Welkynd Stone: Can generate your magicka

018. Warrior Stone : Near Silorn Ayleid ruin, South East of Skingard. Touch it and you'll grant a War Cry spell
War Cry: Fortify Strength 20 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Blade 10 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Blunt 10 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify hand to hand 10 pts for 120 secs on self (only can cast once per day)

019. Apprentice Stone: South West of Skingrad

020. Aethirius Stone: North West Skingrad. Touch it and you'll grant a Gate of Aetherius spell (the stone activated around 9:02 am)
Gate of Aetherius: Fortify Magicka 50 pts for 120 secs on self, Resist Magicka 20% for 120 secs on self (only can cast once per day)

021. Reman Rune Stone: North West Skingrad. Touch it and you'll grant bound armor and weapon (temporary)

022. NPC non quest that will mark a location on your travel map:
   - Location of Mephala Daedric Shrine: Talk to Luther Broad at Luther Broad's Boarding House (Elven Garden District at Imperial City) about Imperial City
   - Location of Goblin Jim's Cave: Talk to Fadus Calidius at Skingrad Fighter Guild and ask about Goblin Hunting

023. Jone Stone: South West of Elenglynn Ruins. Touch it and you'll grant a Jone Shadow spell (the stone activated at night, around 10 pm). Jone Shadow: Invisibility for 120 secs on self, Fortify Sneak 30 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Acrobatics 30 pts for 120 secs on self, Fortify Athletics 30 pts for 120 secs on self (only can cast once per day)

024. Oblivion Calendar:
January - Morning Star
February - Sun's Dawn
March - First Seed
April - Rain's Hand
May - Second Seed
June - Mid-Year
July - Sun's Height
August - Last Seed
September - Heartfire
October - Frost Fall
November - Sun's Dusk
December - Evening Star

Sunday - Sundas
Monday - Morndas
Tuesday - Tirdas
Wednesday - Middas
Thursday - Turdas
Friday - Fredas
Saturday - Loredas

025. How to see our front displayed character ?
Enter console mode by pressing ` button, and type tfc. After that, try moving our character back and forward, then the camera will rotate.

026. How to take a screenshots while playing Oblivion ?
You must edit oblivion.ini file (located at c:/my documents/my games/oblivion). Before you change it, will be better if you copy the file (backup the file), just in case something goes wrong.

Change bAllowScreenShot values to 1 (bAllowScreenShot=1)

And turn off Anti Aliasing mode (you can change it via Oblivion options, when you start the game)


Cure Disease: Mandrake Root, Shepherd's Pie, Clannfear Claws, Elf Cup Cap

*** MAIN QUEST ***

1. Deliver The Amulet: Take the Amulet of The King to Jauffre. He is a monk at Weynon Priory, near the city of Chorrol
2. Find The Heir: Find Martin (a priest at Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch) and bring him back to Jauffre at Weynon Priory


001. Horse Armor (Add-On Quest from Bethesda)
Bring note to Snak gra-Bura of the Chestnut Handy Stables.
Reward: Outfit Horse with armor at no charge for the first time (and also a free nag horse if you want), after that, if you want to re-armored it again, you must buy for 500 gold

002. Repairing the Orrery (Add-On Quest from Bethesda)
Go to Camp Ales to recover Dwarfen artifacts

003. Frostcrag Spire (Add-On Quest from Bethesda)
Go to Frostcrag Spire to inpect your new acquisition

004. Dunbarrow Cove (Add-On Quest from Bethesda)
Go to Anvil, and search for hidden underground cavern beneath Castle Anvil


001. Unfriendly Competition (at Market District)
   - Talk to Tertullian Verus at Three Brothers Trade Goods Shop, about investigating Thoronir
   - Talk to Jensine at Good as New Shop
   - Go to Thoronir at The Copious Coinpurse and talk to him
   - Wait for he close the shop (about 8 pm). Tips: use wait shortcut key to wait. Follow him (using stealth run and keep your distance to him. If you activated this quest, you'll see a green mark in the map, it show the target location) to Merchants Inn. Wait for him in there until about 11 pm. Follow him again until reach the area near the market sewer.
   - If you see him talking to someone, approach them quietly until you can hear what they say.
   - After that follow Agarmir to his house at Thalos Plaza District
   - Enter his house when he's not around (about 5 pm)
   - Go to his basement and find Macabre Manifest and take it
   - Go to Thoronir and confront him with the Macabre Manifest as evident
   - After that catch Agarmir at the graveyard at Green Emperor Way (See map for easy locating Agarmir). Prepare for fight Agarmir and his friend. A little advice, try to defeat Agarmir friend first
   - If you manage to kill them both, find Agarmir shovel as evident
   - Go to Thoronir and talk to him. He'll give you a ring
   - Go to Jensine and she'll give you gold for finishing the mission
   - done

002. Origin of the Gray Prince (at Arena District)
   - Talk to Agronak gro-Malog at Arena Bloodworks
   - Go to Crowhaven

003. The Arena (at Arena District)
   - Talk to Blue Team Gladiator at Arena to receive the mission
   - Go to Owyn the Blademaster in the Arena Bloodworks
   - Wear the Arena Raiment Armor and talk to Owyn again to enter the arena
   - Rank: Pit Dog, Brawler, Bloodletter, Myrmidon, Warrior, Gladiator, Hero, Champion. After that, you can take the Grand Champion title by challenge and defeating Gray Prince. But, do so, after you've completed Origin of the Gray Prince quest though, because if you didn't finish the Origin of the Gray Prince quest, then you can't completed it.

004. Corrupt Imperial Watchman (at Market District or Temple District)
   - If you encounter Luronk gro-Glurzog, you'll be asking for help
   - ASk Jensine at Good as New shop (at Market District)
   - Talk to Imperial Watch to find Another Watch Captain to arrest Audens Avidius
   - Find Hieronymus Lex (use map to find him)
   - Find Itius Heyn (use map to find him)
   - Find talk to Ruslan, Luronk gro-Grurzog and Jensine to become a witness. Jensine will decline, Ruslan and Luronk will agree if your influence point to him at least 70 (mine was 76)
   - Talk to both at 9 am in the tomorrow morning (they usually hang out at Luronk house)
   - Talk to Itius Heyn (usually patrol at Elven District, the same location when you first met him)
   - After that, follow Itius to watch Itius arrest Audens Avidius
   - After a few days, he'll escaped the jail and will pursue you and attack you, be prepared for that. If it happen in town, and also there's some guard attacking you, just surrender by pressing block + activate key (space bar by default)
   - done

005. Seeking Your Roots
   - Find a sprig of Nirnroot at the North Tunnel at Imperial City (you can access it via Market Sewers) or at Imperial City Sewers - North Exit
   - Talk to the alchemist about this plant (ie. you can find Ogier Georick in Main Ingredients shop at Market District)
   - Talk to Sinderion at Skingrad. You'll find him at Welad Inn (Sinderion's Cellar)
   - Then he'll ask you to bring him 10 Nirnroot, for started, you can find it at Shadeleaf Copse (look at the travel map)
   - After you've successfull require 10 Nirnroot, give it to Sinderion, and he'll make a weaker version of exploration elixir, just wait for about 2 day for him to completed it. After that, he'll give you weak elixir of explorations (Fortify Health 20 pts for 300 secs on self and Night Eye for 300 secs on self) and you can buy it from Sinderion
   - If you want a moderate version, you'll need 20 Nirnroot

006. Order of the Virtuous Blood (at Temple District)
   - Talk to Ralsa Norvalo
   - Go to Seridur House
   - Go to Roland Jenseric home to investigate his house for a clue, find the love letter at dinner table
   - Go to Roland cabin and talk to him, don't kill him
   - Go to First Edition Bookshop in the market district and talk to phintias
   - Go to Seridur House for more clues
   - Go to Memorial Cave and kill Seridur
   - Go to Roland's cabin and give him the news
   - Go to Seridur home to met with Roland and the others
   - He'll make you as a honorary member, give you Ring Of Sunfire (Resist Disease 15% on self, Reflect Spell 11% on Self) and if you've a vampire dust, you can "sell" it to Roland and receive reward
   - done

007. Finding The Thieves Guild
   - Talk to beggar (eg. i talk to Ragbag Buntara at Temple district), ask about Grey Fox (you must have 70 point of influence to the beggar), and choose you want to work for Grey Fox
   - Find Grey Fox at Garden of Dareloth in the water front District around midnight
   - done

008. May the Best Thief Win
   - Meet with Armand Christophe at Imperial City (He's Wandering about, i met him at Maket District, though)
   - Ask him about Thieves Guild
   - Met him at ruined Garden of Dareloth in the Warterfront District at midnight
   - After that said to Armand, that you want to join thieves guild (you must have 70 point of influence to him)
   - You must the first to steal Amantius Allectus Diary to win the ticket to join the guild. First, ask the beggar about the Amantius Allectus (but, you must have 70 point of influence to the beggar) => you can skip this step, and proceed to the next step
   - Go to Temple District and locate the house Amantius Allectus House
   - Find the diary at the desk
   - If Methredhel has gotten that diary, go to her house at Waterfront district and stole the diary
   - Back to Armand at the Waterfront district
   - If you succeed to join the guild, you can clear your bounty by met Armand Christophe and pay off your fines and bounty
   - done

009. Independent Thievery
   - If you're a member of thieves guild, you can ask for special job, but you must sell stolen items to Ongar, at Bruma first (at least worth of 50 gold)

010. An Unexpected Voyage
   - Sleep at Bloated Floated Inn at WaterFront District
   - Kill all the 3 bandits, as for selene, you can arrest her if you like by answer correctly, first answer is 3 months, after that golden galeon, etc
   - In the end, if you capture Selene, you'll get gold from reward of selene captured
   - done

011. Buy A House in the Imperial City
   - If you have 2000 gold, then go to Office of Imperial Commerce and buy a house from her (you must have 70 point of influence to her). Apparently your house will be at Waterfront district
   - Go visit your house at Waterfront district
   - Go to Three Brothers Trade Goods to buy some furniture to your house
   - done


001. Go Fish
   - Talk to Aelwin Merowald
   - Bring 12 Rumare Slaughterfish Scales, you can find it at Lake Rumare, north of Weye. Use the travel map to easy locating the fish area
   - If you succeed, go talk again to Aelwin. He'll give you Jewel of the Rumare (Water Breathing on self, Fortify Athletics 4 pts on self)
   - done

002. A Venerable Vintage
   - Talk to Nerussa at Wawnet Inn
   - Retrieve 6 bottles of Shadowbanish Wine. You can find it at fort ruins
   - After you've collect 6 bottles of Shadowbanish Wine, then talk again to Nerussa
   - She'll give you 1000 gold and like to buy bottles of Shadowbanish Wine from you for 100 gold if you have any
   - done


001. Zero Visibility
   - Talk to Malene at Roxey Inn
   - Go to Aleswell to investigate
   - After reach Aleswell, just wander around until Diram Serethi spoke to you (he's invisible) (try also at the inn)
   - Go to Fort Caractacus to find Ancotar
   - He's in the upper ruin and he's invisible too. Wander around until he's spoke to you or you can use night eye spell or potion. He'll give you a spell scroll
   - Go back to the Aleswell town.
   - Go to inn and Diram Serethi will speak to you
   - Cast the spell, and Diram will grant you a room to stay for free
   - done

002. The Gravefinder's Repose
   - Talk to Malene at Roxey Inn
   - Go to Moss Rock cavern and kill Raelynn
   - done


1. Must be level 15, after that leave an offering of nightshade at her statue between midnigh and dawn


1. The same location with Conjurer Master Trainer
2. Must be level 17, after that leave an offering of a lion pelt
3. He'll ask you to corrupt Melus Petilius, by forcing him to kill you with the cursed mace.
4. After reaching Brindle Home, talk to all residents to gather some information about Melus (probably you'll need 70 points of influence toward them)


1. West of Cursed Mine (West Of Skingrad)
2. Must be level 10, after that leave an offering of something from the corpse of undead
3. She'll order you to kill all the necromancers at Howling Cave. Find a secret door int the back of the cave
4. If you succeed, she'll give you Ring Of Khajiit (Chameleon 35% on Self, Fortify speed 10 pts on Self)
5. done


001. The Killing Field
   - Talk to Valus Odiil
   - Go to Weynon Priory to met his sons
   - Met them and follow them to Odill farm
   - Prepare for 3 wave enemy attack, and make sure that Antus didn't fall down. Would be helpfull, if you have spell that can heal others such as Convalescence
   - If you succeed, go back to Chorrol and met Valus Odiil
   - He will give you a weapon, Chillrend
   - Done

002. Separated at Birth
   - Talk to Reynald
   - Go to Cheydinhal to find his twins

003. Canvas the Castle
   - Talk to Countess Valga of Castle Chorrol
   - Try to ask Resident Mage (Chanel), Castle Porter (Orgnolf), Captain of the guard (Bittneld), her herald (Laythe Wavrick) and her Steward (Orok gro-Ghoth)
   - After gathering the clues, there's 2 suspect, Chanel and Orgnolf. Go to West Tower basement and locate the unusual painting
   - Go to chanel room and look at the box near the painting
   - Go to the dining room. Look at the carpet, you'll find paint stained carpet. Click on it and you'll have a new evidence
   - Talk to Chanel and accuse her. If you have high inluence toward her (min. 70 point), she'll confess.
   - Talk to the Countess. Just said that you don't accuse anyone (lied) to get better result
   - Then talk to Chanel again, and she'll promise to give you the painting of your picture at 3 weeks later
   - Wait for 3 weeks and see Chanel again
   - After 3 weeks, there's a popup message that tell us to see Chanel in the castle to receive the reward
   - done

004. A Shadow Over Hackdirt
   - From Seed-Neeus
   - Find her son, Dar-Ma at Hackdirt. She supposed to met Etira Moslin at Hackdirt.
   - Go to Hackdirt and talk to everyone there
   - Find her diary at the inn, and confront it to the inn keeper
   - Talk Jiv Hiriel and met him again at his house after dark
   - Rescue Dar-Ma at Hackdirt Cave
   - If you manage to get her outside, follow her to her horse
   - Back to Chorrol and talk to Seed-Neeus, you'll get merchantile skill
   - done

005. Buying A House In Chorrol
   - Talk to Countess Arriana Valga in the Chorrol Castle
   - Buy A House for 20000 gold
   - Go to the house
   - Go to the Seed Neeus at Northern Goods and Trade to buy furnitures
   - done


1. If you got vampirism (got biten or get disease that you've not cure yet) go visit talk to the priest at the temple (every town have a temple)
2. Go to Arcane University in the Imperial City and talk to Raminus Polus
3. Go to Count Hassildor at Skingard
4. At Skingard castle, talk to Hassildor assistant, Hal-Liurz about vampirism. And wait for Hassildor
5.Find a woman in wilderness along the Carbolo river, East Of Imperial City and South of Cheydinhal (Look at travel map)


1. To join, must speak to Vilena Donton at Chorrol, or Azzan in Anvil, or Burz gro-Khash in Cheydinhal
2. After that, go to Azzan in Anvil or Burz gro-Kash in Cheydinhal for contracts


A. Talk to the head of the mage guilds at each of the local city to join, example in chorrol, you must speak to Teekeeus
B. You must get a recommendation from all of the Mage Guild Head to enter Arcanium
001. To get recommendation from Teekeeus in Chorrol you must do Fingers of the Mountain Quest:
   - Talk to Earana and find out why she is in Chorrol
   - Talk to Teekeeus
   - Find the book at Cloud Top, north of Chorrol (look at the map)
   - At Cloud Top, search dead body at the ruins
   - After that, you can give the book to Earana (don't give it yet to Teekeeus to make this more interesting). You can follow Earana to find where she'll hide the book
   - Talk to Teekeeus about the book
   - Go back speak with Earana tomorrow
   - -After that, go to where she keep the book, and take the Fingers of The Mountain book and give if to Teekeeus
   - Bring Welkynd Stones and Shock Spell then go back to Cloud Top
   - After you reach the Cloud Top, cast Shock spell at center broken pilar, and you'll get Finger of the Mountain spell
   - done

002. To get Skingrad Recommendation:
   - Talk to Adrienne Berene at Skingrad Mages Guild.
   - She'll ask you to find Erthor. Talk to every other mages to gathering information
   - Then, after you've received Erthor's location, talk again to Adrienne before you go to Bleak Flats Cave. She'll give you a spell
   - After you manage to find Erthor, escort back to Skingrad Mages Guild
   - Talk again to Adrienne and you'll receive recommendation from her
   - done


001. Conjuration Training Quest
If you have reach a skill level 70, you must find Olyn Seran in the Great Forest (look at travel map) to train further. Upon met him, you'll be asked to summon a faded wraith in front of him. If you succeed, he'll teach you with a small fee

002. Alteration Training Quest
If you have reach a skill level 70, you must find tooth-in-the-sea, who lives north of Bravil, near Niben Bay


001. Paranoia
   - Meet Glarthir at Skingrad. He'll tell you to met him again at the Great Chapel at midnight
   - Then he'll ask you to go to outside of his house at 6 am and watch Bernadette Peneles. Spying her, what her doing. After that report back to Glarthir at the same place and the same time.
   - Right after that, Dion, the capatin guard will approach you and ask you to report him immediately if Glarthir would make something strange action
   - Back to spying job, actually, Bernadette Peneles is not doing anything strange, so tell him, that she's not watching him
   - After that, he'll ask you to watch Toutius Sextious in the morning. Same as Bernadette, Toutius didn't wath Glarthir at all
   - Report back to Glarthir at the same location and the same time, and tell him, Toutius didn't watch him. Glarthir started suspicious toward you.
   - Anyway, he still give some gold and ask you to watch Davide Surilie for a day. But it still the same, Davide didn't watch him at all
   - Back to Galarthir at the usual time and usual place
   - You can choose now how to end this quest:
    a. You can tell him that Davide isn't spying on him. Glarthir then will attack you
    b. You did say that Davide is spying on him and he'll give list of people that you must kill. You can bring this list to Dion, the captain guard. Dion then will try to capture Glarthir (actually kill Glarthir)
    c. You did say that Davide is spying on him and you kill all of the people on the list

Hint: there's 800 gold at the basket near the fireplace at Glarthir house

002. Buying House at Skingrad
   - Talk to Shum Gro-Yarug to buy a house (25000 gold)






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