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Shattered Galaxy Launching: 2001
Language: English
Support: Forum
Though described as an MMORTS, Shattered Galaxy's gameplay is closer in flavor to a real-time tactics game. Instead of commanding an entire war machine, including infrastructure, supplies, resources and objectives, players are given control of a small squad of units (6 to 12), which they control alongside as many as 20+ teammates, each with similar squads, and against similar opposition. Likewise, battles do not center around the destruction of the opponent's base, but rather around Points of Contention, of which there may be anywhere from one to five. These "POCs" are reddish circles on the ground which must be seized by occupying them for a certain period of time (generally 1 minute and 30 seconds). In some battlefields if the attacking side ever controls all of them, they immediately win; alternately, other battlefields employ a ticket system whereby the number of POCs you own over the enemy as well as the number of troops you kill dictates how fast their tickets go down with an immediate win when the enemies tickets are brought to 0. In both types of battlefields, when the game's built-in 15-minute battle timer runs out, the side with the majority of POCs is declared the winner.

As of April 16th, 2007, the game can be played using a basic account at no charge with a few minor handicaps or upgraded to an elite account at a cost of $9.95 USD per month to play with all limitations removed.

Click HERE for Shattered Galaxy: General Information, Tips and Tricks     Last Update: 03 Mar 2009

Rocking Soccer Launching: February 2013
Language: English, Espanol, Hrvatski, Magyar, Nederlands, Polski, Portugues, Romana, etc
Support: Forum
Rocking Soccer is an online manager game about football. No download required, you can instantly start playing in a world with thousands of other real players.

Manage your own football team in this innovative fast-growing soccer manager game. Expand your club, decide your line-up, win your matches!
We take pride in our high-quality game concept and our attention to realistic details. We are also the only online soccer manager with a 2D live match engine where you can see your players move.

Will your tactics lead to victory or defeat?

Iron Throne
Launching: 2018 Language: English, Indonesia, and more
Support:  Forum
Recruit Dragons and Warriors to Conquer the World!

A New Era has begun in Iron Throne.

Join the Epic War on a Restless Battlefield againts players WorlWide.
Rally with players across the World and lay waste on the Battlefield.

Type: Mobile Game
Genre: Real Time Strategy Game
Offered By: Netmarble

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