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Pokemon Go: About


Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and many other Pokemon have been discovered on planet Earth!
Now's your chance to discover and capture the Pokemon all around you, so get your shoes on, step outside and explore the world. You'll join one of the three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokemon at your side.

Pokemon are out there and you need to find them. As you walk around a neighbourhood, your smart phone will vibrate when there's a Pokemon nearby. Take aim and throw a Poke Ball. You'll have to stay alert, or it might get away!

Search far and wide for Pokemon and items
Certain Pokemon appear near their native environment, such as look for Water-type Pokemon by lakes and oceans. Visit PokeStops, found at interesting places like museums, art installations, historical markers and monuments, to stock up on Poke Balls and helpful items.

Catching, hatching, evolving and more
As you level up, you'll be able to catch more-powerful Pokemon to complete your Pokedex. You can add to your collection by hatching Pokemon Eggs based on the distances you walk. Help your Pokemon evolve by catching many of the same kind.

Take on Gym battles and defend your Gym
As your Charmander evolves to Charmeleon and then Charizard, you can battle together to defeat a Gym and assign your Pokemon to defend it against all comers.

It's time to get moving, your real-life adventures await!

Type: Mobile Game
Genre: Action RPG with Augmented Reality capability
Offered By: Niantic, Inc
Developer Website: www.PokemonGO.com
Support Email: pokemon-go-support@nianticlabs.com
Support Website: https://support.pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/hc/en-us

Pokemon Go: Tips and Tricks


001. What is Pokemon?
Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster. In this game, you can catch as many Pokemon and train it. Then you can do battle with other players when you have reached level 5. Pokemon type has many varieties, depending on the location. Pokemon near water will have a different type to Pokemon that lived at land.

002. Did you couldn't find Pokemon Go application on the Google Play Store? If you still want to try to play Pokemon Go, then you can install the Pokemon Go APK (Android Package Kit) through the steps below. Since the author uses cell phone based on Android, then the steps below are for the cell phone-based Android:

- Download Pokemon Go APK.
Download Pokemon Go APK through this link:

Notes: This Pokemon Go APK is 0.29.0 version. To get the latest version, you can find the related links at the bottom of that page.

- Install Pokemon Go APK.
After you have finish downloading the APK Pokemon Go file, then if your mobile phone is equipped with antivirus, we recommend that you scan the APK file. Suppose you are using Avast Mobile Security just like below:
Pokemon Go: Scan Pokemon Go APK file

After the scan process is complete and there are no constraints, then your phone will automatically perform the install process. Due to the safety precautions, by default your cell phone will warn you that it did automatically blocking the installation process if the file installer does not come from Google Play Store.
Pokemon Go: Install Process Blocked

In order to continue the installation process, you must change the configuration of your cell phone security through Settings option, then click at Security option. Subsequently check the Unknown Sources option.
Pokemon Go: Change Security Configuration

For safety, make sure you check the "Allow this installation only" option at the warning windows that appears at your cell phone screen. This is to ensure that the installation of applications outside of Google Play Store only for the installation process at this time only.
Pokemon Go: Only For This Installation

Then you will see what functions or features that will be using by Pokemon Go application. If you agree, click at the Install button.
Pokemon Go: Functions That Will Be Used

Then the Pokemon Go application installation process will begins. Wait until there is a notification that the installation process is completed.
Pokemon Go: Installing Process

After the installation process is complete, click at the Open button to start the Pokemon Go application.
Pokemon Go: Start To Play

003. You had install the Pokemon Go application through the installation of APK files (just like number 002 above). And there is a newer Version of Pokemon Go application. To be able to upgrade your Pokemon Go application, you can perform the following steps:

- Uninstall the old version of Pokemon Go at your cell phone
- Download the latest Pokemon Go APK file
- After the download process is finished, then install the Pokemon Go APK file
- After the installation process is completed, then you must fill in your age and you can login again to Pokemon Go application to continue your adventure

004. If the Pokemon Go application is not functioning, this happens due to some of the following:
- Pokemon Go server is experiencing problems
- Your cell phone GPS Setting is not activated or your cell phone GPS signals are out of range
- Your Internet Setting at your cell phone is not active or your cell phone's Internet signals is out of range
- Bugs / errors in Pokemon Go application. If this happens, try to close Pokemon Go application and then run your Pokemon Go application again

005. Where you can find Pokemon?
Pokemon can appear in any place. On your cell phone screen on the bottom right, there is a radar that informs the type of Pokemon that are around you, whether you have captured it or not. Try to walk around to find it.

006. What is the purpose of the Pokemon images contained on Radar?
Notes: Footprints feature is only available in Pokemon Go version:
- 0.29.0
- 0.29.2
- 0.29.3

If you look more carefully at the picture of the Pokemon in Radar, there are footprints. The footprints indicate how far / near the Pokemon from you. The fewer Pokemon's footprints, means that Pokemon are getting closer to your position. If the Pokemon's footprints does not appear, it means that the Pokemon is very near to your position. Click on the picture of that Pokemon and wait a few moments at where you stand until that Pokemon appear and be ready to capture it.

This mark indicates Pokemon close to your position: Pokemon Go: Pokemon Is Near
This sign marks the Pokemon is so close to your position: Pokemon Go: Pokemon Is Very Near

007. Screen description when you catch a Pokemon (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):

Pokemon Go: Catching Screen
   (*) 1 => You can run away or ignore the Wild Pokemon you're facing with by clicking this button
   (*) 2 => Click on the AR button to disable / enable Augmented Reality function. In order to more easily capture Pokemon, you can deactivate this function AR.
   (*) 3 => Information about Pokemon that you are currently facing, along with that Pokemon's CP (Combat Power) values.
   (*) 4 => Poke Ball. Handy for catching Pokemon. Press this Pokeball and navigate to the Pokemon you are facing.
   (*) 5 => Remaining Poke Ball that you own
   (*) 6 => Camera button. Click to make a screenshot of Pokemon that you are facing with
   (*) 7 => Bag / Inventory button. Click to see your inventories. Here you can enable some items, for example Razz Berry to 'tame' Pokemon that you are currently facing

To catch a Pokemon, throw your Poke Ball towards the Pokemon using your fingers. If you do it right, then you can see a Poke Ball will fly in the direction of the Pokemon and then the Pokemon will be sucked into the Poke Ball.

At the time when you are going to throw a Pokeball, a colored circles will appear encircling the Pokemon that reflect the level of difficulty to catch the Pokemon, which is as follows:
- Hijau = Easy
- Oranye = Moderate
- Merah = Hard

You can also use a more powerful Poke Ball to catch a Pokemon, such as Great Balls and Ultra Balls. But the characteristics of each type of Pokeball have differences, so your throwing technique will also be different.

To get a CurveBall bonus, just turn around your Poke Ball to the left or to the right before you throw your Poke Ball to the Pokemon to catch the Pokemon.

008. Although you've managed to capture a Pokemon in a Poke Ball, with its tremendous strength, the Pokemon may succeed to get out of the Poke Ball. And you have to swing a Poke Ball again to catch that Pokemon.

009. List of Items at Pokemon Go World:
- Camera
When you encounter Pokemon in the wild, you can use your camera to photograph them.

- Egg Incubator
A device that incubates an Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch. Requirements to be able to hatch is you have to walk several kilometers until the eggs are ready to hatch. At the time of hatching, a (pop-up) notification will appear to you about the type of Pokemon that have been born.

There are many types of Egg Incubator, some of them are Egg Incubator Ultimate and Egg Incubator Ordinary. For Egg Incubator Ultimate there will be no limitation in the process of hatching Pokemon eggs, while the Egg Incubator Ordinary can only do a maximum of three times process of hatching Pokemon eggs before the Egg Incubator Ordinary getting damaged.

You will acquire Egg Incubator Ultimate automatically at the beginning of the game and it is not available in Shop. While the Egg Incubator Ordinary are available in the Shop, or you can get it in the PokeStop.

- Great Ball
Has the same functionality as Poke Ball but also has a higher percentage to capture Pokemon compared with a Poke Ball.

- Hyper Potion
A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokemon by 200 points.

- Incense
This item will lure wild Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes.

- Lucky Egg
A Lucky Egg that's filled with happiness! Earns double XP for 30 minutes.

- Lure Module
A module that attracts Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes. The effect benefits other people nearby.

- Poke Ball (The Red and White Ball)
A device for catching wild Pokemon. It's thrown like a ball at a Pokemon, comfortably encapsulating its target.

- Potion
A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokemon by 20 points.

- Super Potion
A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It restores the HP of one Pokemon by 50 points.

- Razz Berry
Feed this to a Pokemon, and it will be easier to catch on your next throw.

- Revive
A medicine that can revive fainted Pokemon. It also restores half of a fainted Pokemon's maximum HP.

- Ultra Ball
An ultra-high performance Poke Ball that provides a higher catch rate than a Great Ball.

010. If you have more than 1 Egg Incubator, then you can make the process of incubation for more than 1 Pokemon Egg simultaneously, depending on the amount of Egg Incubator you have.

011. A Few Things About Gym:
- The gym is a place where your Pokemon against another player's Pokemon.

- Gym locations on the map marked by a high tower which is scattered in various directions.

- You can enter the gym when you have reached level 5.

- When you entered the gym for the first time, you are required to join one of the team (Yellow, Blue or Red), where:
   (*) Yellow is Team Instinct. Lead by Spark. In order to strengthen the existing of Yellow Team Pokemon, the exercise will focus on the Instinct of each of these Pokemon. Spark also assured by focusing on the Instinct, this will make the process of hatching (Hatching) of Pokemon will be more effective.
   (*) Blue is Team Mystic. Lead by Blanche. In order to strengthen the existing of Blue Team Pokemon, the exercise will focus on the Wisdom of each of these Pokemon. Blanche also assured by focusing on the Wisdom, it will make the process of development (Evolving) from Pokemon will be more effective.
   (*) Red is Team Valor. Lead by Candela. In order to strengthen the existing of Red Team Pokemon, training provided will be focused on Natural Strength of each of these Pokemon. Candela also assured by focusing on the Natural Strength, it will make the power of Pokemon in battle will be more effective.

- If a gym is controlled by the opposing team, you can attack it. If you can beat every other team in the gym, then the gym will be Vacant (No Owner) so you should immediately put your Pokemon as a guard to claim Gym as one of the your team Gym. But when you lose in the fight against the opposing team, your Pokemon will be pass out (Hit Point drop to 0). To make your Pokemon conscious, you can use Revive items.

- If you find a Vacant Gym (No owner) or there is a gym controlled by your team, try to check whether there is still a guard slot in the Gym. If there is an empty guard slot, you can put your Pokemon in the slot. If there is an empty guard slot, it will look like the following button at the bottom left:
Pokemon Go: Gym Guard Slot Button

Click the button to choose a Pokemon that you want to assign to guard the Gym. When you put the Pokemon as a guard in a gym, then that Pokemon:
   (*) You can't use to attack other Gym
   (*) You can't sell
   (*) You can't increase its power (Power Up)
   (*) You can't Evolve

You can also place your Pokemon as a guard in more than 1 Gym.

The advantage when you put the Pokemon as a guard at a gym is that you can get Stardust and money (PokeCoin). To take the Stardust and PokeCoin, go to the Shop. Then you will see an information about how many Pokemon that you assigned as a Gym Guard, as shown below:
Pokemon Go: Collect Salary Button

In the example above, you only have one Pokemon as a Gym guard. Click on the button, you'll get the Stardust and PokeCoin like in the picture below:
Pokemon Go: Your Salary

Here is another what you get when you have 2 Pokemon as a Gym guard:
Pokemon Go: Your Salary For 2 Gym

After you take your 'salary', then you are obliged to wait until about 24 hours (payday period) before you can take your 'salary' again. But keep in mind that you can take the 'Salary' only if your Guard Pokemon did not 'displaced' by the opposing team. Sample payday period image are as follows:
Pokemon Go: Salary Period

If after you take your 'salary', you've managed to put your Pokemon as a guard at another gym, you still have to wait until the period of your payday active again.

From the facts about payday period that has been mentioned above, and if you find more than one gym that adjacent with each other, the strategies to gain more PokeCoin is:
   (*) Check that the distance between each gym is very close, so moving from 1 Gym to another Gym is no more than 2 or 3 minutes. This is assuming that the opposing team can win the Gym with an estimated time of 5 minutes.
   (*) See the power (CP) of Opponent Guard Pokemon in each gym. Are your Pokemon warrior strong enough to conquer all opponent Pokemon troops?
   (*) Check your Revive Potion and Health Potion stocks. Due after you finish fighting in a gym, you need to treat your Pokemon troops before attacking another gym.
   (*) If the results of the above measurement done and you feel ready, then attack the first Gym.
   (*) After succeed conquering the first gym, treat your Pokemon troops if needed. After that, attack and conquer the second Gym.
   (*) If there are any other gym with a distance that is still affordable and you feel that the Gym that you have conquered has strong enough against Opponent Team, then treat your Pokemon troops if needed. After that attack and conquer the third Gym.
   (*) If there is no other gym with a range of affordable or you feel that the Gym that you have conquer threatened by Opponent attack, it's time for you to take your 'salary' in the Shop.

The advantage when you put the Pokemon as a guard at a gym is that you can automatically get money (PokeCoin). The 'Salary' that you'll get each day have a maximum PokeCoin per day. If you put more of your Pokemon as Guard, the greater chances that you'll reach the maksimum kuota PokeCoin each day.

- If you have placed your Pokemon as a guard and then the opponent manage to beat your Pokemon, your Pokemon Hit Point will drop to 1. But since version 0.35.0, your Pokemon Hit Point will drop to 0. And you need Revive items to make your Pokemon conscious.

You must check your Pokemon Guard periodically to see your Pokemon Guard's Health. If your Pokemon Guard location is too far away from your real location, you can use your Pokemon Inventory, and then check your Pokemon Guard there. After that, you can visit the Gym by clicking at the Gym Button to heal your Pokemon Guard.

- If a gym is controlled by your team and there is no available guard slot, you can still do the exercises by attacking your Pokemon team who guard the Gym. If you win, then the prestige of the gym is going up. At every level of a certain prestige, the level of the gym could rise and along with rising levels Gym, then the guard slots will also increase, so there's an opportunity that you can put your Pokemon in the guard slot that available.

If you lose, then your Pokemon's Hit Point will drop to 1. But since version 0.35.0, your Pokemon Hit Point will drop to 0. And you need Revive items to make your Pokemon conscious.

- Screen description at the Gym screen (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):
Pokemon Go: Gym Screen
   (*) 1 => Gym location.
   (*) 2 => Level of the Gym. Based on the picture, the Gym has reach level 2. The Gym Level is also determines the number of a guard slot. In the picture, because the gym has reached level 2, the guard slot is 2. If the gym has reach level 1, the Guard Slot Guard is 1. In the picture, the Guard Slot is displayed with crown image and the dots image that appear below the level of the Gym information. The red, blue or yellow dots (depending on the Gym Team Owner) indicates which Guard Sloot that you're looking at. Based on the image, you're looking at Guard Slot number 1 (far left). You can slide the screen of your cell phone left or right, to see the other guard slot. The guard slot that marked by the Crown indicates that the Guard Pokemon who occupy these slots are the strongest in the Gym.
   (*) 3 => Real Picture of the Location of the Gym.
   (*) 4 => The prestige of the Gym. The left hand value is the current value of the Gym Prestige Gym, while the value on the right is the threshold of the current levels Gym prestige. If the current prestige value reaches the threshold, then the gym will automatically level up. Conversely, when the Gym prestige value reaches 0, the occupant team will be displaced from its ownership of the Gym and the Gym will be in Vacuum status (No Owner). When this happens, immediately put your Pokemon in a Guard Pokemon slot to claim ownership of the Gym.
   (*) 5 => Information on the Pokemon who occupy the guard slot and the CP owned by the Pokemon. And if this Pokemon ever successfully defend against the attacker, then at below of the Pokemon picture there is information of how many the battle was won, as shown below:
Pokemon Go: Gym Battle Count
   (*) 6 => Information about Pokemon owners who occupy the guard slot. If you look closely at the picture, behind the name of the owner of the Pokemon, there is information on the level of the owner. Based on these images, the owner of the pokemon has reached level 19.
   (*) 7 => Button to practice with the guard of the Gym. Due to the team that has the gym is your team, then the symbol key is to practice (Sparring). However, if the team that has the gym is not your team, then the symbol key is to fight, as shown below:
Pokemon Go: Gym Fight Button
   (*) 8 => Button to close the Gym screen.

- To begin to practice or fight, just go through these steps:
   (*) Click at the button just like at the button number 7 above
   (*) Then you are obliged to organize your Pokemon troops to be assigned to practice / attack the Gym. When practicing with your team, you only need to define one Pokemon to fight. Whereas if attacking another team, then you need to assign six Pokemon to fight.
Pokemon Go: Gym Preparing Troops

Click at the Pokemon picture if you want to replace it with your other Pokemon.
   (*) If you are satisfied with your Pokemon troop formations, then click the GO button to start the fight.

To attack, tap the screen of your cell phone to make a Fast Attack. Every time you attack using the Quick Attack, the energy to do the Ultimate attack will increase. If the Ultimate Attack Energy (the blue bar) has been filled and blinking, then you can issue the Ultimate Attack by tapping the screen of your cell phone a bit longer until the Ultimate Attack occurred.

Avoid the opponent's attack can be done with a sweep (swipe) the screen horizontally. With the right timing, enemy attacks can be avoided although its a little bit difficult.

Here is the description of the Battle Screen at Gym (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):
Pokemon Go: Gym Battle Screen
   (*) 1 => Your Pokemon Name
   (*) 2 => Your Opponent Pokemon Name
   (*) 3 => Hit Point of your Pokemon
   (*) 4 => Hit Point of your Opponent Pokemon
   (*) 5 => The Remaining Battle Time. If the counter reach 0, then the defending Pokemon will be the winner
   (*) 6 => Energy to do the Ultimate Attack. If the blue bar has been fully filled, the blue bar will get blinking. And that the time you can do the Ultimate Attack.
   (*) 7 => If the Ultimate Attack Energy was full and you tap your cell phone screen a bit longer, then this section will appear a blue line. Tap the screen of your cell phone until the length of the blue line aligned with the blue Energy bar, then your Pokemon will launch its Ultimate Attack. After the Ultimate Attack occurred, then the blue line will disappear and you can do the quick attack or dodge the attack again
   (*) 8 => Your Pokemon CP
   (*) 9 => Your Opponent Pokemon CP
   (*) 10 => This describe how effective your Pokemon attack towards the enemy Pokemon. In general, matter that count is the type of the attack against the type of the opponent Pokemon. In example: If your Pokemon Attack is water based, then it will be very effective against Fire Type Pokemon
   (*) 11 => Your Opponent Pokemon
   (*) 12 => Your Pokemon
   (*) 13 => Flee / Run from the fight
   (*) 14 => This button is to change your current Pokemon with your reserved Pokemon that you have been assign when you first enter the battle

If you win in training / fighting, then you will get experiance Point. In addition, if you practice, then the prestige value of Your team Gym will go up. Whereas if you fight, the Prestige Values of Your opponent Team Gym will fall.

- If you have placed your Pokemon as a Gym Guard, there will a special blue sign at that Pokemon's profile, just like these:
Pokemon Go: Pokemon Guard Sign

While on the your Pokemon Inventory screen, it will appear as follows:
Pokemon Go: Pokemon Guard Sign At Pokemon Inventory Screen

012. When you are dealing with Pokemon, sometimes you see ??? sign on the Pokemon's CP. This indicates that the Pokemon is too strong for your current level. Although it is very difficult, you can still catch the Pokemon. By raising your level, it will decrease the level of difficulty in capturing Pokemon (you will more easily catch the Pokemon).

013. Training your Pokemon is also depends on your level. If your level is not high enough, when you want to train your Pokemon there will appear a warning message that said "Trainer is too low to power up". The higher your level, then you can train your Pokemon to achieve higher CP.

014. Map Screen Description (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):
Pokemon Go: Map View
   (*) 1 => Compass. You can setting whether always heading north or automatically rotates depending on the direction of your cell phone.
   (*) 2 => Gym location. Here you can fight with other player using Pokemon
   (*) 3 => PokeStop. Here you can get free Poke Ball and other usefull items
   (*) 4 => Your Avatar
   (*) 5 => Your Profile Picture. Click on the image of your profile to obtain information on progress and rewards that you've been accomplished.
   (*) 6 => Main Menu. Click here to access the Main Menu, including your game settings, your Item List, List of your Pokemon, your Pokedex and so on.
   (*) 7 => Pokemon Radar, where it shows Pokemon that near your position

015. When you click on a Pokemon on your Pokemon List at the Pokemon menu, it will display a detailed description of that Pokemon. Information on the screen is as follows (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):
Pokemon Go: Pokemon Summary Screen
   (*) 1 => Pokemon CP (Combat Power)
   (*) 2 => If you click this sign, you will set that Pokemon as one of your Favorite Pokemon. Your Favorite Pokemon can't transfer (sell) to Professor.
   (*) 3 => Name of the Pokemon
   (*) 4 => Click this button to change (edit) the name of the Pokemon. But keep in mind that only you can see the changes name
   (*) 5 => Pokemon's Hit Point
   (*) 6 => Type of the Pokemon, include its weight and height
   (*) 7 => The total number of Stardust and Candy you've got. While the below value is the number of Stardust and Candy need to Train (Power Up) and Developing (Evolve) your Pokemon. In the example image, you need 600 Stardust and 1 Rattata Candy to train (Power Up) the Pokemon. And you need 50 Rattata Candy to develop (Evolve) the Pokemon.
   (*) 8 => Pokemon Attack Moves. In the example picture, Pokemon Rattata will use Tackle as its fast attack and use Hyper Fang as the Ultimate Attack. Ultimate Attack = requires a number of Energy as shown in the blue bar color.
   (*) 9 => Date when you've been captured that Pokemon
   (*) 10 => Others Menu. Clicking at this button, there are more sub menus, which are:
       (+) Favorite. This button function is to add this Pokemon to your list of favorites
       (+) Appraise. Clicking at this button will make your team leader (see Tips number 011 above to get more information about the Team Leader) analyse this Pokemon and give your more information about this Pokemon. See Tips number 023 to get more information about Appraise.
       (+) Transfer. Button to transfer the Pokemon to the Profesor. Click at this button to sell these Pokemon to Professor. You will receive the Candy from the Professor. In the example picture, if you sell Pokemon Rattata, then Professor will give Rattata Candy to you. Keep in mind that when you sell your Pokemon to the Professor, you can not take back the Pokemon that you've sold it.

016. These are the description on the screen when you click on your Profile Picture (There's possibility that the appearance of your screen is differ than below. Its because of the upgrade version of PokemonGo game):
Pokemon Go: Your Profile
   (*) 1 => Your Nick Name
   (*) 2 => Your Avatar
   (*) 3 => Your current level
   (*) 4 => Your current Experience / The Amount of Experience you need to advance to the next level
   (*) 5 => Your current PokeCoins
   (*) 6 => The date when you play Pokemon Go for the first time
   (*) 7 => Your Team
   (*) 8 => Achievement that you've been collect
   (*) 9 => Others Menu. Clicking at this button, there are more sub menus, which are:
       (+) Journal. At this sub menu, you can see your journal, such as the date when you've manage to capture Pokemon, the date when you get items from PokeStop, and so on
       (+) Customize. At this sub menu, you can change your Avatar looks

017. About PokeStop:
If you are in the PokeStop area, then the PokeStop image will changed as follows:
Pokemon Go: PokeStop.

Turn the PokeStop by swiping the screen of your cell phone to the left or right in order to make the PokeStop drop some items that are in the PokeStop. Keep in mind also that the capacity of your backpack by default is only can hold 350 items. If the capacity of your backpack is full, then PokeStop will not release the items, and you'll get a warning message that said "Your bag is full".

At PokeStop, you can also put a module when the module slot in the PokeStop is empty. For example: You can put the module Lure in the PokeStop empty slots. Here are the picture and descriptions of PokeStop Empty Module Slot:
Pokemon Go: Empty Module Slot at PokeStop
   (*) 1 => This is the sign that the Module Slot is empty
   (*) 2 => If you didn't have any module in your inventory, then you will see a message "Collect More PokeStop Modules!". But if you have a module at your inventory, you will see the picture of the module at this section, and if you want to place that module, just click at the module image to place the module at the empty PokeStop slot.

After the PokeStop drop some items, the PokeStop color will change to Pink. After a few minutes (around 5 minutes or so), the PokeStop will turn back to the blue color and you can get the items from that PokeStop again.

018. In the process of hatching, give priority to incubate the eggs that need the shortest travel distance. In this way, you can avoid your eggs storage become full.

019. The higher the level of your Trainer, then your chance to find more powerful and rare Pokemon will be higher.

020. If you see the blue color in the background image of your Pokemon in Pokemon list you have, it inform you that this Pokemon is a Pokemon that you just managed to capture recently. Examples of the picture is as follows:
Pokemon Go: Recently Captured Pokemon

021. If the Pokemon Go application has been officially present in your country, but you do not find Pokemon Go app on Google Play Store, it is probably because your phone does not support to play Pokemon Go application. One of the solutions that you can try is to install the application using the Pokemon Go APK installation mechanism (as in step number 002 above).

When the author makes this tips, the minimum requirement to play Pokemon Go is to use the Android OS version 4.4.4, while the author uses the Android OS version 4.4.2. Fortunately, the author still can play the Pokemon Go by installing the Pokemon Go APK.

022. When you access the Pokemon Go application, and you can not find or see the PokeStop, Gym and wild Pokemon on your radar as shown below:
Pokemon Go: Empty Zone

You can do the following steps:
   (1) Close the Pokemon Go application
   (2) Restart your Internet Network
   (3) Play the Pokemon Go application again

Here are the steps to Restart the Internet Network if you use Bolt service provider:
   (1) Start your My BOLT! application
Pokemon Go: Activate My BOLT! Application

   (2) Next click on the menu on the top left of your Mobile Phone screen and then click on "Pengaturan MiFi" menu
Pokemon Go: BOLT MiFi Setting

   (3) In the "Pengaturan MiFi" screen, click on the button "INFO PERANGKAT"
Pokemon Go: BOLT Hardware Info

   (4) In the "INFO PERANGKAT" screen, click on the button "RESTART PERANGKAT"
Pokemon Go: BOLT Restart Hardware

   (5) Click OK button to Restart the Device
Pokemon Go: BOLT Restart Hardware - Confirm

   (6) Then it will informs you that restarting process will begun shortly
Pokemon Go: BOLT Restart Hardware In Process

After the Bolt Restarting process done, then try to play / run the Pokemon Go application again. If successful, you can now see the location PokeStop, Gym etc, as shown below:
Pokemon Go: Normal Zone

023. All About Appraise:
Usually your team leader will analyze and informs you about your Pokemon into these categories:
   (1) Overall Status
   Your leader will inform your Pokemon score in this category with these Ranks (from worst to best):
   - Rank Worst:
      Blanche will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is not likely to make much headway in battle"
      Candela will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] may not be great in battle, but I still like it!"
      Spark will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] has room for improvement as far as battling goes"

   - Rank Better:
      Blanche will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is above average"
      Candela will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is a decent Pokemon"
      Spark will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is pretty decent!"

   - Rank Good:
      Blanche will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] has certainly caught my attention."
      Candela will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is a strong Pokemon. You should be proud!"
      Spark will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is really strong!"

   - Rank Best:
      Blanche will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!"
      Candela will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!"
      Spark will said, "Overall, your [Pokemon Name] looks like it can really battle with the best of them!"

   (2) Best Attribute
   At this category, your team leader will inform you about your Pokemon's Best Attribute, either Hit Point, Attack or Defense. And if there are more than 1 that has the same Best Attribute, your team leader will also inform you the other Best Attribute that your Pokemon has.

   (3) Stats
   Your leader will inform your Pokemon score in this category with these Ranks (from worst to best):
   - Rank Worst:
      Blanche will said, "Its stats are not out of the norm, in my estimation."
      Candela will said, "Its stats don't point to greatness in battle."
      Spark will said, "Its stats are all right, but kinda basic, as far as I can see."

   - Rank Better:
      Blanche will said, "Its stats are noticeably trending to the positive."
      Candela will said, "Its stats indicate that in battle, it'll get the job done"
      Spark will said, "It's definitely got some good stats. Definitely!"

   - Rank Good:
      Blanche will said, "I am certainly impressed by its stats, I must say."
      Candela will said, "It's got excellent stats! How exciting!"
      Spark will said, "Its stats are really strong! Impressive."

   - Rank Best:
      Blanche will said, "Its stats exceed my calculations. It's incredible!"
      Candela will said, "I'm blown away by its stats. WOW!"
      Spark will said, "Its stats are the best I've ever seen! No doubt about it!"

   (4) Size
   Your leader will inform your Pokemon score in this category with these Ranks (from worst to best):
   - Rank Worst:
      Blanche will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is tinier than any we have on record. Astounding."
      Candela will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is so tiny, I almost didn't notice it!"
      Spark will said, "Wh-whoa. That's the tiniest [Pokemon Name] I've ever seen!"

   - Rank Better:
      Blanche will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is below average in size"
      Candela will said, "Aww, what a small [Pokemon Name]! It's rather cute, I'd say."
      Spark will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is a little small for its kind, don't you think?"

   - Rank Good:
      Blanche will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is above average in size."
      Candela will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is rather sizable, that's for sure!"
      Spark will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is a BIG one!"

   - Rank Best:
      Blanche will said, "The size of your [Pokemon Name] is... colossal. This is indeed exceptional. Fascinating!"
      Candela will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is gigantic—the largest I've ever seen!"
      Spark will said, "Your [Pokemon Name] is just HUGE!"

In general, your Pokemon Appraisal will be like these:
   - The more your Pokemon receive the Star, the better your Pokemon is
   - If you're lucky, you will get a Pokemon with 3 stars and all the 3 statistics (Attack, Defense and HP) at maximum. This Pokemon statistic will be colored with Pink color like this:
Pokemon Go: Perfect Statistic

024. About Trading:
   - You can trade your Pokemon with your friends, if your location near your friend location
   - Your Pokemon statistic might change when your friend receive the Pokemon. Example: You trade your 3 star Pokemon to your friend. When your friend receive that Pokemon, that Pokemon might not have 3 star again

025. Corrupted Pokemon (that you've received from defeating R Team), can't change the Charged Attack, which is Frustration.

026. At the Search Filter (at your Pokedex), you can use Query method (by typing at the Search Input Box):
   - To find Pokemon that have a statistic 0 Attack, 0 Defense dan 0 HP ==> 0attack&0defense&0hp
   - To find Pokemon that have full Attack, full Defense dan full HP ==> 4attack&4defense&4hp

027. To play with your Buddy Pokemon, try to move your finger up and down until you see somekind spark at your Buddy Pokemon. Do it until you got Love sign.

028. Sometimes when you turning the PokeStop, the system inform you that something has blocking the PokeStop. Just repeatedly clicking at the PokeStop, because it might some invincible Pokemon cause that problem. Just repeatedly clicking the PokeStop until that Pokemon fall, then you can turning the PokeStop. The example of the Pokemon that can do that is Kecleon.

029. When you manage to defeat 5 Star Raid Boss, then you have a chance to capture that Pokemon, and sometimes the Pokemon is the Legendary Pokemon. Use any fruits that you have and not only focus using Razz Berry.

Because when I try to capture Regirock using Razz Berry and Golden Razz Berry, I always fail. But then when I using Nanab Berry, I could manage to capture the Regirock.

030. When you try to take a photo of your Buddy, there's a chance that a Pokemon will appear at your Photo. Its mean that Pokemon Smeargle is near you. Try to catch the Smeargle Pokemon.
Location to found Pokemon Smeargle

031. When you're trading your Pokemon with your friends, there's a chance that your Pokemon and your friend Pokemon automatically upgrade by system and turn the Pokemon into Special Pokemon. Special Pokemon have relative strong than regular Pokemon. Also the Special Pokemon consume less Candy.

Example of the Special Pokemon is:
Contoh List Pokemon Istimewa
Contoh Detail Pokemon Istimewa


001. You are too lazy to move? Try Logout and Login the Pokemon Go application, if you're lucky, there will Pokemon that appear that ready for you to catch.

002. Here the easy way to get Pokemon Pikachu:
- When you play Pokemon Go application for the first time, you will be ordered by Professor Willow to catch your first Pokemon, that appear near you. There are 3 Pokemon, which are Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.
- Don't choose one of them. Instead, just walk more further. The 3 Pokemon will follow you. Ignore them. When you keep walking, Pikachu will appear. So, in total, you will see 4 Pokemon that near you.
- Catch the Pikachu using your Poke Ball.

003. The weight and height of the Pokemon also determine the Pokemon Hit Point. So if there are 2 Pokemon that have the same CP, it maybe that they have different Hit Point. Examples are as shown below::
Pokemon Go: Weight Does Matter

004. Pokemon Eevee is unique. Eevee can evolve into more than one, namely Jolteon, Vaporeon and Flareon. So you can specify the destination of the character evolution, by replacing the nick name before you do your Eevee evolution, which are:
- To become Jolteon, you must change the name into Sparky.
- To become Vaporeon, you must change the name into Rainer.
- To become Flareon, you must change the name into Pyro.

To ensure that the evolution goes according to your plan, after editing the nickname, close the Pokemon Go application. After that play the Pokemon Go applications again and make sure the nick name has changed the way you want. Then you can continue the Evolve Process.

After successfully Evolve to your liking, you can change the name to the default, by removing the nickname. After the nickname is removed, then the Pokemon names will automatically return to its original name (default).

005. At PokeStops, after you sweep (swipe) the screen of your cell phone to the left or to the right and the items will appear on the PokeStops, you do not need to tapping each item in order to take the items. Instead, just close the PokeStops screen, then these items will go into your inventory.

006. The indication that the wild Pokemon that you want to capture is trying to escape is when the distance between you and the wild pokemon goes further and further away. To minimize the percentage of the escape of the wild Pokemon, you can use the Razz Berry and using a more powerful Poke Ball.

007. When you evolve your Pokemon, all of your Pokemon charateristic / stats didn't change, except of Pokemon's size. So when you want to evolve, I'm sure that You know what Pokemon that best to evolve (see at Tips and Tricks number 023).

008. Here are the lists of Pokemons that deal heavy damage to Boss Raid:
- Cloyster: Exeggutor, Hariyama, Machamp
- Herdier: Hariyama, Machamp, Sawk
- Polywrath: Musharna
- Stantler: Machamp
- Tyranitar: Hariyama, Kingler, Machamp
- Venomoth: Fight using Fire Type Pokemon
- Weezing: Aggron
- Whiscash: Blastoise, Exeggutor


- Community Day at March 2023: Slowpoke dan Galarian Slowpoke (18 March 2023 at 14:00 - 17:00 local time)
a. Ambon: Taman Pattimura
b. Bandung: Cihampelas Walk
c. Banjarmasin: Siring Menara Padang
d. Batam: Nagoya Hill
e. Bekasi: Hutan Kota Bekasi (GOR Bekasi)
f. Cilegon: Krakatau Junction
g. Denpasar: Monumen Bajra Sandhi Renon
h. Jakarta: Blok M Plaza
i. Makassar: Trans Studio Mall Makassar
j. Malang: Alun-Alun Kota Malang
k. Manado: Manado Town Square
l. Medan: Area Auditorium USU
m. Palangkaraya: Taman Garuda
n. Pekanbaru: Taman Kota Pekanbaru
o. Rembang: Museum RA Kartini Rembang
p. Semarang: Mall Ciputra Semarang
q. Solo: The Park Mall Solo Baru
r. Surabaya: Taman Bungkul
s. Tangerang: Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS)
t. Yogyakarta: Embung Langensari

Detail Information: https://pokemongolive.com/post/communityday-mar23-slowpoke

- Here are the Events that happening at March 2023:
Pokemon Go: March 2023 Contents

- Here are the Events that happening at February 2023:
Pokemon Go: February 2023 Contents

- Community Day at Februari 2023: Noibat Community Day at Indonesia (05 Februari 2023)
a. Jakarta: Gandaria City, Piazza, Ground Floow (12:00 - 20:00 Waktu Setempat)
b. Palangkaraya: Taman Habaring Hurung (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
c. Tangerang: Unity Lobby Summarecon Mall Serpong (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
d. Surabaya: Taman Bungkul (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
e. Manado: Manado Town Square (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
f. Banjarmasin: Siring Menara Pandang (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
g. Pekanbaru: Taman Kota Pekanbaru, Jl. Diponegoro, Gym Lancang Kuning (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
h. Malang: Alun-alun Kota Malang (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
i. Bekasi: Taman Hutan Kota Bekasi (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)
j. Batam: Nagoya Hill - Food Street (14:00 - 17:00 Waktu Setempat)

- http://www.apkmirror.com
- http://inet.detik.com
- http://www.gamestation.id
- http://www.pokemongo.com






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