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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 10 March 2013, 23:10:26 GMT+7


AQWorlds Zorbak Tasks


Code Location: battleontown (He's at the cage at the center ot the BattleOn Town near the fountain)

1st Task: Quest Chipped Tooth
Description: Hey! You there! Adventurer! There's a situation concerning explosions that I don't even have time to explain. I was ALMOST finished my latest design, and WHAM. *kablooey* My entire bone collection ground to dust. The skeletons in the graveyards have the last remaining ingredient for my lates necromantic glory! I need you to go and bring back 10 Chipped Teeth asap! (Return to Zorbak in Battleon with 10 Chipped Teeth)

Item Required: Chipped Tooth (10)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP, Quest Items (Small Skull)

How To:
Go to Cemetery (Code Location: graveyard), Swordhaven Town (Code Location: invasion) or Swordhaven's Defend the Gates quest (Code Location: bridge). Then kill the skeletons there to collect Chipped Tooth as required. Aftear that, go back to Zorbak at Battleon City and give him the Chipped Tooth to get your reward.

2nd Task: Funny Bone
Description: Psst. You, over there. Yeah, you! You look like an enterprising sort. I have a bone to pick with Big Jack Sprat in the Cemetery! Every time I ALLLMOST finish my latest masterpiece, those skeletons come and steal pieces that I need. I'm down to ONE piece left, but I have to stay here and guard what I have. If you head on over there, beat Jack Sprat, and grab that bone for me... I'll see that you're handsomely rewarded. Maybe. (Return to Zorbak in Battleon with the last bone)

Items Required: Jack Sprat's Funny Bone (1)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 100 XP, Quest Items (Small Skull)

How To:
Go to Cemetery (Code Location: graveyard), then enter the gate. Go north then go to the left area until you meet Big Jack Sprat. Kill him and get Jack Sprat's Funny Bone. Then bring it to Zorbak to get the reward.

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