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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 09 November 2008, 14:30:44 GMT+7

Yulgar Tasks

Quest Yulgar Tasks: Talk to Yulgar at BattleOn inn (Code Location: yulgar)

1st Task: Porkon's Pride
Description: If you're looking for new weapons, I've run into a bit of a problem. General Porkon at the Hork Fort sold me a shipment of substandard ore, and it's not usable for weapons. If you want pots? Fine. But a sword? Nope. He says that no Adventurer has ever beat him - go over there and show him he's wrong! Then bring me back his pride... I'll be out the ore, but that'll go a long way to making me feel better. (Return to Yulgar in the Battleon Inn with Porkon's Pride.)

Items Required: Porkon's Pride (1)

Rewards: 100 XP

How To:
Go to Hork Battlefortress (Code Location: orctown), enter the gate, then go to left area. Fight General Porkon. If you manage to get the Porkon's Pride, bring it back to Yulgar to get the reward.

2nd Task: Zorbak's Reward
Description: Did Zorbak send anything for me? He is in the east corner of Battleon. (Get Graveyard Tokens from Zorbak in Battleon for doing his quests. Bring 10 to Yulgar in the Battleon Inn)

Items Required: Graveyard Token (10)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 100 XP, Bone Sword

How To:
Go out from the Inn, then walk to the right. You'll find Zorbak. Do his quests to get Graveyard Token. After that, go back to Battleon Inn to talk to Yulgar, and give the Graveyard Token to him to get your reward.

3rd Task: Rats Off To Ya!
Description: Well met adventurer! Looking for some work? The inn basement needs a little cleaning before the Swordhaven health inspector gets here. Bring me 8 rat ears to prove the basement is clear and I will give you a nice tip. Let's keep this on the down low, alright ? (Return to Yulgar in the Battleon Inn with the Rat Ears)

Items Required: Rat Ear (8)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To: Go to the left room and go to the basement (Code Location: cellar). Then kill the Rats to get the Rat Ear as required. After that go back to talk to Yulgar and give the required items to get the reward

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