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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 17 April 2011, 21:19:22 GMT+7


AQWorlds War Of Fear

There's 1 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Artix (Paladin)


Code Location: creepy

Intro: Hero! I fear that there is no time for a proper introduction. An all-out war is on the horizon! Draw your weapon and help aid me in battle against these nightmarish fiends. Battleon on!

[WAR?] A new threat has presented itself to the world of Lore. They are called Terrorkind, a race of monstrous beasts deriving from an unknown dimension... a dimension comprised of fear! And if that was not bad enough, their numbers just keep on growing, too.

The Terrorkind must be stopped. If we can thin their ranks... perhaps we can get some answers as to who... or what... is behind this onslaught. Battle on my friend!

[AFTER 50%] Great work so far, Hero. But now is not the time to halt. More nightmarish minions have appeared... and they seem to be even more powerful. Where do they keep coming from? Who is their leader? There is only one way to find out... Onwards into battle!

[AFTER 100%] Hero! Over three million Terrorkind have fallen victim to the valiant efforts put forth by you and your fellow adventurers! But this war is not over yet. Head back to the battlegrounds and eliminate any straggling minions... including the monstrous otherworldly War Boss, the Fear Feeder! Battle on!

In order to get some answers and to find out who is the leader, you must destroy all the nighmarish enemies. Fight until the battle counter reach 100%. Turn in your medals to increase the battle counter and also to get XP and Gold.

When the battle counter reach 50% and 75%, you can go farther into enemies territory and fight more cunning enemies.

And after reaching 100%, you can met and fight the War Boss, the Fear Feeder.

To Be Continued at Fear Chaser quest. CLICK HERE to see Fear Chaser Walkthrough.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS WAR OF FEAR CUTSCENE.


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