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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 26 December 2010, 16:52:44 GMT+7



Code Location: warlionfang

Intro: The Knights of the Golden Onslaught has kidnapped King Alteon, Artix, Cysero, Warlic, Twilly, Robina and even Princess Miko from Yokai Isle! We are staging the most daring rescue mission in the history of the world, using undead soldiers to pass through the deadly Death Fog. We need your help!

Onward to victory my undead army! Become undead to pass through the Death Fog and save our friends. Our foes, the Golden Onslaught will never have expected a rescue mission like this! An army of this size needs strong leaders. Become a DoomKnight and gain unfathomable powers... Long un-live the Shadowscythe!

In order to get to rescue Artix and frieds, you must destroy all the Golden Soldier enemies. Fight until the battle counter reach 100%. Turn in your Golden Medal and Mega Golden Medal to increase the battle counter and also to get XP and Gold.

When you reach 50%, you have march into the lobby of the Lionfang's castle and you can fight the Golden Cavalry. After reach 100%, you can fight Archlord Maximillian Lionfang.

If you manage to defeat him, you free all the hostages and Lionfang taken to Swordhaven for trial because of his crimes against the King Alteon and the Truce Good and Evil. But unfortunately, Lionfang manage to escape. And worst, Lionfang also has been corrupted by Chaos Twins.

At 2010, Lionfang showing up again to destroy the Frostvale.

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