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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 28 July 2014, 01:26:08 GMT+7

The Story - Prologue

Intro: The Book of Lore foretold the legend of a hero who would rise to save us from the Chaos. But will the book find the chosen one? Meanwhile, a fierce Red Dragon prepares to attack the town of Battleon!

In this quest, there's 3 Section.

1st Section: Talk to Dogear (Code Location: newbie)

1st Task: Jars of Slime
Description: Eating books good fiber, but need balance! Some slime will wash it down real good. You slay slimes and bring Dogear back 8 jars of slime.

Items Required: Jar of Slime (8)

Rewards: 50 G, 50 XP

How To:
Go to previous road and kill Slime to get the required items. Then give the items to Dogear to get your rewards.

2nd Task: Sneevil Boxes
Description: Mmmm... dat was good! Book and slime go great just like peanut butter and and jelly fish! Me want send some to friends back home in New Horkia but all dem little green Sneevils stole all da boxes. Slay Sneevils and bring back 4 Sneevil Boxes.

Items Required: Sneevil Boxes (4)

Rewards: 100 G, 100 XP

How To:
Go to the next road and kill Sneevils to get the required items. Then give the items to Dogear to get your rewards.

3rd Task: Behind the bush?
Description: Um... why are there feet sticking out from behind that bush? Click on the feet to investigate

Items Required: Bush Investigated (1)

Rewards: 0 G, 0 XP

How To:
Click at the feet behind Dogear to go to the next Section.

2nd Section: Talk to Maya (Code Location: newbie)

1st Task: Defeat Dogear
Description: Dogear was an imposter! He is inside the bookstore. Defeat him and bring the book back to Maya!

Items Required: The Book of Lore (1)

Rewards: 200 G, 200 XP

How To:
Go inside the bookstore and kill Dogear to get the required items. Then give the items to Maya to get your rewards. After that, you'll receive the Book of Lore that you can access it by clicking at the book button.

3rd Section:
Follow the road until you met Artix and Robina. They will told you that the Princess is being kidnapped by a Dragon. In order to save the princess, you sit at the huge arrow while they aim and shoot the Dragon with the huge Crossbow.

After the Arrow hit the Dragon (Code Location: dragonfire), go to the left until you met the Princess Tera. Apparently, she is using Ring of Dragon Control (Artifact #1: This magic ring allows the wearer to control any Dragon. However, the ring is cursed by the spirit of the Green Dragon Gorgok. In addition to controlling a Dragon, the ring also controls the wearer!).

Defeat The Princess to outcome the ring effect. After you've managed to defeat the Princess, she will conscious and the dragon will fall down to the earth.

After that, talk to Artix to end the quest.

Continue your journey to The Story Chapter 1 quest.

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