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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 28 July 2014, 01:35:19 GMT+7

The Story - Chapter 2
(Evil Side)

This quest is sequel from The Story - Chapter 1 quest.

Intro: Work with 2 united foes against a danger stronger than either of them!

To access this quest, you must already finish The Story - Chapter 1 quest.

Talk to Gravelyn - Sepulchure's Daughter (Code Location: shadowfall)

Part 1: Recover the cursed armor of Sepulchure!
Description: In order to prove that Gravelyn is worth enough to replace her father as the ruler of UndeadScythe, you must get the Sepulchure armor and take give it back to Gravelyn.

Items Required: Sepulchure's Armor (1)

How To:
After reaching the Crypt (Code Location: chaoscrypt), you must defeat 1 Chaorrupted Knight to enter the 2nd Floor and defeat 2 more Chaorrupted Knight to enter the 3rd floor. Then to enter the 4th floor, you must kill 2 more Chaorrupted Knight. When you click at the Chaorrupted Armor, suddenly it will raise. Kill the armor and bring back the armor to Gravelyn.

Part 2: Redeeming Gravelyn's Father Unlife Insurance
Description: Go to King's Tax Collector to get Unlife Insurance, so she may be able to fix Shadowfall to it's former glory, and hire an army to help take down Drakath!!

Items Required: Unlife Insurance (1)

How To:
Go to Swordhaven's Castle (Code Location: castle). Then go upstairs to met King Alteon. Talk to him. After that, talk to the Tax Collector, Baron Bayconn. Instead of paying you, Baron order the guard to lock you up at the Dungeon.

At the Dungeon (Code Location: prison), click at the Prison Wall at the right and destroy it. After that, go to the right cell and exit the cell. Kill both of King Alteon's Knight. The go to the left room and defeat both of King Alteon's Knight. Go to the left room again and defeat King Alteon's Knight. After that go upstair.

Talk to Baron Bayconn again, and defeat Piggy Drake. After defeat the Piggy Drake, talk to Baron Bayconn, and then go to the left room to collect golds. Get 5 piles of Gold.

Then go back to Gravelyn (Code Location: shadowfall) to give the Gold.

Continue your journey to The Battle For Mobius (The 1st Lord Of Chaos) quest.

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