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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 24 March 2012, 22:07:52 GMT+7


AQWorlds The Magic Thief

There's 5 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Conn (Mage and former-thief, student of Nevery)
2. Benet (Bodyguard of Nevery, Wellmet Wizard)
3. Cysero(Mad Weaponsmith)
4. Warlic (ArchMage)
5. Rowan (Duchess Willa's daughter, student at the Academicos)


Code Location: twilightslums

Intro: Hero, come ON! We've got to figure out where Nevery and the other mages have gone. If your friends can help us find him, then let's find your friends! It takes a fair bit of wit and luck to navigate the Twilight, so stick close to me. And keep your pockets shut tight.


Code Location: twilightslums

Intro: Hmph... Welcome to Wellmet, traveler. I see you've found your way to the Twilight. Seems everyone does. The slums have always drawn all sorts of folk - wanderers, thieves, rogues, mages. You'll do well here, as long as you don't go nosing about in the shadows. Somehow *grumble* I think that's exactly what you'll do.

[WELLMET FACTS] You want to know about Wellmet? Hrmph. Guess if anyonce could tell you, it'd be me. I been hiring out to work in the Twilight since I was a boy. What do you want to know?

[WHO RULES?] Wellmet's ruled by a hard woman, the Duchess Willa. She knows her mind and she's not afraid to speak it, y'hear? So stay out of her way. Conn here, he knows, too. He'll remind you. She's got a slip of a daughter, the Lady Rowan. Quick, smart. Too eager for trouble. She's the boy's friend.

[ACADEMICOS?] Reckon you'll not have time to venture to the mage-academy, but you might send Conn or Rowan there if y'get into trouble. The rich send their brood there, and the school takes in future mages. The boy studies there, when he has a mind to.

[MAGES?] Th' mages there are too busy talking, arguing, and debating to be of much use to the likes of ME, but they keep Wellmet and its magic safe. Or they used to. They've been raging of late. Seems some of their strongest, most long-winded wizards have scarpered.

[THIEVES?] Hrmph. Thieves. Dirty gold-grabbers, pocket-pinchers. Conn's very familiar with the Thief Overlord, Crowe. His mother, Black Maggie, knew Crowe well, too. *grumble* But we've near forgiven the boy his past. It's come in hadny. You might think about putting his skills to use.

[MONSTERS?] Aye, you'll find monsters in Wellmet. Known creatures like those slime-sucking misery eels. New ones've popped up recently, too. Heard them calles the rysa-- deorysa and the stupider ones, the subrysa. Shadows say some uppity mage over at the Sunrise Palace created them outta blood and magic. Humph.

[WHERE DO I GO?] You see some strange things in Wellmet, Hero. And it's usually to do with some mage or another. Conn says you're hunting mage-friends from Battleon? Then you should go hunt down the cracknob in green-- heard he goes by Cysero-- luring all the misery eels to him in the backalleys. Reckon we're surrounded by miser enough just livin in the Twilight.

Task 1: Sounds Like Cysero
Description: You, there. You're hunting information? Find the strange mage that's hiddem himself in the backalleys. He's drawing all the misery eels to him for some mad reason. It's putting the townfolk on edge. As odd a mage as he seems to be, he's bound to have bit of knowledge to help.

Items Required: Cysero Found! (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP

How To:
Go left until you see the second road to the North. Go North and then go left to met Cysero.


Code Location: twilightslums

Intro: Magic is full of flavor, Hero, you just need to taste it fresh. And the magic in THIS town has overtones of full-bodied misery. Coats the tongue like wet dog fur, but much less pleasant. The eels are attracted to it, and locals say their numbers have exploded in recent weeks. I'm all for studying explosions! Also eels.

Whaddya say, Hero? You good to help me out while I finish up here? Proper! I knew I could count on you. And I want a closer look at those rysa skulking about. They smell like magic and iron. That's pretty unusual if you're caught up on your fae-centric lore. Which I am.

Task 1: Magic-flavored Misery
Description: Warlic needs to know what I've just told you, AND I promised to send him a parcel of subrysa bits. Only thing is... the eels I was working with exploded. The bits in their stomach? BOOM. So I need more. Collect 10 scraps of Subrysa Flesh on your way to tell Warlic my findings. Thanks.

Items Required: Subrysa Flesh (10)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP

How To:
Defeat Subrysa to get Subrysa Flesh. Then find Warlic. He's located at the right of Conn's position. If you manage to find Warlic, talk to him. After that give the Subrysa Flesh by clicking the Quest button.


Code Location: twilightslums

Intro: Ah, my friend, I've been waiting for you. Welcome and well met. I knew you'd be around, and I sense you've met with Cysero. This must be the boy, Conn, yes? Good. You'll be wondering, I think, why the four of us are here, and not wherever the stolen ones are, yes? I will tell you, but after that, you must make sure to delivery my letter to the Duchess. She waits on vital knowledge.

[NOT STOLEN?] If my theory holds, and I suspect it does, given the evidence, Cysero and I are too... unpredictable in the way we utilize magic. The results would be too unreliable. Young Conn, from what I have heard, is unusually strong... When he is able to perform magic. Without a focus stone, he cannot access the ley lines, so he is, for the moment, unacceptable. If my theory is correct. And you, Hero...

[WHAT KNOWLEDGE?] You have used both magical and physical strength in your journeying. But that is not, I think, what has kept you safe in this instance. Rather, your real power lies in your ability to impact the future Lore. Tampering with YOU could alter everything. Perhaps that possibility was one even our unknown villain did not want to chance. We are none of us easily of predctably controlled, and that has kept us safe.

Task 1: Sending out a Stress-OS
Description: I have a most important messages for Duchess Willa detailing my findings but I will need to attach the authentication token to assure her of its validity. In my searching through the city, I must have dropped it. It could be in a gutter or some creature's gullet. Please, Hero, find the sigil and deliver the letter across the bridge. Time is of the essence!

Items Required: Sigil Found! (1)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP

How To:
From Warlic's position, go to the right until you see the road to the North. Go North and then go left to find the Sigil. The Sigil will mark by the Arrow. Click it to get the Sigil. After that, give the messages to Rowan at the Palace (Code Location: palace).


Code Location: palace

Intro: Conn! It's about time you got back. And who's this with you? A Hero, I assume. Well and good. They can help, because Wellmet is in a shambles! Mother sounds almost worried, and you kno that's unusual for her. The mages at the Academicos are disappearing and her personal mage, Pettivox, is being MOST unhelpful! I think he's up to something. As usual. I expect you'll need to check his dungeon out.

Task 1: Lock-Blocked
Description: Pettivox has become much sneakier in the last few months. His lab and office are magically sealed now by a combination spell. We've GOT to get in there, but it's romored that tampering with the spell will cause GREAT damage to the intruder! I'll show you where it is, get this letter to my mother, then meet you back there!

Items Required: Spell Solved! (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP

How To:
Enter the dungeon and scout the area until you found the Iron Door. Click it to examine the Iron Door. Turn the wheel at this order:
  - At the left side, turn the Top and Middle wheel
  - At the right side, turn the Bottom wheel

CLICK HERE to see the Image of the Iron Door lock combination, if you do in the correct order.

If you manage to open the Iron Door, you'll found the missing mages. But, you can't free them right now, because if you do, Pettivox will found out and could dangered all of Lore.


Code Location: palace

Intro: Who would've thought we'd find THAT? Sure as sure, there's no time to delay. We've got to get across the Night Bridge and back to the others. We're going to have to pool our wits AND our luck, if we're to save the mages. The nice cleric told me Nevery's safe, but kept apart. He needs our help; they all do!

Task 1: Bridge Over Troubled Wellmet
Description: We've GOT to get back to Cysero and Warlic, Hero. Rowan's already there. We'll need ALL our smarts if we're going to figure this out. I'll guard your back while you take on the monsters that have clogged up the Night Bridge. *mutter* Just wish I had m'locus magicalicus. Then I could help with MAGIC.

Items Required: Night Bridge Crossed (1)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP

How To:
Cross the Night Brige.

If you manage to cross the Night Bridge, you'll rendevous with Warlic, Cysero and Rowen. After hearing what you've been through at Pettivox's lab, Warlic concludes that Drakath had been used Pettivox to poisons the Ley Lines with Chaos to chaoruppting all the mages. In order to prevent that, you must help Conn to find his new focus stone, so Conn can use his magic to retrieve the focus stones that had been stolen by Pettivox from the kidnapped mages.


Code Location: palace

Intro: I can FEEL my locus magicalicus, Hero! It's somewhere near here, but a bit off. I think... maybe in the alley where we first met Cysero. That'd be a good spot to start hunting. With a focus stone of my own, I can REALLY help save the mages!

Task 1: Focus on the Locus
Description: I can FEEL it calling to me, Hero. I just have to listen inside my head-- and my heart-- and it will lead me to itself. I'm going to scout ahead-- back to the alley where we found Cysero-- and see if I can find the general location. Find me after you've taken out all the monsters in the area. That way they won't interrupt our search.

Items Required: Conn Found! (1)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Go back to Twilight Slums (Code Location: twilightslums), then go left until you see the second road to the North. Go North and then go left to met Conn again. After that talk to Conn and click the Quest button to help him further.


Code Location: twilightslums

Intro: I can FEEL my locus magicalicus, Hero! It's somewhere near here, but a bit off. I think... maybe in the alley where we first met Cysero. That'd be a good spot to start hunting. With a focus stone of my own, I can REALLY help save the mages!

Task 1: Locus Located
Description: It's here, Hero, somewhere. The pull is SO strong! Help me search through the muck, boxes and trash to find it. It's got to be buried amid all this trash, but I KNOW it's here.

Items Required: Locus Magicalicus (1)

Rewards: 1100 Gold, 1100 XP

How To:
Find the Locus Magicalicus. The Locus Magicalicus will mark by the Arrow. Click it at the top left arrow to get the Locus Magicalicus. After that, report back to Conn to get your rewards.

Task 2: Demented Deorysa
Description: Rowan told me guards reported that the door to Pettivox's lab was left open after he stormed out in a frenzy. The deorysa are all up in a tizzy. It's not going to be easy to get past them to get back into the lab, but we're going to have to DO it! We'll need to take out the whole pack of 15 if I'm going to have time to sever the link.

Items Required: Deorysa Slain (15)

Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 XP

How To:
Go to the Palace (Code Location: palace) and defeat Deorysa. After that, report back to Conn to get your rewards.

After you manage to defeat all Deorysa, you enter Pettivox's lab again and manage to interrupt Pettivox's ritual just in time. While Conn tried to reverse Pettivox's binding spells, you must defeat Pettivox.

If you successful defeating Pettivox, Conn manage to release the kidnapped mages and return the focus stones to the rightfully owners. After that, in order to prevent Chaos infiltrate the ley lines again, Warlic and Cysero create a protector barrier spells to protect the ley lines from Chaos.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS THE MAGIC THIEF CUTSCENES.

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