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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 03 February 2013, 09:23:14 GMT+7

(Available Until 31 January 2013)

AQWorlds Shattersword Kamas Image

Who Is Graveclaw?
Graveclaw the Defiler is a monstrous beast defeated and imprisoned by a young King Alteon decades ago. Since then, he has raged inside his prison - Shattersword Cavern - deep below the Forest of Chaos.

In recent years, Empress Gravelyn began sending warriors down to battle him. That activity bled off the strength he used to enhance the powerful magic he controls. What no one foresaw was that the dark magic Graveclaw possesses would be twisted by the earth fairy magic of the caverns! Now he has an army, and he's ready to rise up against Swordhaven AND Shadowfall!

Decipher the clue, defeat the creature, get the prize!

The Prize is Shattersword Kamas.

28 Jan 2013 Clue: Magic users big and small, Graveclaw will recruit them all.
Find the creature, take its prize. Swift comes the Defiler's rise!

Answer: Go to Elemental Plane (Code Location: elemental) and defeat Mana Imp to get the Shattersword Kamas.

29 Jan 2013 Clue: He found a thief, used a thief, to show him where to steal.
Gave him gear to help in making Graveclaw's escape real!

Answer: Go to Poison Forest (Code Location: poisonforest) and defeat Bandit to get the Shattersword Kamas.

30 Jan 2013 Clue: What hovers warily, spies the prize?
Graveclaw's most mischievous new ally!

Answer: Go to The Span Zone (Code Location: thespan) or Time Library area (Code Location: timelibrary) and defeat Minx Fairy to get the Shattersword Kamas.

31 Jan 2013 Clue: Another ally, Graveclaw's trying:
A minion who battles, never falling, undying.

In Graveclaw's shadow, warriors fall
and rise again at the Defiler's call!

Answer: Go to Gravelyn's Kingdom (Code Location: shadowfall) and defeat Skeletal Warrior to get the Shattersword Kamas.

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