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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 06 October 2010, 23:46:38 GMT+7


TYPE: Seasonal Quest

04 October 2010


Code Location: battleon

Intro: Happy National Taco Day! As you already know, Tacos Rule! Because of this, I have traded in my once normal life and have become one with the Taco. As a Tacomancer, I want to offer you great, amazing and delicious Taco attire. Take a look at my Shop and show your Taco Day Spirit, and while at it, become a Tacomancer by completing my quest!

Task 1: Tacomancer Armor!
Description: Is it your life-long goal to become a Tacomancer? All ya gatta do is complete a little ingredient scavenger hunt for me! Find a Tortilla Shell from a Snail, some Grade D Meat Byproduct from a Wereboar, and a handful of Shredded Cheese from a GreenRat. I'd also like it if you could get me the Shadow Terror Axe... well, no, it's not "exactly" part of the Armor... but it looks so cool and I've already wanted it but I've never been brave enough to fight for it... BUT you look brave AND strong enough! So whaddya say? Make this old Taco happy and I'll make you an honorary Tacomancer in exchange!

Items Required: Tortilla Shell (1), Grade D Meat Byproduct (1), Shredded Cheese (1), Shadow Terror Axe (1)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 250 XP, Tacomancer (Quest Reward)

How To:
You must do these following:
   - Go to Willow Creek (Code Location: willowcreek) and then go to Eastman's garden to defeat Snail to get Tortilla Shell.
   - Go to Greenguard West Forest (Code Location: greenguardwest) and defeat Wereboar to get Grade D Meat Byproduct.
   - Go to Sewer (Code Location: sewer) and defeat GreenRat to get Shredded Cheese.
   - Go to Battleon Underground (Code Location: battleundera) and defeat Bone Terror to get Shadow Terror Axe

Then give the items back to Macho Taco to get your reward.

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