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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 09 May 2010, 21:41:46 GMT+7

SleuthHound Inn

Intro: SleuthHound Inn had celebrating the grand re-opening. When you slept at inn, Curry has been attacked by some monsters. Hearing his screams, you run to the lobby and met Curry. He told you that all of the furnitures at inn suddenly come to live and he ask your help to find the Culprit behind all of this trouble.


Code Location: sleuthhound

You need 1 skull key to open the door to talk with the NPC, except for the 6 Suspect NPC. The answer for this puzzle will be random every time you do this quest, so please take a note to what the Witness had said.

Curry told you that there's 6 people (suspect) that staying at the inn:

1. Agatha Peacock
Location: Room 101

2. Alfred Hitchgreen
Location: Room 102

3. Edgar Allen Plum
Location: Room 102

4. Sir Arthur Mustard
Location: Room 103

5. Angela Whiteberry
Location: Upper Floor

6. Scarlet Drew
Location: Garden

After met with all of the Six people, talk again with Curry. He then told you that in order to summon the monsters, the culprit must use magical weapons. At the inn, you must find the 6 magical weapons:

1. Rose Petal Sceptor
Near Garden

2. Sleuthhound Blade
At 2nd Floor

3. Hardy Dagger
At 2nd Floor, near Library

4. Carpenter's Hammer
At the Storage

5. Axe of Indictment
At the 1st Floor, Right of Room 102

6. Hand of the Polearm
At the 1st Floor, Left of Room 103

After found all the 6 Magical Weapons, talk back to Curry. Then you can solve the puzzle by seeing the clue.

The Possible Location of the crime:

1. Jarvis the Buttler (North of Room 103, then enter the left room)
2. Honor The Maid (Room 103)
3. Handy the Buttler (Storage Room)
4. John the Buttler (Rest Room)
5. Poole the Buttler
6. Eira the Maid
7. Didet the Buttler
8. Moiselle the Maid
9. Sebastian the Buttler

If you succeed, you'll see that the true identity of the enemy is Harmoire. Fight Harmoire. After that you can either have one of these prize at one of 6 Chests (still in progress...):
1. Scarlet's Costume (When Scarlet Drew is the culprit)
2. Plum Costume (When Edgar Allen Plum is the culprit)
3. Mustard's Costume (When Sir Arthur Mustard is the culprit)
4. Peacock's Costume (When Agatha Peacock is the culprit)
5. Hitchgreen's Costume (When Alfred Hitchgreen is the culprit)

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