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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 16 November 2013, 22:22:15 GMT+7


AQWorlds Shadow Lord

There's 1 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Twilly (Healing Moglin)

You can access this realm either using /join function or through Yulgar's Inn (Code Location: yulgar) and click at Twilly Potrait.


Code Location: shadowrealm

Intro: Hiyas! I'm Twilly. Well, not the Twilly you know... I'm the old Twilly. Sorta like how the Doctor in Doctor Who regenerates. Anyways, I guess you could call me the 1st moglin. I am here because a Shadow Lord has escaped the underworld and come here. You have to stop him!

Task 1: Key to the ShadowLord
Description: IF you are brave enough to face the Shadow Lord, collect the items required to unlock the Portal by slaying the guardians in the Shadow Realm. If you are a Legend in AQWorlds, you can go right to the boss!

Items Required: Source of Luminance (50)

Rewards: 3000 Gold, 10000 XP

How To:
Defeat Pure Shadowscythe, Shadow Guardian or Shadow Warrior to get Source of Luminance. After that report back to Twilly to get your rewards.

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