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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 09 November 2008, 23:29:44 GMT+7

Robina Tasks

Quest Robina Tasks: Talk to Robina at the Swordhaven's Inn (Code Location: invasion)

1st Task: Robina's Quest
Description: Hello! I am Robina the Hood. *whispers* I have a bit of a problem. I lost my, um, back key to the Castle. I think I accidentally put it on a monster when I was in the sewer. Could you get it back for me? (Return to Robina in the Swordhaven Inn with the Key)

Items Required: Back Key to the Castle (1)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Go outside and go to the left. Enter the sewer (Code Location: sewer). Kill the Frogdrake there to get the Key. If you manage to acquire the key, just go back to Robina to give her the key to get your reward.

2nd Task: Missing Boxes
Description: Hello, again! Since the undead invasion we decided to save our belongings in boxes. But these boxes began disappearing from our storage room. Can you go into the storage room and see where these boxes have gone, and if you find them, can you bring them back?

Items Required: Boxes (10)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Go to the second floor and go to the Storage room (Code Location: boxes). Kill the sneevil there to get the boxes as required. Then go talk to Robina and give her the Boxes to get your reward.

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