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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 30 January 2011, 00:09:26 GMT+7


AQWorlds New Year 2011


Code Location: newyear

Intro: LIM IS BACK! That me... I'm Lim. I have been put in charge of the New Year festivities again. I thought that I did such a great job last New Year that I would do it again this year! All the high-powered explosive fireworks you see here are my creations. But apparently someone-- or something-- is out to ruin me. RUIN ME I say!

Interested in helping me out? Though you would be. You see, unlike the so-called "magical" fireworks that Mages create, I make REAL ones by using SCIENCE! That's right-- really big, really powerful, and really REAL fireworks that are FAR better than any magic-made ones.

But... uh... in order to set these babies off at proper times intervals, I had to wire all the fireworks together using a complex series of circuits running underground. It's all elementary science, really. However, it appears as though there is a short somewehere in the circuit...

Beneath our feet lie the wired circuits. I set them up in the caverns below in hopes that no one would trip over them. As you can see, the caves have posed more of a threat than any rogue foot.. just jump down that well in the barn and you'll see what I mean.

Task 1: Circuit Breakers
Description: Wire circuits just don't break by themselves-- it's scientifically impossible. Someone, or something,must have eaten through the wires down below. And yeah, you're gonna have to go investigate if you want there to be a New Year celebration. See that Old Well over there? Jump down it and check the wiring for any flaws or breaks in the caves below. Bring me back any variables you may find to deduce the system failure at hand.

Items Required: Chewed-Up Wire (5)

Rewards: 150 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Kill any enemies to get the required items. Then give the items to Lim to get your rewards.

Task 2: Current Affairs
Description: Before we can proceed with the necessary repairs, we (meaning YOU) need to retrieve Spare Fuses and some Electrical Tape that I left down there. Why don't I just go and get it, you say? Darnit Hero, I'm a scientist, not an adventurer! Go back to the caves and bring back 3 Spare Fuses and 1 roll of Electrical Tape so I can fix the circuits. Unless you don't want a happy new year? Quickly I say!

Items Required: Spare Fuse (3), Electrical Tape Roll (1)

Rewards: 160 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Kill any enemies to get the required items. Then give the items to Lim to get your rewards.

Task 3: Not Finished Yet-i
Description: I can get those circuits fixed in no time at all. 10 milliseconds, tops. But I refuse to go down there if that accursed Yeti has not yet "hibernated", if you know what I mean. In the furthest depths of the cave, you will find Grand Master Yeti. Using deductive reasoning, he is the catalyst responsible for the majority of the damage. Confront and defeat the Yeti in order to induce him in a long winter's nap. Bring me back a tuft of his Faux Foe Fur so I know the deed has been done. Go!

Items Required: Faux Foe Fur (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Kill Ice Master Yeti to get the required items. Then give the items to Lim to get your rewards.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS NEW YEAR 2011 CUTSCENE.


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