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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 26 December 2010, 16:30:16 GMT+7


AQWorlds Mount Frost

There's 6 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Tinsel
2. Adak Amaroq (Freezing Village Messenger)
3. George Forge-man (Master of the Forge)
4. Nythera
5. Old King Coal
6. Nurse Marie-Neige
7. Void Larva (Minion to the Great Void Dragon)


1st Location
Code Location: mountfrost
At the room before the last room, then walk at the middle of north wall
Gift: Helmet-shaped Present

2nd Location
Code Location: northlands
At the second room in the Aisha's Fortress, whether you choose sneaking way or charge. Then look at the right hidden door.
Gift: Sword-shaped Present

3rd Location
Code Location: kingcoal
When you enter the kingcoal area, go up to 2nd room. At the 2nd room, go to upper right into the 3rd room. At the 3rd room, enter the room at the right of the Castle's entrance.
Gift: Armor-shaped Present

4th Location
Code Location: northlandlight
When you enter the Northlandlight area, 'climb' the upper left tree, then you'll enter Tinsel secret area. [Thanks to Surnbaki]
Gift: Pet-shaped Present


Code Location: mountfrost

Intro: Help... *gasp*... pu-pu-please help... *pant pant*... the Queen... *gasp*... Queen Aisha... she... she... the Dragons... *huff huff*... a-a-attacking the Frozen Northlands...! *inhale* Pu-please save... please save us!

Thanks you, thank you for coming up here! Queen Aisha has gone mad with power... she really is as cold-hearted as she looks! The Queen and her Ice Minions are attacking my people's village... and we have no way of stopping her. Please... is there something-- anything-- you can do?

[LEAVE IT TO ME] I would be lying if I said the road ahead is going to be easy. The twisted, steep mountain path is a tough enough climb as is... and now it's covered in a blanket of snow monsters. It is rumored that Queen Aisha is atop the mountain summit... but defeating her is the only way to save my people and my village!

Battle the forces of the Queen Aisha Ice Monsters armies and turn in Mega Frost Defender Medal or Frost Defender Medal that you got from defeating the monsters to increase the War meter.

Task 1: Ice Nine
Description: The path to Guwio is filled with Frost Monsters which will make it difficult to travel to other towns to get supplies for the winter. If you can defeat Snow Golems this will help clear the way for travelers. Bring back 9 Ice Cubes to show that the path is a little bit safer.

Items Required: Ice Cube (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 150 XP

How To:
Kill any Snow Golem to get the required items. Then give the items to Adak Amaroq to get your rewards.

Task 2: Ice Wyrms
Description: You know what is even worst than Snow Golems? Fros Wyrm Riders - and the path ahead is filled with them. If you could get rid of 4 Frost Wyrm Riders this would make the path ahead much easier to travel. Frost Wyrm Riders are harder to defeat, so if you bring me back 4 Wyrm's Spikes I'll reward you handsomely.

Items Required: Frost Wyrm's Spike (4)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Kill any Frost Wyrm to get the required items. Then give the items to Adak Amaroq to get your rewards.


Code Location: northlands

Intro: Hi there, need me to forge something for you?


Code Location: northlands

Intro: Hmph. Where have you been? I have been looking all over the place for you. Now that Aisha's army has backed off, the time has come for my plan to take effect... We will need to split up into two groups. One will sneak through the back door of Aisha's Fortress with Adak, the other will Charge through the front gates with me. It is up to you to decide which path:

[CHARGE THE FORTRESS] Brute force dominates all, you say? I like the way you think. In order to break into the Fortress, we will need to harness a power greater thatn both magic and strength combined... a power known as Chaos. It is risky, yes, but without the Chaos Gemeralds, we have no chance at stopping Aisha's reign.

Task 1: Ice Cold Heart
Description: Impatient much? Me too. Charging Aisha's fortress is the quickest way to end her reign. But if we charge in right now, the village will vulnerable to a blindside ambush. Go into the Northlands and vanquish Frost Golems in order to be ensure the village's security. When you have collected 6 Hearts of Ice, we can move forward with our plan. And by 'our plan' I mean 'my plan'.

Items Required: Heart of Ice (6)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 50 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 2: A Key Discovery
Description: With the Frost Golems out of the way, we need to find a way through the front door. Since you broke Aisha's last door, she has set up a more solid, more complex entrance with higher security measures. There are strange fissures in the door if I can recall correctly... maybe one of those monsters will have a key or something that can be used to open the door ?

Items Required: Mysterious Stone (1)

Rewards: 30 Gold, 25 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 3: Forgery
Description: Go get another Mysterious Stone from one of the Monsters, but this time put it on the forge and see if anything is hidden inside. If something comes out, bring it back to me so we can set out next course of action. Hurry. I haven't got all day.

Items Required: Chaos Gemerald (1)

Rewards: 50 Gold, 25 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the Mysterious Stone. Then talk to George Forge-man and Forge Gemerald. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 4: Forging Gemeralds
Description: Chaos Gemeralds fit into the door. This is how we are going to unlock the door. And then charge right in unnaounced. Go fight some monsters until you have collected another 5 Mysterious Stones. Take them to the Forge in town, extract the Chaos Gemeralds, and bring them back to me so I can brief you on our final mission.

Items Required: Chaos Gemerald (5)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the 5 Mysterious Stone. Then talk to George Forge-man and Forge 5 Gemerald. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

[SNEAK INTO FORTRESS] Sneaking through the back gate to Fortress is a wise decision. However, there is a Cipher on the gate that needs to be decoded in order to enter. Intelligence and Wisdom plays a huge role here. Are you able to decode the Cipher in time to stop Aisha's reign?

Task 1: Element Of Surprise
Description: The element of surprise is far more powerful than any magic element known to man. Sneaking through the back door to Aisha's fortress is a wise decision. However, you will need to find a code in order to solve the unique combination cipher. To get a better idea of what I'm taking about, take this Carbon Parchment to the back gate and get me an imprint of the lock. We can then assess our next step to the plan.

Items Required: Cipher Imprint (1)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 0 XP

How To:
Go to the back gates to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 2: Interrogation
Description: Now that we have a good idea of what the combination cipher looks like. It's time for us to gather up some clues. And by 'us' I mean 'you'. I am positive that at least one of Aisha's minions knows the combination. 'Interrogate' the monsters of the Frozen Northlands for any clues that might be of use to us. And I really mean 'us' this time.

Items Required: First Combination Number (1)

Rewards: 50 Gold, 30 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 3: Locked on Combinations
Description: Since you found that first combination number, there are bound to be others. This just may be our only hope to decoding that cipher at the back gate. Go back out and 'interrogate' the monsters to find 3 more numbers!

Items Required: Second Combination Number 3 (1), Third Combination Number 4 (1), Fourth Combination Number 7 (1)

Rewards: 125 Gold, 75 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

Task 4: Combo Breaker
Description: Now that we have all the numbers for the combination, we just need to figure out what rune they represent. There has to be some sort of decoder out there... something that we can use to figure out the combination... There has to be something in the Frozen Northlands to help us figure it out. Search through the piles of snow monsters to see if any clues are burried deep within their inventories!

Items Required: Rosetta Rune (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 50 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nythera to get your rewards.

After that, go to the back of the Fortress, and click at the sign. Enter the combination number using the decoder's rune.

After you manage to enter the Aisha's Fortress (whether by sneaking or charging), kill the Water Draconian. Then if you manage to kill him, you can call Nythera. Then Aisha will shows up and summor her dragon. While Nythera preparing something, you must fight Aisha and her dragon.

If you manage to defeat them, you'll get DuelingDragons Temporary Item. And then Aisha summon her dragon agains. Fortunately, Nythera has finish preparing her Chaos's gems. Using the Chaos gems she created, she transform into Chaos Dragon and manage to defeat Aisha and Aisha's dragon.

But, using something beyond she can control is very dangerous. And so, Nythera has been consumed by the Chaos.

After saving the Guiwo's village, you hear another dire news, that King Coal, King of the Ice Elementals, is ill. So you must go to King Coal castle to see what you can do.


Code Location: kingcoal

Intro: ...shmfuaaugh... *cough cough* I'm sorry, mortal. I'm feeling too ill to talk right now. Please speak to Nurse Maire-Neige.


Code Location: kingcoal

Intro: Shhh. Ze King, he cannot speak with you at ze moment. Ah! You 'ave come to help ze King with 'is illness? Bien! If you could 'elp me with a few things, I am sure ze King will feel better soon!

Task 1: Yellow Snow Cone
Description: Ze King haz a very bad fever. Before medicating, we need to make zure he iz fully hydrated. Ice melts vhen it gets too warm, yez? Or, in this case, a fever. If you could collect 8 bundles of Shaved Ice and 2 bottles of Yellow Snow Syrup to make ze King a healthy, hydrating Snow Cone? Ze monsters in ze Frozen Northlands can provide you with what we need.

Items Required: Shaved Ice Bundle (8), Yellow Snow Syrup Bottle (2)

Rewards: 250 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Kill any monsters to get the required items. Then give the items to Nurse Marie-Neige to get your rewards.

Task 2: Cool Down Items
Description: Bien! Now that ze King is full of antioxidants, ze time 'as come to destroy ze fever freezer burn! When ice goes bad, it will start building up zomething called 'freezer burn'. Zis is not good. We need to find some Cool Down Items for ze King before he freezer burnz. Find me 5 Coold Down Items zat the monsters of ze Frozen Northlands use in battle!

Items Required: Cool Down Item (5)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Kill Snow Golems to get the required items. Then give the items to Nurse Marie-Neige to get your rewards.

Task 3: Take a Chill Pill
Description: Ze King needs medication now. S'il vous plait, can you do me one more favor? Ze monsters of ze Frozen Northlands have stolen my last bottle of Chill Pills, and we must get it back for ze King's sake! Search all ze monsters in this area for my Chill Pill Bottle. One of zhose thieves must have it!

Items Required: Chill Pill (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Kill Snow Golems to get the required items. Then give the items to Nurse Marie-Neige to get your rewards.

After that you can talk to King Coal now.


Code Location: kingcoal

Intro: Thank you, young hero *cough cough*. I'm still not... *aaah--ahh--achooo!* ...agh... I'm still not feeling like my old self. Elementals cannot be cured *sniffle* like you Humans are. The virus is much tougher *cough* than in your king. Will you be willing to help me out?

The viral bugs that cause the common cold are still inside me. Unlike Human terminology, Elementals literally get bug viruses. I need a young hero *cough cough* like yourself to hunt these bugs from within. Yes, this means just as it sounds: you are going to travel inside my frozen self.

[THAT SOUNDS COLD!] Don't *sniffle* worry, hero. The cold makes things shrink or compress, right? With my Ice Elemental magic, I can shrink you down to the size of these viral bugs. Travel inside and... *aaah-choo!*... destroy as many bugs as it takes to kill the common cold.

[LEAVE IT TO ME!] Thank you for your *sniffle* interest in helping not only me, but the world of Lore itself.

At King Coal's mouth (Code Location: swallowed), you must kill 20 germs to enter the second room. Then you must kill 30 germs to enter the third room. Kill 40 germs to enter the fourth room. Kill 50 germs to enter the fifth room. Then you must kill Rhinovirus.

If you manage to defeat it, just enter the next room to go back to King Coal.

[King Coal] I feel so much better now! Thank you, and Lore thanks you too. I will finally be able to return to my duties as King of the Ice Elementals. Don't worry; I won't push myself too hard until I am 100% better.

Then you can access King Coal's shop to buy King Coal's Armor, Frost King Crown, Frost King Horn and Hailblade.

Then talk again to Adak Amaroq at Guwio Village.


Code Location: northlands

Intro: Do you notice something different about the village? ...Nythera has gone missing! I've traced her footprints and they disappear into an uncharted forest northeast of the village. I have a bad feeling about this...

Then follow Adak Amaroq to the forest to find Nythera.


Code Location: blindingsnow

Intro: Nythera has gone missing! Her footprints from Guwio Village end here. She's been acting funny ever since she got a hold of those Chaos Gemeralds. You don't think Nythera would mess with Chaos... do you? We have to find her!

Behing me is the great uncharted forest of the Frozen Northlands. So much snow falls here that no one has ever been able to find a straight path through. Many travelers have gotten lost on this path, never to be seen again. It is far too easy to get lost in this forest.

The forest is home to many dangerous monsters... and signs of Chaos have been spotted here too. If Nythera has been tampering with Chaos, George Forge-man should be able to forge a spell that might help us find her. You will have to find 10 Chaos Crystal in order for George Forge-man to craft such a high-tech spell.

Task 1: Chasing After a Girl
Description: The snowfall is so heavy that the path seem to endlessly change no matter which direction you *think* you're headed in. What we need is some spell to help lead the right path...

Travel through this frigid forest and find 10 Chaos Crystal hidden within Treasure Chests. George Forge-man in Guwio Village can use these Chaos Crystal to forge a CPS: a Chaos Positioning Spell!

Items Required: C.P.S (1)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Find a Treasure Chest to get the Chaos Crystal. You can walk in the same direction, because the area always change. Or you can team up with your friends, everytime one of you found the Treasure Chest, others just go to the founder's location. If you've manage to collect 10 Chaos Crystal, then go to George Forge-man (Code Location: northlands) and ask him to make you a C.P.S. Then give the C.P.S to Adak Amaroq to get your rewards.

Task 2: Tracking Down Nythera
Description: Great! Now that you have a Chaos Positioning Spell, the path to Nythera should reveal itself! Go back through the forest and find that purple mage. She just needs a friend to talk right now to help clear her head.

Items Required: Nythera Found (1)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Just go to the forest to find Nythera. After that destroy any enemies to met Nythera. Defeat Nythera to get the required item.

Then if you manage to defeat Nythera, she will fly away to other world.

Talk again to Adak Amaroq.


Code Location: blindingsnow

Intro: I cannot believe Nythera sided with Chaos... and you said she's headed to The Void? I don't know what or where that is... but it doesn't sound good. We need to figure out our next course of action...

Task 1: Searching for Splinters
Description: When Nythera took flight, strange Void fragments showered down all over the Frozen Northlands. Maybe if you collect enough of these Void Splinters... you can somehow craft a working portal to The Void?? It's worth a shot... right?

Travel through the blinding snow forest again and see if any of the creatures have fragments of theVoid Splinters. If you find enough Void Splinters, then maybe that will activate a portal... or something. This is all pretty new to me... so I'm leaving the rest up to you!

Items Required: Void Splinter (15)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 250 XP

How To:
Defeat Chaos Gemrald to get the required items. Then give required items to Adak Amaroq to get your rewards.

After that Adak Amaroq throw the Void Splinters and there's something showing up. Then Adak told you, "WOAH! Did you just see that? The Void Splinters... they fused together... and now there's a strange portal over there! Here is you shot, hero-- go into The Void and do your thing!".

Enter the Portal as you've been told by Adak.

At The Void realm, you'll met Void Larva. Talk to him.


Code Location: void

Intro: Let me be the first to welcome you to The Void, since nothing else here will. Keep in mind that the only reason I am not attacking you is the fact that I wish to study you. All formalities aside, you must act quickly if you wish to save your friend.

[THE VOID] The Void is an entire realm comprised of the element known as "Void". The world you come from does not contain such an element; instead, the closest facet is Chaos. The Void may appear beautiful, but the inhabitants here are far from picturesque. My advice to you: tread lightly-- my brethren will want to "study" you in another way...

[GREAT VOID DRAGON] The Great Void Dragon rules this realm, residing in the heart of The Void. The Great does not like to be disturbed with frivolous issues, and for that reason, no one is allowed to meet his acquaintance. But since The Great summoned your friend... from beyond the comforts of The Void... something immense is about to ensue...

[NYTHERA?] The Great Void Dragon summoned you friend since she is willing to lose everything in order to gain anything. The Great has become blind with his immense power and is looking to become the most powerful deity... no matter what's at stake. The fate of your friend does not look promising. I suggest you hurry if you wish to save Nythera... or whatever is left.

Task 1: A-Void-ing The Larva
Description: My Larva brethren will not understand my alliance with you. You are an outsider in this world, and the Void Larva will see you as a threat-- rather, a meal. If you wish to prove your worth to me, and ultimately save your friend, you must go forth and collect 10 Larva Tarsus from the Void Larva. I will be watching.

Items Required: Larva Tarsus (10)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 350 XP

How To:
Defeat Void Larva to get the required items. Then give required items to Void Larva NPC to get your rewards.

Task 2: Spawn Point
Description: I want to further study your techniques. When Void Larva evolve, we become powerful Void Elementals. I will inform you on how to enter The Great's lair if you can defeat enough Void Elementals to obtain 8 Spawn Pronotums. Go now.

Items Required: Spawn Pronotum (8)

Rewards: 550 Gold, 500 XP

How To:
Defeat Void Elemental to get the required items. Then give required items to Void Larva NPC to get your rewards.

Task 3: Null and Void Spheres
Description: Are you ready to unlock The Great Void Dragon's chamber door? As I stated before, the closest element to Void in your world is Chaos. The Great has entrusted the 4 Void Spheres with the most powerful Chaos beings in Lore. You will need to find the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Void Spheres that are hidden somewhere in Lore.

Need a hint? I suggest confronting the Lords of Chaos first. But do not expect for them to hand the Spheres over willingly.

Items Required: Red Void Sphere (1), Blue Void Sphere (1), Green Void Sphere (1), Yellow Void Sphere (1)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP

How To:
Defeat Escherion (Code Location: escherion) to get the required items. Then give required items to Void Larva NPC to get your rewards.

Task 4: Enter the Great Void Dragon's Lair
Description: The time has come. Take these Void Spheres and head to the heart of The Void. If you can open the door to the Great Void Dragon's lair, you may be able to recover your beloved friend. But I cannot guarantee what you will find behind said door. It may already be too late.

Items Required: Confronted Void Dragon (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 850 XP

How To:
Search your way to the Great Void Dragon's Chamber Door. If you manage to find it, you must make the correct order of the color combination 3 times. If you manage to do that, you can enter the chamber and you must fight the Void Dragon.

If you manage to defeat The Void Dragon, Nythera thanks for your help and flying with you back to the Lore.

Meanwhile, the Other Chaos Lords, the Twins plot an evil plans as seeing a black hole at the ground near the Guiwo Village.

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