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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 13 March 2011, 10:59:18 GMT+7


AQWorlds Mad Green Investor

There's 1 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. David (J6's Cousin aka the Mad Green Inventor)


Code Location: david

Intro: Hey there! Did J6 send you? I've been waiting here for someone to help me out on a pretty important mission. Well.. it's important to me... and that's all that matters, right? Right! I'm on a quest to find my true self. Wanna help me achieve this dream?

[SURE]'re really going to help me? Great! This is exactly what I needed to hear. All my life I've been trying to find my true self. And with your help I know I can achieve my dreams! Let's get started!

[TRUE SELF?] Being human is so overrated. I've never been happy as one. It's just not for me. So I thought to myself: why should I be stuck as a human when I can try another animal species out? This world is a pretty magical places, so anything is possible, right? Let's find out!

Task 1: Go Fetch!
Description: The dog is a man's best friend. And I already have so many friends that becoming a dog would be the best choice for me! But I need to look the part first. If you can help me build the costume, I'll reward you for all your hard work! This is what I need:

3 Dire Wolf Pelts, Dogear's Ears, Blightfang's Rawhide

Items Required: Dire Wolf Pelt (3), Dogear's Ears (1), Blightfang's Rawhide (1)

Rewards: 250 Gold, 200 XP, Quest Items (Dog Dude Statue)

How To:
Go to Darkovia Forest (Code Location: darkoviaforest) and defeat Dire Wolf to get Dire Wolf Pet. Then go to Darkovia Grave (Code Location: darkoviagrave) and defeat Blightfang to get the Blightfang's Rawhide. Last, go to Newbie Location (Code Location: newbie) and defeat Dogear to get Dogear's ear. Then give the all the required items to David to get your reward.


Code Location: david

Intro: Bow-WOW?! More like bow-fail. I thought being a dog would be GREAT... but no one wants to walk me! And you wouldn't believe how many other dogs want to sniff my... ANYWAY! I think I know what I wanna be now. Want to help man's best friend?

Task 1: A Fowl Costume Change
Description: Kibble with *real gravy taste* just isn't cutting it for me anymore. I need to feed like a real animal! And what better creature than a scavenger? Yup. I want to be a vulture. A great big terrifying vulture so I can perch myself way up high on a chair and stare at my victims down below. Yess... yessssss! It's perfect! This is what I need:

3 Vulture Man Feathers, 2 Karasu Wings, 2 Vultragon Talons, 1 Vultragon Beak

Items Required: Vulture Man Feathers (3), Karasu Wing (2), Vultragon Talons (2), Vultragon Beak (1)

Rewards: 350 Gold, 300 XP, Quest Items (Vile Vulture Statue)

How To:
To complete this quest, you must finish the J6's Area quest first. Click THIS J6's Area quest walkthrough.

If you had finish the J6 Area quest, then equip your J6's Secret Hideout Map and click on it. Then use your map to go to Hyperium location. At the Hyperium location, go to J6' ship and enter the lift and press the middle level button. Click at the screen and choose Grand Theft Loco-otomotive mission.

At Grand Theft Loco-otomotive mission, go to the inside train and defeat Vulture Man to get Vulture Man Feathers. Then Go to Mountain Path (Code Location: mountainpath) and then kill any Vultragon to get Vultragon Talons and Vultragon Beak. Last, go to Cloister (Code Location: cloister) and defeat Karasu to get Karasu Wing. Then give the all the required items to David to get your reward.


Code Location: david

Intro: I though being a vulture would work out! Being able to eat what I want, when I want, no matter whose name was on the to-go box... *sigh* I guess scavenging through my roommate's fridge wasn't the best idea. But wait-- I've got another one that will totally blow my vulture costume out of the water!

Task 1: After a While...
Description: Yup. A Crocodile. Like I said, it's going to blow my vulture man outfit out of the water... because that's where crocs live! As a newfound reptilian beast, I can patrol the rivers and grub on some tasty Zards without the roommate going hungry. Mmmm! This is what I'm going to need:

1 Sandshark Jaw, 3 Cave Lizard Hide, 3 GreenGuard Basillisk Scales, 1 Swamp Frogdrake Tail

Items Required: Sandshark Jaw (1), Cave Lizard Hide (3), GreenGuard Basillisk Scale (3), Swamp Frogdrake Tail (1)

Rewards: 450 Gold, 400 XP, Quest Items (Gatorguy Statue)

How To:
Go to Sand Port (Code Location: sandport) and defeat SandShark to get Sandshark Jaw. Then go to Dwarf Upper City (Code Location: uppercity) and go to the far right to defeat Cave Lizard so you can get Cave Lizard Hide.

Then go to Trunk at GreenGuard Forest (Code Location: trunk) and defeat GreenGuard Basilisk to get GreenGuard Basillisk Scale. Last, go to Mudluk Village (Code Location: mudluk) and defeat Swamp Frogdrake to get Swamp Frogdrake Tail.

Then give the all the required items to David to get your reward.


Code Location: david

Intro: *sigh* Do you know how hard it is to make friends when everyone runs away from you? And those who don't run are trying to make a purse out of me! I'm jut not suited for a fashion statement. I'm just too chicken! ....wait ...a chicken.... hmmmm... now that's an idea! I can cockadoodle-DO!

Task 1: Who You Callin' a ChickendMan?
Description: This is it! My greatest idea yet! I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner! I know I'm supposed to be the ChickenMan! All I have to do is look the part and strut my stuff! Can you find me the following materials?

Great Astral Wings, 1 Rock Roc Beak, 6 Tasty Acornents, 4 Farm-Raised Chaos Eggs

Items Required: Great Astral Wings (1), Rock Roc Beak (1), Tasty Acornent (6), Farm-Raised Chaos Egg (4)

Rewards: 550 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Chickenman Statue)

How To:
Go to Elemental Zone (Code Location: elemental) and defeat Mana Falcon to get Astral Wings. Then go to Roc Location (Code Location: roc) and defeat Rock Roc to get Rock Roc Beak. After that go to Cloister Area (Code Location: cloister) and defeat Acornent to get Tasty Acornent. Last, go to Dwarven Upper City (Code Location: uppercity) and walk through to the left until you find Chaos Egg and defeat it to get arm-Raised Chaos Egg.

Then give the all the required items to David to get your reward.


Code Location: david

Intro: Thank you for helping me find my true self. And now I have one more task to do before I am complete. As a self-proclaimed mad green inventor, it is my duty to make sure I live an eco-friendly life. I'm going to need you help with my lates and greatest and only invention!

Task 1: Solar Power Wind Burning Air Conditioning Stove
Description: It just rolls right off the tip of your tongue, doesn't it? I want to make this stove by using recycled materials found all over the world! Why should I buy a "normal" stove just to burn all the gas away? That's not eco-friendly at all. So in order to create my greatest (and only!) invention, I will need:

SoulTaker's Flame Wheel & a Seed Spitter's Photosysnthesis Gene to craft the Solar Panel.

A Wind Elemental's Backup Turbine.

5 Glowing Ice Orbs from Skeletal Ice Mages.

3 Scrap Wood Piles from the Sleuthhound Inn's furniture and 4 Rock Lobster Boulders to craft the Stove.

Items Required: FlameWheel (1), Photosynthesis Gene (1), Backup Turbine (1), Glowing Ice Orb (5), Scrap Wood Pile (3), Rock Lobster Boulder (4)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 600 XP, Quest Items (Solar Power Wind Burning Air Conditioning Stove)

How To:
Go to the Bamboo location (Code Location: bamboo) and walk to the right and defeat SoulTaker to get SoulTaker's Flame Wheel. Then go to Arcangrove (Code Location: arcangrove) and defeat Seed Spitter to get Seed Spitter's Photosysnthesis Gene.

Then go to Gilead Location (Code Location: gilead) and defeat Wind Elemental to get Wind Elemental's Backup Turbine. After that go to SwordHaven City when under siege by the undead (Code Location: swordhavenundead) and defeat Skeletal Ice Mage to get Glowing Ice Orbs. After that go to SleuthHound Inn (Code Location: sleuthhound) and defeat any enemies to get leuthhound Inn's furniture. Last, go to Mythsong's Village Stairway (Code Location: stairway) and defeat Rock Lobster to get Rock Lobster Boulders.

Then give the all the required items to David to get your reward.

After that, David said to you, "Thank you so much for all your hard work, friend! I couldn't have done any of this without you. When I become the world-wide-famous-ChickenMan-who-invented-the-Solar-Powered-Wind-Burning-Air-Conditioning-Stove, I will be sure to thank YOU personally! Cluck cluck".

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