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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 06 January 2009, 22:27:42 GMT+7

Healer Class

Quest Healer Class: at BattleOn city (Code Location: trainers), then talk to Juvania.


1st Task: Healer Knowledge
Description: A healer needs to know the right ingredients to create powerful healing spell. Go into Sword Haven and gather some slime goo, then go to the farm and collect hay from scarecrows. Bring me back the ingredients so that I will have them to use. (Bring back 1 slime goo and 1 Scarecrow Hay)

Items Required: Slime Goo (1), Scarecrow Hay (1)

Rewards: 100 G, 100 XP

How To:
Go to Sword Haven city (Code Location: invasion), then kill slime to get the Slime Goo. Then go to Farm (Code Location: farm), then kill Scarecrow to get the Scarecrow Hay. After that go back to Juvania and give her the items. You'll be rewarded and can take the 2nd task.

2nd Task: White Wizard

Description: The strength of a wizard comes from his Staff. A good staff can serve its master to conjure quick and accurate spells on the other hand a bad one can not even cast spells at all. Search for the finest ingredients and create your perfect staff. Get 1 Ferocious Wood from the Treant at the Farm and 1 Purple Gem from a purple slime in the Cellar of the Inn.

Items Required: Ferocious Wood (1), Purple Gem (1)

Rewards: 100 G, 100 XP

How To:
Go to Farm (Code Location: farm), then kill Treant to get Ferocious Wood. Then go to Cellar (Code Location: cellar), then kill Purple Slime to get Purple Gem. After that, give the items back to Juvania. You'll be rewarded and can take the 3rd task.

3rd Task: Protection

Description: As a healer you must be first and foremost a protector of your life and the lives of thos who adventure with you. Go to Farmer Eastman's garden (in Willow Creek) and collect 6 snails shells so that we may study one of the best-protected creatures in nature.

Items Required: Snail Shells (6)

Rewards: 200 G, 200 XP

How To:
Go to Willow Creek (Code Location: willowcreek). Kill Snails to get the required items After that, give the items back to Juvania. You'll be rewarded.

4th Task: Light Ways

Description: Your brilliance is astonishing! I can see the potential in you. Let us keep finding the light so we can reach others and help this world in chaos. The source of evil is starting to make it's presence felt in Bludrut Keep. We as healers need to do our part in the struggle against evil, and at the same time learn all we can from it. Go into the depths of Bludrut Keep and bring light into the darkness. As I study their essence, I learn more about the evil that we face... but I need many specimens to learn as much as I can. (Bring back 5 rock essences and 5 fire essences to complete the quest).

Items Required: Rock Essence (5), Fire Essence (5)

Rewards: 200 G, 200 XP, 500 Rep (if Healer Armor equipped)

How To:
Go to 1st floor of Bludrut Keep (Code Location: bludrut) and kill Rattlebones to get Rock Essence. Then go to 2nd floor of Bludrut (Code Location: bludrut2), and kill Shadow Creeper to get Fire Essence. Then bring all of the items back to Juvania. You'll be rewarded.

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