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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 17 November 2012, 20:33:20 GMT+7


AQWorlds Golden DrAEgon Hunt

There's 1 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Golden Dragon Statue


Code Location: Your House. Actually, if you manage to buy Golden Dragon Statue from AQWorlds 4th Birthday Event at October 2012, then you must place the Golden Dragon Statue at your House. Then click at the Golden Dragon Statue.

Task 1: Golden DrAEgon Hunt
Description: You've discovered the hidden quest for the Golden Dragon Spear! Gather the following for a chance to obtain this rare reward: 3 fire-spore mushrooms from the Dracowerepyre, 5 golden draconian scales from /lair, 3 gold deposits from the Drow in Dwarfhold, 5 golden Koalion down-furs from the /crossroads and 2 gold ore from the Balboas on the Dwarfhold mountainpath.

Items Required: Gold Deposits (3), Golden Down-Fur (5), Golden Draconian Scale (5), Gold Ore (2), Fire-spore mushroom (3)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 500 XP, Random Quest Rewards (Golden Down-Fur x2, Golden Dragon Spear, Fire-spore mushroom)

How To:
- Go to Chaos Cave (Code Location: chaoscave) and defeat Dracowerepyre to get Fire-spore mushroom
- Go to Vasalkar's Lair (Code Location: lair) and defeat Golden Draconian to get Golden Draconian Scale
- Go to Dwarfhold Fortress (Code Location: dwarfhold) and defeat Drow Soldier to get Gold Deposit
- Go to BloodTusk Ravine Cross Roads (Code Location: crossroads) and defeat Koalion to get Golden Down-Fur
- Go to Dwarfhold Mountain Path (Code Location: mountainpath) and defeat Balboa to get Gold Ore

After that, report back to Golden Dragon Statue to get your reward.

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