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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 09 November 2008, 14:22:14 GMT+7

Farm Cleanup

Quest Farm Cleanup: Talk to the NPC at the Farm (Code Location: farm)

Description: Hey there! C'mon over here. Can you help me with a little something ? I have to guard this award-winning cornstalk from pests, and can't go and get a few things that I need for my horse. He's not feeling too well, so I need to make a poultice for him. Look at him! He thinks he's a chicken! Can you go onto the farmland and get 5 bundles of straw and 10 mosquito wings! That'll definitely do the trick. But don't go TOO far - I hear there's some straaaange treeds on that farm.

Items Required: Bundle of Straw (5), Mosquito Wing (10)

Rewards: 100 G, 100 XP

How To:
Go to the left (Code Location: farm) to find Mosquito and Scarecrow or north to find mosquito. Kill them as required. After that talk again to the NPC then give the required items to get the Rewards

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