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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 17 March 2013, 15:18:07 GMT+7


AQWorlds Dwarves VS Giants

There's 6 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Meatball (The Biggest Little Warrior)
2. Blixx (The Tiniest Terror)
3. Huggy Cub (The Wild One)
4. Sampson (The Mighty Micro-Merc)
5. Jersey Jess (The Bronze Godess)
6. Johnny G (Mr. All-Or-Nothing)


Code Location: dvg

Intro: You wanna hire the Dwarven Champs Guild? No? Then get outta my face. If I'm not getting paid then I'm not brinin' the pain.


Code Location: dvg

Intro: When people stand in my way, they get hurt. That's the way that I lke it. That's also the way that the Dwarven Champion's Guild should be doing business, but Sampson keeps turning down juicy contracts because there's no "honor" in those jobs. If I ran things...

If you put the secret code: mcwrules, then you'll get Micro Champion Battleaxe


Code Location: dvg

Intro: This will be a real learning experience. Maybe the Micro-Giants can teach us how to roll up into little balls and cry ourselves to sleep. Maybe we can teach them to STAY DOWN! HA!


Code Location: dvg

Intro: It's a strange thing, seeing the same faces on different battlefields. The Micro-Giants picked up a lot of the less honorable contracts that we turned down so we keep running into them... and beating them. I wonder what makes them think they can win this time?


Code Location: dvg

Intro: It's going to be a real honor fighting in the Battleon Coliseum. It will be fun showing those giants, once and for all, how to rock it in the arena. Plus, I get to show off in front of a crowd. I love a good audience.


Code Location: dvg

Intro: Ready to fight alongside the Dwarven Champions Guild? If you think that the Micro-Giants have the upper hand because of their size then you've never seen a dwarf in battle. Our battle-cry is "Half the size, TWICE the violence!".

[GIANT DWARF?] Oh yeah, I'm not a human, I'm a giant dwarf. My dad was a Dwarf and my mom was a giant so I'm a giant among dwarves but I'm as much dwarf as any of them.

[MICRO-GIANTS?] Those guys aren't full size giants. Full sized cloud giants can get as big as an Inn. These guys are all dwarf giants. They have dwarf blood somewhere in their veins from one of their ancient ancestors but dwarven genes are as strong and strong-willed as they are. They got all the worst parts of both races.

Task 1: Defeat Drram
Description: The first round, you have to face down the Drram the dwarf giant. He has a bad habit using the people he defeats to clean his teeth.

Items Required: Drram Defeated (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 500 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 1 and defeat Drram.

Task 2: Take On Tergum
Description: Round 2, you have to face Tergum, the dwarf giant. He has more experience in the arena than Drram did but my money is on you, kid.

Items Required: Tergum Taken Down (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP, 500 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 2 and defeat Tergum.

Task 3: Smack Down Slork
Description: I'm so tired and I just can't shake it. I hope you're feeling better than I am. Slork is brutal and he's not going to go easy on you because you're a stand-in. Good luck.

Items Required: Slork Smacked Down (1)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP, 500 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 3 and defeat Slork.

Task 4: Crush Krashh
Description: Krashh is Munthor's second in command. I would take him on, but I can't even lift my head. It's all on you now.

Items Required: Krashh Crushed (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, 500 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 4 and defeat Krashh.

Task 5: Win The Exhibition Match
Description: I can't believe those two traitors. If I ever get my hands on them... when I'm able to move my hands again... I'm gonna kill them! You've got to defeat them.

Items Required: Meatball Defeated (1), Blixx Defeated (1)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP, 500 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 5 and defeat Meatball and Blixx.

Task 6: Mow Down Munthor!
Description: We're all feeling a little better but we're still down for the count. It's up to you to defeat Munthor. He's the only member of the Micro-Giants that I would consider a real threat. Be careful!

Items Required: Munthor Defeated (1)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP, 2000 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Enter Match 6 and defeat Munthor.

If you manage to defeat Munthor, then:
- Meatball will said to you, "Rematch. Anytime, anywhere. Just you and me. I had the sun in my eyes. You gotta show me some of those moves you pulled off in there".

- Blixx will said to you, "I may not agree with some of Sampson's choices but I had to admit that he made the right call this time. And you.. you were a surprise. We'll face each other again and next time.. you're going down".

- Huggy Cub will said to you, "That was the second best fighting that I've ever seen. The first was when seomeone brought a mirror to the arena and I got to watch myself. But you're a VERY close second".

- Sampson will said to you, "You have to be a very good friend to carry the burden of the entire team when we were too weak to move. We were really lucky to have someone like you fighting at our side".

- Jersey Jess will said to you, "These guys may have a hard time saying it but we are really impressed with you. Beating two members of the team at once is a first".

If you're a AQWorlds Member, you can participate in Challenge Matches.

AQWorlds Dwarves VS Giants - Challenge Matches


Code Location: dvgchallenge

Task 1: Challenge Meatball
Description: ...

Items Required: Challenged Meatball (1)

Rewards: 2500 Gold, 2500 XP, 2000 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Challenge Meatball and defeat him. After that report back to Johnny G to get your rewards.

Task 2: Challenge Blixx
Description: ...

Items Required: Challenged Blixx (1)

Rewards: 2500 Gold, 2500 XP, 2000 Rep: Dwarfhold

How To:
Challenge Blixx and defeat him. After that report back to Johnny G to get your rewards.

If you manage to complete the Challenge Quests, you'll get achievement badge "The Harder They Fall"

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS DWARVES VS GIANTS CUTSCENE.

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