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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 21 July 2013, 22:59:02 GMT+7


AQWorlds Druids VS Voids

There's 6 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Loremaster Lydia (Lorekeeper)
2. Brother Bestial (Druidic Warrior)
3. Brother Rabid (Druidic Warrior)
4. Sister Spruce (Druidic Shaman)
5. Sister Feral (Druidic Warrior)
6. Elder Ironwood (Chieftain of Elk Clan)


Code Location: greenguardwest

Intro: It seems that you've dedicated yourself to becoming a Lorekeeper. Well then, if you realy want to join the Order, you'll have to acquaint yourself with a certain history. There is a tale that every Lorekeeper knows, a tale of ancient and desperate times, a tale of hopelessness and heroics. I think it's time you learned about the Druids.

After that, Loremaster Lydia told that the founder of the Lorekeepers stole the Journal of an ancient druid from the horde of Greenguard's Dragon. And then the story begun...


Code Location: druids

Intro: The time for "deliberation" is over. The Bear Clan has been taken by the Void. We act now, or not at all.


Code Location: druids

Intro: Elder Ironwood has waited too long. Now that our brethren have all fallen, it is our clan alone against an evil that we don't understand. But if I die, I want to die with my teeth bared, and my claws raised.


Code Location: druids

Intro: The Elder has finally finished his deliberations. Take heart, brother! Ironwood will lead us out of this. We must believe in Elder Ironwood. I'm certain that his plan, whatever it may be, will keep us safe. I... I just have to believe


Code Location: druids

Intro: This is goind too slow! Just talk to the Elder so I can sink my claws into something already.

To do this quest, you must minimal reach 3th rank of Loremaster. If you didn't reach that rank, Elder Ironwood will told you, "Initiated Wild? What are you doing here? I already gave you your orders. Perhaps you need to hear them again".


Code Location: druids

Intro: Ah, Brother Wild. Still no word from the other clans? No matter. I have found a weakness that we can exploit.

[WEAKNES??] You see, the voidspawn communicate via incredibly high or low frequency vibrations. So sensitive are they to each other's vibrations that a single void elemental can signal another from across all of lore. We're going to find a way to broadcast a signal of our own.

Task 1: Rosetta Stones
Description: Embedded in the head of each Void Elemental is a gemstone of some kind. This stone contains the consciousness of the elemental. It is this consciousness that is the lynchpin of our survival. They can understand and interpret the vibrations of its fellow voidlings. We need to construct an array out of the stones to transmit our mesage. 6 Voidstones should serve.

Items Required: Voidstone (6)

Rewards: 150 Gold, 200 XP, 200 Rep: Loremaster, Quest Items (Bag of Gold), Random Quest Rewards (Earthen Staff, Earthen Sword)

How To:
Defeat Void Bear, Void Elemental, Void Larva or Void Ghast to get Voidstone. After that report back to Elder Ironwood to get your rewards.

Task 2: Cull the Foot Soldiers
Description: We need to begin the second phase of our plan: obtaining an unfavorable vibration. Take the Voidstone Array out onto the field of battle with you. Locate and kill 8 Void Larva. As they die, use the array to record their final cry. Grizzly, I know. but this is war.

Items Required: Void Larva Death Cry (4)

Rewards: 150 Gold, 200 XP, 200 Rep: Loremaster, Quest Items (Bag of Gold), Random Quest Rewards (Fiery Staff, Fiery Sword)

How To:
Defeat Void Larva to get Void Larva Death Cry. After that report back to Elder Ironwood to get your rewards.

Task 3: Bad Vibes
Description: The void creatures are growing closer to discovering us. It must be the sound of the Larva death cries. I can only assume that as we collect more void screams... we should move with all due haste in order to create a believable distress signal. It will need to come from many different sources, so we'll need vibrations from Ghasts as well. We'll balance it out with the Larva, so capture 4 of them.

Items Required: Ghast's Death Cry (4)

Rewards: 150 Gold, 200 XP, 200 Rep: Loremaster, Quest Items (Bag of Gold), Random Quest Rewards (Heretic's Metal Staff, Heretic's Metal Sword)

How To:
Defeat Void Ghast to get Ghast's Death Cry. After that report back to Elder Ironwood to get your rewards.

Task 4: Quite the Problem
Description: The Void has found us. The advance forces will be upon our encampment within hours, and they're being commanded by a Void Giant. This may be our darkest moment, but it's also the one we've been waiting for. Capture the cry of the giant. It alone would be enough to scatter the platoon coming to wipe us out. Who knows what it's capable of when combines with all the other vibrations you've captured?

Items Required: Void Giant Death Knell (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 500 Rep: Loremaster, Random Quest Rewards (Spruce's Frigid Scorn, Druid's Legacy, Ironwood's Rage)

How To:
Defeat Young Void Giant to get Void Giant Death Knell.

If you manage to defeat the Young Void Giant, Elder Ironwood will told you, "Well done, Initiate! You've assembled quite a distress signal. But I'm afraid that, after the many weeks of hiding, we've been discovered. We must hold of this attack until the Array can be activated!".

Then the Elder Ironwood take the Array and begin to activated it. Unfortunately, the Void armies has reach their encampment. Then you and Brother Rabit protect Elder Ironwood, while others prepare to push back the incoming attack.

While the preparation to activate the Array isn't complete yet... something sinister from the Void coming up.....

And all that Loremaster Lydia could told you, because the rest of the diary pages are lost...

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS DRUIDS VS VOIDS CUTSCENES.

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