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AQWorlds Drakath's Story: Battle Through Dreadhaven

This quest is sequel from Drakath Confrontation (The 13th Lord Of Chaos) quest.

There are 2 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Lynaria (Alden's Love)
2. Lady Celestia (High Priestess of Dragons)

Drakath told you that he was once a Prince. His father was the king of the entire world by unifying all of the monsters and enslaving all of the humans.

Then a Hero, named Alden, lead an army of human to take down Drakath's Father, King SlugWrath.


Code Location: dreadhaven

Intro: I know our land will not be safe until you take down Slugwrath and his regime, but be careful, dead one! His knights are deadly and merciless. I wish Alden were by your side... Oh! Do not forget your helm. It is in your pack.

Now, you as Alden, must go inside the Castle and defeat Lady DreadKnight, Dread Knight and DreadHaven General that you've encountered to go further! Inside the throne room, defeat SlugWrath to claim your throne!

Alden manage to defeat King SlugWrath and then all of the people make him as their King and the people called him as King Alteon. King Alteon spare Drakath's life because King Alteon swore that no child would ever be harmed as a result of the evil Tyrant King again.

Despite grateful for his spared life, Drakath created a band of mercenaries to kill King Alteon and take his kingdom back...

At the Oaklore Forest, you as a young Princess Victoria, must defeat Darkwolf Bandit, DreadHaven General, Wolf and Grizzly Bear that you've encountered to go further! Then you'll met Bandit Drakath. Defeat him!

After long fight, Victoria and Drakath realize their battle is tie! And between each of them, rose admiration for each others. They stop the battle and told to each other that when they meet again, they will fight to the death!

Well... they did meet again so many times as Drakath allied himself with the DoomKnight known as Sepulchure

AQWorlds Drakath's Story: Rise Of The Chaos Champion

As one of Sepulchure's General, Drakath did many things for Sepulchure, such as:
- manage helping Sepulchure reunite the forces of evil that once served King SlugWrath.
- brought Noxus to Sepulchure, the necromancer that raised the largest skeleton of the largest dragon that ever lived to create Sepulchure fortress.
- brought Xan, the pyromancer, and his fiery legions that razed cities and villages to the ground.
- brought many Generals, such as Sek Duat from the Sandsea Desert, to the ninjas of the winds and pirates of the actual sea.

And then Sepulchure order Drakath to collect all of 8 Elemental Orbs and bring them to Sepulchure...


Code Location: falcontower

Intro: Hurry! You must battle your way to the top of Falconreach Tower... I sense a great and growing darkness there. I fear for us!

So much has happened recently... the DragonLords are in turmoil, and I can feel the world shudder. It is about to shatter. There is only one thing that will prevent that... but I cannot see clearly what it is.

Now, you as one of Lady Celestia's Champion, must go to the top of Falconreach Tower and into the headquarter room by defeating Lady Knight, Sir Knight and DragonLord that you've encountered along the way!

Note: Every time you enter the next room, you'll get XP and Gold rewards. If you haven't got any, just go back to the previous room and re-enter the next room until you got the rewards.

And when you've manage to defeat the DragonLord, you'll see Drakath manage to bring 8 Elemental Orbs to Sepulchure. And when Sepulchure use the 8 Elemental Orbs to summon the Ultimate Orbs, Drakath stab Sepulchure from his back. By doing that, Drakath absorbs all the 8 Elemental Orbs and turn into Dragon Drakath.

Defeat Dragon Drakath!

When you've manage to defeat Dragon Drakath, the Dragon Drakath turn back into Drakath...

When Drakath laying in the floor dying... suddenly the eye on the necklace that Drakath's father give him, opened up! Drakath gazed into the necklace eye. Then the voice of the Queen of All Monsters consumed his mind. Then she saved Drakath and grant him god-like powers in exchange for her freedom.

And then Drakath wandered the world and found that he was capable of granting his powers onto others. With each Chaos Lord he created, he grew more powerful.

Meanwhile, King Alteon and Sepulchure prepared for the ultimate war between good and evil.

So he waited... until the moment where his two arch enemies were locked in combat and he betrayed the true nature of chaos to humiliate them.

Now, you as Drakath, must defeat Sepulchure and Alteon!

And Drakath manage to defeat them both. After he finishing the story about how he became as the Champion of Chaos, he approach your Eternal Dragon of Time body and raise his sword....

Continue back to Drakath Confrontation (The 13th Lord Of Chaos) quest.

Beside what he told you above, Drakath also did many chaotic actions that impact many Lore events, such as:

- SkyGuard event.

- DoomWood Part 1: DoomWood Saga event, which indirectly cause DoomWood Part 2: Whispers Of The Darkness Lord Walkthrough event.

- EtherStorm event.

- A Plague of Dragons event.

- The Magic Thief event.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS DRAKATH'S STORY CUTSCENES.

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