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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 10 April 2010, 14:44:22 GMT+7



Code Location: battleon

Intro: My fellow, hear me out. I'm looking for a funkadelic soul to help me get my groove back. Join me in my crib so I can jive with you.

Then follow him to his place.


Code Location: disco

Intro: Yo, yo, yo... hear me out! Disco Stoo'pid is my name and dancing to the groove is my game. I'm actually not from this hood, ya see; I was boogin' on down to some sweet jams when my freaky-deaky Eight Track Player sent me through time! This crib is pretty mack, but a horc can't live without his funk. Can you help ne get my groove back?

[EIGHT TRACK?] An eight track is far out, man! It plays the chillin' & groovin' sounds back from my time. Eight tracks are the way of the future dude, replacing bulky record players with less bulky rectangular cartridges!

Task 1: Peace, Love and Rock Elemental
Description: Yo my mellow! Disco Stoo'pid is bringin' disco back! It's ganna be funkadelic... just as soon as I get some primo jams. THe Rock Elemental in Bludrut Keep stole my Eight Track from me. Bring me back my Eight Track Tape and let's get this place steller!

Items Required: Eight Track Tape (1)

Rewards: 75 Gold, 75 XP

How To:
Go to Bludrut Keep 1st Floor (Code Location: bludrut), then defeat Rock Elemental to get the required item. Give the item back to Disco Stoo'pid to get your reward.

Task 2: Gearheads, man!
Description: You gots to skitty! This Eight Track has some groovy beats on it, but it's bunk as a skunk if it's broken. Those Dwakels over in the Crash Site are total gearheads and should have the pieces needed to fix our funk. Loot me some 3 Eight Track Hubs and bring it back here to get our groove on!

Items Required: Eight Track Hub (3)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Go to Crash Site (Code Location: dwakel), then defeat any dwakel to get the required items. Give the items back to Disco Stoo'pid to get your reward.

Task 3: Boogie On!
Description: You got the funk? Prove it, emery! It's time to get groovy! Just try to bust me on the dance floor!

Items Required: Stoo'pid Busted (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP, Random Quest Rewards (8 Track Flashback, Disco Floor, Disco Ball, Manly Disco Doo, Disco Doo)

How To:
Defeat Disco Stoo'Pid to get the required items. Give the items back to Disco Stoo'pid to get your reward.

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