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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 07 October 2012, 21:03:18 GMT+7


AQWorlds Death Summons You

There's 2 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Death (The Grim Reaper)
2. Thanatops (Manifestation of the Fear of Death)


Code Location: death

Intro: Welcome, Hero. I hope I didn't disturb your adventuring, looming behind you like that. But I am glad you answered my unspoken summons. You see... I have a problem, and I've had it for quite some time now. I've been watching you level up, and I like what I see. The skills required for the life of a Hero are one I couldn't have imagined. If you are willing to help me, I will grant you a gift beyond value.

Of course I am familiar with you. I am ever-present, always watching. Death is everywhere, everywhen. There is no life that ends which I am not aware of, and no life-or-death situation over which I do not preside. I have been your constant, if invisible, battle-companion; I have studied the sand in your hourglass closely... mortal.

Do you like this nice secluded spot I found in the woods? Quite a nice place to take some weight off your bones. I am working on a new diet book and the quiet here helps alot...

Task 1: Time is Running Out
Description: The undead do not always accept their new state. Many feel that if they can get ahold of an hourglass that is not theirs, they will be able to regain life. Patently untrue. You will need to re-slay undead to regain 25 of my hourglasses; any of the undead in Lore may be hiding one.

Items Required: Timeless Hourglass (25)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 400 XP

How To:
Defeat any undead enemies, such as at Cavern at under BattleOn city (Code Location: battleunderb), to get Timeless Hourglass. After that, report back to Death to get your reward.

Task 2: Thief of Hours
Description: We must single out the creature which took the hourglasses. I need you to gather the ingredients for a potion which, when applied to a trap-hourglass, will glow in the presence of the culprit. You will need to bring me: Shiny Pearls from the /river. Dragon Claws from the /lair, tasty cakes off inquisitors in /citadel, a massive sneevil box from /boxes, bags of silver from /orecavern, and one red herring from /creatures.

Items Required: Shiny Pearls (7), Dragon Claws (4), Tasty Cakes (3), Massive Sneevil Box (1), Bag of Silver (7), Red Herring (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP

How To:
- Go to the River (Code Location: river) and defeat River Fishman or Zardman Fisher to get Shiny Pearls.
- Go to Vasalkar Lair (Code Location: lair) and defeat any Draconian (such as Water Draconian, Bronze Draconian or Purple Draconian) to get Dragon Claws.
- Go to the Citadel (Code Location: citadel) and defeat Inquisitor Guard to get Tasty Cakes.
- Go to Sneevil's Hangout Area (Code Location: boxes) and defeat Sneeviltron to get Massive Sneevil Box.
- Go to Cavern of Ore (Code Location: orecavern) and defeat Chaorrupted Evil Soldier, Chaorrupted Good Soldier, CrashRoom or DeathMole to get Bag of Silver.
- Go to Four Creature Creation (Code Location: creatures) and defeat Red Bird to get Red Herring.

After that, report back to Death to get your reward.

Then, apparantly Death ask you to do those quest to see whether you're worthy enough to take his position, as Death, while he takes your position, as Mortal being. He like to feel what's being mortal all about. You agreed to his request, but only for 72 hours.

AQWorlds Death Summons You - Death Realm


Code Location: deathsrealm

Intro: Welcome to your realm, Death, and congratulations on your new role in unlife. As the arbiter of mortality, there is much you will need to understand and experience. Such as the death of a mortal. You may have killed people in your old life, but as Death, it can be quite overwhelming to feel another being's lifeforce.

Task 1: Death-dealing Blows
Description: To truly fill Death's role, there's a lot you'll need to learn. Like how Death - you - experience the death of mortals. It can be quite overwhelming to feel another being's lifeforce extinguish. Kill 5 heroes in combat inside any of Lore's PvP grounds, then return here.

Items Required: Hero Souls (5)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP

How To:
Go to any PvP area (1 vs 1 or Team Battle) and defeat at least 5 enemy player (You may likely want to change to other Server that have many players, so you can enter the battle much more quickly). After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 2: Fear the Reaper
Description: I fear that the inhabitants of your Underworld have... sensed you are different, Death. They have risen up and are plotting to remove you and rule in your place. Foolish unmortals! You will need to neutralize the minions in revolt to prove you DO commands this realm.

Items Required: Crushed Minions (12)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP

How To:
Defeat nearby enemies. After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 3: Master Death's Realm
Description: If you are to be the TRUE Master of this realm, you will need to be able to summon its portals. Your realm is linked to your, so if YOU believe that you are strong enough, the realm will. Slay 10 of the underworld's creatures to prove your strength, then /cast the spell to raise the Portal near the arch.

Items Required: Underworld Creature Slain (10), Portal Summoned (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP

How To:
- Go to the Portal at the top road, then defeat nearby enemies.
- Then click the Summon Portal button to conjure the Portal.

After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 4: Real Live Hero-Training
Description: Death, not YOU, the other one, is out of control. You'd better make sure he isn't making more trouble than he - or you - can handle. A slain mage brought word from the /trainers room that Death and Thok are engaged in a fight to the... death. Hurry there to save the Trainers!

Items Required: Death Scolded (1)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP

How To:
Go to the Trainers Room (Code Location: trainers).

Task 5: The Living Library
Description: To learn how to best Death, you need to KNOW Death. For that, you'll need the Xhar Morghuil, the living Library. It records the existences and histories of things which should not be named, but are best not forgotten. The Mana Golem, Mana Imp and Mana Falcon in /elemental hold the spell runes to unlock its pages.

Items Required: Spell Runes (5)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Go to Elemental Realm (Code Location: elemental) and defeat Mana Golem, Mana Imp or Mana Falcon to get Spell Rune. After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 6: Understanding Xhar Morghuil
Description: To understand how to bes the former Death, you will need to know what the Xhar Morghuil has kept hidden for eons. Ask it 3 questions, and what it tells you will help you regain your mortality.

Items Required: of the Daughters of Death (1), of Life and Death (1), of the Hourglass (1)

Rewards: 1100 Gold, 1100 XP

How To:
Go to the left road until you see the book of Xhar Morghuil. And it will answer your questions:
- How do I reverse Death's life?
Though all mortals have an hourglass which measures the span of their lives, Death is eternal, and has no hourglass. But all mortals do, and Death currently inhabits a mortal form. Should the sand in the hourglass connected to that form run out, Death would die. As all must do, when the time allotted to them expires.

- How do I get that hourglass?
All of Death's hourglasses are stored in a hidden realm accessible only by Death himself or those sworn to his service. The sacrophagus in the heart of this realm holds whichever hourglass he desires at that moment, placed there by one of his daughters. They measure out the sand for each mortal, fill the hourglass to the desired lifespan, and keep track of which glass belongs to which human.

- Death has daughters?
Not children of the body, but of the spirit. They are demi-immortals, called up from the aether plane to serve him. As long as they fulfill their functions satisfactory, they will remain as they are. Should they fail, they will be replaced. But Death is fond of the current trio; they have been together for millenia.

- Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
Because he didn't have the guts. Duh!

After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 7: Door to Eternity
Description: You say the sarchopagus in this realm is actually a... doorway? To a plane where Death's daughters fill and store mortal's hourglasses? Then yes, I suggest you DO find it and open it, quickly. You should not leave such a resource unexplored! To think a stone coffin could hide so very much.

Items Required: Sarcophagus Opened (1)

Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 XP

How To:
Go to the left road until you see the Sarchopagus. Click the Sarchopagus to open it. After that, report back to Thanatops to get your reward.

Task 8: Death vs Death
Description: I have taken the liberty of summoning the now-mortal ex-Death. You will need to confront him if you hope to regain your mortal body.

Items Required: Death's Mortal Death (1)

Rewards: 1500 Gold, 1500 XP

How To:
Go to the left road until you see Death Alive. Defeat Death Alive.

If you manage to defeat Death and after long debate, Death agreed to switch back and give you back the Mortality.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS DEATH SUMMONS YOU CUTSCENE.

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