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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 04 February 2012, 19:00:22 GMT+7


AQWorlds Cornelis

There's 2 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Hodan Cornelis (Last Heir to Cornelis)
2. Cornelis Chest (Holds The Cornelis Family Treasures)


Code Location: cornelis

Intro: It's in my blood to try to restore Cornelis to its former glory, but Chaos has twisted it and gargoyles walk the streets. If you can help me find the missing Cornelis Title then you can keep the rest of my family treasures that you find in the Cornelis Family Vault.

I am the last surviving heir to Cornelis. Long ago, it was my family who made peace with the fay at the end of the Faerie War and my family who was charged with protecting our part of the Runix Cube which Anise tells me could be found inside somewhere.

Some horrible fate fell upon my family and the other inhabitants of Cornelis, and they were forced to abandon the city ages ago. I have been wandering the land and decided to return from my travels but I discovered that I was the only member of my family still alive AND that these gargoyles has recently appeared.

If I can find where my family hid the Cornelis Title then I can proove who I am and ask King Alteon and Empress Gravelyn's forces to help reclaim it and start undoing what Escherion's Chaos Magic has done. I hope that someday people will return here and bring the white walls of Cornelis back to life.

Task 1: The Missing Vault
Description: To find the Title we must first find my family vault. My grandfather's journal tells where itwas but that was before Escherion distorted everyhting. Scout the area and get the lay of Cornelis.

Items Required: Cornelis Explored (1)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP

How To:
Explore the entire area. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 2: The Shattered Lens
Description: If we want to find the hidden vault, we'll have to repair the shattered Lens of Cornelis, then the vault's location will be plain as day. The Lens's shattered remains shoukd be scattered around Cornelis. Find all of them and bring them to me.

Items Required: Lens Fragment (20)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP

How To:
Find Lens Fragment. The Lens Fragment will mark by the Arrow. Click it to collect the Lens Fragment. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 3: The Frame Up
Description: The Lens of Cornelis won't function without its frame, which is also in pieces. Anise tells me that the Gargoyles have been seen carrying parts of the frame. Destroy the Gargoyles until you've found all 5 parts of the frame.

Items Required: Part of the Frame (5)

Rewards: 1100 Gold, 1100 XP

How To:
Defeat Gargoyle to get Part of the Frame. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 4: The Lenscrafter
Description: Now that you've found all of the pieces, it needs to be reassembled and very few people on Lore have the crafting knowledge and magic ability to do that. You'll need to take them to Cysero in Yulgar's Inn in the town of Battleon. Return to me once you have the completed Lens.

Items Required: The Lens of Cornelis (1)

Rewards: 1300 Gold, 1300 XP

How To:
Go to Yulgar's Inn at BattleOn Town (Code Location: yulgar) to meet with Cysero.
Cysero will told you, "So, Hodan finally decided to head home, eh? Yeah, I can put this thing back together and since it's for YOU, I'll only charge for materials. Which you provided. So it's free. BUT it might take a very very very very very long time. I should be done reparing the Cornelis Lens at.... let's see... around As-Soon-As-It's-Ready O'clock!

Ok, it's done! Ok, so it didn't take me that long. Just goes to show you... you can never tell when these things are going to be ready. Say "Hi" to Hodan for me!

After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 5: The Hidden Vault
Description: Now that we have the Lens of Cornelis, finding the vault should be simple enough. Explore the ruins once more-- find a golden door with my family seal on it. That is the vault. Enter it and come back to tell me what you find!

Items Required: Vault Explored (1)

Rewards: 1500 Gold, 1500 XP

How To:
Enter the Cornelis Castle again, and if you see the Golden Door, enter it and explore the entire area. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 6: The Guardian
Description: I have no doubt that you will need to defeat the Gargantugoyle before you can enter the inner sanctum of the vault and find the Title. Let me know when the Gargantugoyle has been destroyed.

Items Required: Gargantugoyle Destroyed (1)

Rewards: 1700 Gold, 1700 XP

How To:
Defeat Gargantugoyle. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Task 7: The Family Jewels
Description: Only one task remains. To enter the Inner Sanctum of the vault you will need to solve a puzzle. CLICK ON THE DOOR to try the puzzle. Solve it, enter the inner sanctum and bring me the Title, then the rest of the treasure is yours!

Items Required: The Cornelis Title (1)

Rewards: 2000 Gold, 2000 XP

How To:
Enter the Vault again and then approach the above door. When you approach the Door, there will be a minigame shows up.

The Goal: Mark all 10 Magic Trap Tiles and uncover the rest of the board!

1) Each safe tile has a number. This lets you know how many Magic Trap Tiles it is directly by touching. (If the tile says 3, then 3 of the tiles touching it are Magic Trap tiles!)

2) Click a tile once to drop a Marker Rune on that tile. Keep the Marker Rune on it, if you think there is a Magic Trap rune beneath it!

3) If you think the tile is safe, click it a second time to uncover it. Uncover all the safe tiles without setting off a Magic Trap tile to win!

AQWorlds Cornelis Puzzle

Note: This minigame is like the classic windows game, MinesSweeper. For fastest to solve the game, at the initial of the game try to click each 4 point at the corner of the board. Reveal all the 4 points corner of the board. You may detonate the Trap, but you can quickly restart the game and start to reveal each of the 4 corner of the board.

If you manage to solve the puzzle, you will enter the Inner Sanctum, and then find the Cornelis Title. The Cornelis Title will mark by the Arrow. Click it to collect The Cornelis Title. After that report back to Hodan Cornelis to get your rewards.

Then Hodan Cornelis will told you, "Well done! You've managed to open the enchanted chest left by my family. Everything inside is yours. If you happen to find my family's magic mirror please let me know. Its yours to keep but it was a peace gift from the faeries and I'd like to see it just once. Thanks again for helping me get the Cornelis Title!

I've gotten word from the Alliance representatives here in Chiral Valler. The Alliance forces are already occupied with all that is going on but they have agreed to send supplies to help rebuild and extra workers when they can. We're on the way toward rebuilding and it's all thanks to you

After that, back to the Inner Sanctum place again and click at the Cornelis Chest.


Code Location: cornelis

Intro: In order to open the chest, you will need to complete the quest below and earn the Cornelis Reborn Achievement for your Book of Lore and your Character Page!

Task 1: Cornelis Reborn
Description: In order to unlock the Cornelis Family Chest and claim your rewards, you will need to earn the Cornelis Reborn Achievement Badge for your Book of Lore and your Character Page. Accept this quest and start collecting 100 Gargoyle Horns from the Gargoyle monsters in Cornelis. Turn the quest in to get the Achievement and unlock the chest!

Items Required: Gargoyle Horn (100)

Rewards: 3000 Gold, 3000 XP

How To:
Defeat Gargoyle to get Gargoyle Horn. After that report back to Cornelis Chest to get your rewards.

If you manage to finish the quest, the Cornelis Chest will be read, "You have earned the Cornelis Reborn Achievement! The chest will now open for you!".

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