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AQWorlds Clerics Of The Dishpan Hands

This quest is sequel from ShadowFall: Gravelyn's Attack quest.

There's 6 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Cleric Dawn (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)
2. Cleric Ivory (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)
3. Cleric Miele (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)
4. Cleric Citra (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)
5. Cleric Casca'de (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)
6. Cleric Joy (Sisterhood of the Dishpan Hands)


Code Location: cleric

Intro: Welcome to the Clerics' Temple, Hero! This is a place of purity, of cleansing... of determining how to fix what is broken, sick, or sullied. We are in desperate need of your assistance if we are to succeed in our mission!

[YOUR MISSION?] Yes, our mission is vital to the health and safety of all creatures and people on Lore. If we do not fulfill our goal... well, I won't go into details now. If you can help us enough, I will feel comfortable revealing our TRUE purpose to you!

Task 1: Purely Elemental Knowledge
Description: If we are to ensure the health of the creatures of Lore, we need you to examine the purity of the elements. Journey to the /Lair to study the Dark and Golden Draconians, the Ruins of /Gilead for Elementals, the realm of /KingCoal for Ice Elementals and the /Airstorm region of Etherstorm to see it's Energy Tornado creatures.

Items Required: Pure Darkness (1), Pure Light (1), Pure Water (1), Pure Earth (1), Pure Fire (1), Pure Air (1), Pure Ice (1), Pure Energy (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
- Go to Red Dragon's Lair (Code Location: lair). Then defeat Dark Draconian to get Pure Darkness and defeat Golden Draconian to get Pure Light.
- Go to Ruins of Gilead (Code Location: gilead). Then defeat Fire Elemental to get Pure Fire, Wind Elemental to get Pure Air, Earth Elemental to get Pure Earth and Water Elemental to get Pure Water.
- Go to King Coal's Realm (Code Location: kingcoal). Then defeat Ice Elemental to get Pure Ice.
- Go to Air Storm Region (Code Location: airstorm). Then defeat Lightning Ball to get Pure Energy.

After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Task 2: Animal vs Human?
Description: We must see what effect Chaorruption has on animal and human bodies. Visit /Bloodtuskwar and /Alliance where the Chaorruption is strongest. Bring us your reports of the following: Good and Evil humans, avians, mammals, and reptiles; you may need to study a number of examples before you have enough data.

Items Required: Evil Human Report (1), Good Human Report (1), Avian Report (1), Mammal Report (1), Reptile Report (1)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 400 XP

How To:
- Go to BloodTusk Ravine area where the war between Trolls and Horcs had emerged in the past (Code Location: bloodtuskwar). Then defeat Chaotic Koalion to get Mammal Report, defeat Chaotic Vulture to get Avian Report and defeat Chaotic Chinchilizard to get Reptile Report.
- Go to BloodTusk Ravine area where the Human and Evil armies had been chaorrupted in the past (Code Location: alliance). Then defeat Chaorrupted Evil Soldier or Chaorrupted Evil Lieutenant to get Evil Human Report. Then defeat Chaorrupted Good Soldier or Chaorrupted Good Lieutenant to get Good Human Report.

After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Task 3: Gateways to Chaos?
Description: We suspect that Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, has hidden gateways to his realm across Lore. We believe they are guarded by unique or powerful creatures, but need a champion of our own to best them. Help us in this, and I can reveal what our true purpose is to you. We believe they can be found in the following locations: /sewer, /boxes, /j6, /giant, /Shadowfall and /orctown.

Items Required: Grumble Portal Not Found (1), Grizzlespit Portal Not Found (1), Sketchy Portal Not Found (1), Giant Portal Not Found (1), ShadowMuncher Portal Not Found (1), Porkon Portal Not Found (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP

How To:
- Go to Sewer area (Code Location: sewer) and defeat Grumble to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.
- Go to Sneevils Hangout (Code Location: boxes) and defeat GrizzleSpit to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.
- Go to J6's Sketch Area (Code Location: j6) and defeat Sketchy Dragon to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.
- Go to Giant Region (Code Location: giant) and defeat Giant Cat to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.
- Go to Shadowfall (Code Location: shadowfall) and defeat ShadowMuncher to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.
- Go to Orc Town (Code Location: orctown) and defeat General Porkon to locate whether there's a Chaos Portal or not.

After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Task 4: The Nature of Chaos
Description: If you are to aid us in our fight to purify the Chaorruption on Lore, then there is much you need to know. Speak with each of my sisters here in the Temple to learn what we know about the nature of Chaos.

Items Required: Joy's Knowledge (1), Ivory's Knowledge (1), Casca'de's Knowledge (1), Miele's Knowledge (1), Citra's Knowledge (1)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP

How To:
Go inside the temple, and:
- Talk to Cleric Ivory. She will told you, "You should always be aware of the forms Chaorruption can take. That way, you'll be able to recognize who-- or what-- to be on guard against. Chaos can take many forms once it touches a creature: eyes can appear on their bodies, tentacles may sprout. Their skin, eyes or hair may turn purple. But, Chaos being random, as it is... there may be NO outward signs. So ALWAYS be on guard!".

- Talk to Cleric Miele. She will told you, "You do NOT want to become Chaorrupted, Hero, so you must always take care when battling Chaos. It can be VERY painful if you are Chaorrupted unwillingly. The Chaorruption will creep through your veins like acid, a virus corrupting your humanity-- your personality, will and physical form".
- Talk to Cleric Citra. She will told you, "... *sigh* I wish I knew where Chaos comes from, Hero. It is a thing we hope you will discover. I KNOW there is a Realm of Chaos, but I do not know how to reach it, or I would give everything I possess to destroy it! Chaos is spread through human and animal agents, but they all come from the Champion of Chaos' hand. WHY he does this, I do not know".

- Talk to Cleric Casca'de. She will told you, "The entire reason my sisters and I banded together was to study purification magic in the hope that Chaorruption can be cured. We want to cleanse those tainted with it, return them to health. We THINK it can be cured, but we must study infected subjects and learn how best to do that".

- Talk to Cleric Joy. She will told you, "What IS Chaos, you might ask? That is a good question. We are not entirely sure, but the more we learn, the more we are sure that our purpose is a good one. Chaorruption causes creatures to act outside their natures. It twists them, makes them do things they wouldn't-- whether those things are good, evil or without reason. It must not be allowed to spread!".

After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Task 5: Chaos Theory
Description: There is an idea I have... No, even with as much as you know now, you should not know this yet. It is too dangerous! But please, slay Shadowscythe Pilots in /thespan and bring me back samples of their effluvia and plasma. I must test my idea.

Items Required: Shadowscythe Effluvium (8), Shadowscythe Plasma (5)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Go to the Span area (Code Location: thespan) and defeat Shadowscythe Pilot to get Shadowscythe Effluvium and Shadowscythe Plasma. After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Task 6: A Little Chaos Goes a Long Way
Description: We wish to study the course of Chaorruption over a creature's lifespan. We have a fully Chaorrupted Chaos Turtle and a newly Chaorrupted Water Dragon. You can see the turtle is far gone; his shell is fully tainted. The dragon shows little visible evidence, but the Chaorruption can be sensed by our Order. Slay them so we may investigate.

Items Required: Full Chaorruption Sample (1), New Chaorruption Sample (1)

Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 XP

How To:
Defeat Chaos Turtle to get Full Chaorruption Sample and defeat Chaorrupted Water Dragon to get New Chaorruption Sample. After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.

Then you'll see that the Cleric Sisters use their magic to further their study to create Chaos Cured Potion. Meanwhile, in the far distance away, Drakath suddenly aware of what the Clerics of the Dishpan Hands do and plan his next move!


Code Location: cleric

Intro: Without you, Hero, I am sure we shall not succeed. But with the help you have given us, we are much closer to understanding HOW to cleanse Lore of Chaos! We shall continue to study, to learn, and to watch what happens on Lore. Without knowledge, there can be no progress!

Task 7: Dys-Geni-c Chaorruption? (Require you to complete the SandSea - The 8th Lord of Chaos Story Line. CLICK HERE for SandSea - The 8th Lord of Chaos Quest Walkthrough)
Description: What must Chaos do to one not human, not animal? A creatures from another realm? Find for me the most powerful and Chaorrupted Djinn in the /djinn lands, and see what Chaorruption has done its strength.

Items Required: Djinn Power Enhanced! (1)

Rewards: 10000 Gold, 10000 XP

How To:
Go to the Djinn World (Code Location: djinn) and defeat Tibicenas. After that, report back to Cleric Dawn to get your reward.


Code Location: cleric

Intro: Thank you for your help, Hero, we are so grateful!


Code Location: cleric

Intro: We will work to keep you as hale and whole as possible while you save Lore!


Code Location: cleric

Intro: It is vital we learn as much as possible as fast as possible. We need your aid, Hero!


Code Location: cleric

Intro: What are you doing standing here talking to me? Go, find what we need!


Code Location: cleric

Intro: You will save our world, I am sure of it. If it is not destroyed first...

Continue your journey to BloodTusk Ravine (The 9th Lord Of Chaos) quest.


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