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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 29 July 2014, 23:09:33 GMT+7


AQWorlds Assault Of The Banished One

There's 2 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Knave1 (King Alteon's UndeadSlayer)
2. Nythera (Purple Mage)


Code Location: swordhaven

Intro: Hero, we have little time and much todo. If we're going to stop the Desterrat Moya from attacking Lore and inciting an undead rebellion! He lingers in the Void, preparing his assault. It will be up to us to stop him, and to do that we'll need to get there! For that we'll need Nythera's help, so head to the Northlands.

We have not crossed paths much while I've been in Swordhaven, Hero, but I must say, I've heard tales of your battling. I think you have not heard much of mine. I am relatively new to my post, but I am wholeheartedly dedicated to the King, and to protecting him from ANY undead that might threaten him!

Task 1: Knave1's Route to the Void
Description: My sources tell me that... thing the undead have been petitioning is waiting for them in the Void. The quickest route to the Void lies in the hands of an acquaintance of mine. You might know her, a Void Mage named Nythera. Find her in Guwio Village, talk to her, secure her assistance whatever it takes, and return to me.

Items Required: Talk to Nythera (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Go to the North Land (Code Location: northland) and find Nythera. After that talk to her about Knave1.


Code Location: northlands

Intro: Hmph. What do YOU want? Help? Pfft. I suppose I could help you. But I'm going to need something in return. A mage needs resources and spell components, and YOU are going to get them for me. If you DO, I will give you a way to get to the Void. How did I know that? *eyeroll* I'm NYTHERA, that's how.

Have you been to the Void yet, Hero? Meh, doesn't matter if you have. What matters is that you're going, and you might not come back. It's a strange, wild place. Don't venture off the paths. That way lies insanity. Hmph. Most ways in the Void lead to insanity, if I'm being fair.

Task 1: Void Spell
Description: So, you and that Royal UndeadSlayer want MY help? Hmph, fine. It's going to cost you. I need a Chaos Gemerald Cluster. You don't need to know why. And bring me 5 Chaos Gemerald Shards for good measure. Again, don't ask. When you return, I suppose I can give you the Void Transport Spell you need.

Items Required: Chaos Gemerald Cluster (1), Chaos Gemerald Shard (5)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 400 XP, Quest Items (Void Transport Spell)

How To:
Defeat Chaos Gemrald to get Chaos Gemerald Cluster and Chaos Gemerald Shard. After that report back to Nythera to get your rewards. Then Nythera will told you, "Good enough. I can use this... I guess. You've got your transport spell to the Void. It'll get you there and back as often as you need it to. You're welcome".

Then to back to Knave1 and go to Void (Code Location: banished)


Code Location: banished

Intro: Hero, good timing. Mostly because we're OUT of time! Artix is on his way to battle the undead, who are massing together in preparation for the Desterrat Moya's arrival. Their necromancers are attempting to regain control, but I'm sure Artix will take care of them all. Prepare for the Void!

Task 1: Know Thy Enemy
Description: Alright, Hero. We've got to work fast and battle hard if we're going to save Lore from the Desterrat Moya. Whispers say he feeds on the hopes of supplicants, but loss strength when his minions die. Find him and take out any of his followers that get in your way.

Items Required: Desterrat Moya Found (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP

How To:
Scout entire area until you found Desterrat Moya.
In your search, you may find a Tale of Deserrat Moya Tome that read,

"Song of the Gods-War
From a time before time, from a place beyond stars,
The Deserrat Moya came from afar.
When you slaughter the innocent, exile their gods,
Home can be home wherever you are.

It rose up to claim the fields we had tilled.
In horror we watched, with fear we were filled.
It fed without pity, it's appetite went unsated.
It lay waste to our cities, our families killed.

Neither godborn nor mortal, made of ichor-laced aether,
It attacked our Protectors, who banned together.
With immortal Magics and unearthly Powers,
They fought fierce to seal it, confined to the Nether.

Though banished and beaten, we fear Its return.
We will silence Its story so that no one may learn
of the power It owns, of the strength it still holds.
Fires, though banked, are still able to burn.

After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.

Task 2: An Enemy Unblooded
Description: It appears the tales of the Desterrat Moya are right. He DOES lose strength when his minions die. That's good luck for us and BAD luck for him. Take out 10 of his Cruxs and 5 of his Cruors to weaken his corporeal form. Return to me and we'll plan what to do next.

Items Required: Drop of Life (10), Breath of Life (4)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, Quest Items (Vial of Awakening)

How To:
Defeat Desterrat Cruor to get Drop of Life and defeat Desterrat Crux to get Breath of Life. After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.

Task 3: Re-Open the Seal
Description: It follows that if the Desterrat Moya became strong enough to open the gate containing him once, then he can do it again. It appears to be sealed, though. I am certain that washin the gate's seven access points in the Desterrat Moya's ichor- an ethereal fluid flowing through his form- will open it.

Items Required: Vial of Awakening Placed (7)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Find the spot to place Vial of Awakening. The spot to place Vial of Awakening will mark by the Arrow. Click it to placed Vial of Awakening. After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.

Task 4: Weaken the Moya
Description: The Desterrat Moya needs to be weaker. The fastest way is to take out a large number of his followers, and the quickest way to do THAT is to slay the Necromancer that controls them. Take down 13 of Arasat's Ectomancers in Doomwood. He will be so drained, his followers will perish, and the Moya will lose strength. Then return to the Void.

Items Required: Arasat's Strength Reduced (13)

Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 XP, Quest Rewards (Arasat's Bane)

How To:
Go to Doomwood Forest (Code Location: doomwood) and defeat Doomwood Ectomancer to reduced Arasat's Strength. After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.

Task 5: Banish the Banished One
Description: It is time to send the Desterrat Moya home. It cannot be left this close to us and our home. Not to mention that its presence could cause ALL of the undead to rise up in rebellion! Take down the Desterrat Moya; if we can't finish him for good, we can at least send it home!

Items Required: Desterrat Moya Banished (1)

Rewards: 1400 Gold, 1400 XP

How To:
Defeat Desterrat Moya. If you manage to defeat Desterrat Moya, Knave1 will told you, "We have done well! I could not have managed this without your help, Hero! Come, let us return home. We must explain the situation to the King; he will want to be briefed on all that has occured. I hope Artix has left SOME undead for me to slay! I trust we will see each other in Swordhaven more from now on, Hero! I look forward to swapping stories of battles and tales of triumph with you in the future".

Task 6: Become the Desterrat Moya (daily)
Description: Kill 13 Cruor and 13 Crux to steal his ichor and aether. In time, you may become as strong as the Desterrat Moya is!

Items Required: Moya Ichor (10), Moya Aether (10)

Rewards: 2500 Gold, 2500 XP, 2500 Rep: Evil

How To:
Defeat Desterrat Crux to get Moya Aether and defeat Desterrat Cruor to get Moya Ichor. After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.

Task 7: Prevent the Return (daily)
Description: The Desterrat Moya may be gone for now, but undead minions will continue to beseech it no matter where it is imprisoned. Keep reducing the Moya's strength by eliminating its supporters. Slay 15 Deoomwood Soldiers, 10 Ectomancers and 1 CryptKeeper Lich, all found in Doomwood.

Items Required: Large Strength Drain (10), Final Strength Drain (1), Small Strength Drain (15)

Rewards: 2500 Gold, 2500 XP, 2500 Rep: Good

How To:
Go to Doomwood Forest (Code Location: doomwood) and defeat Doomwood Ectomancer, Doomwood Soldier to get Small Strength Drain, Large Strength Drain and Final Stength Drain. After that report back to Knave1 to get your rewards.



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