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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 28 July 2014, 01:57:03 GMT+7


There's 2 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Serval (Adventure Guide)
2. Twilly (Rebellious Healing Moglin)

When you met with Serval and Twilly, click to move to follow Serval. Then you'll face the Skeletons, click the Learn More button and Serval will told you:

"If you want to live through this fight, listen carefully.

TARGET YOUR ENEMY: CLICK ONCE to target an enemy. Then CLICK AGAIN, or double click, to attack.

USING SKILLS: You can also use your second skill by clicking it or using the number key "2" on your keyboard. You will unlock new skills as you adventure and gain experience!

AUTO ATTACK: You do not need to continue clicking your target after you have begun attacking.

After you've managed to defeat all the enemies, start to move again to follow Serval. Then Twilly will told you:

"Looks like you took some damage in that last battle.

REST BETWEEN BATTLES: Twilly won't always be around to heal buy you can click on the REST button between battles to regain HIT POINTS and MANA.

After that, move again to continue your journey. Then Serval will told you:

"Quests are an important part of Adventure Quest Worlds. They are good source of XP and Gold. They also move the story along. Be sure to read them carefully.

ACCEPTING QUESTS: Click on my QUESTS button, then click my "Clear the Way" quest and click the ACCEPT button

Then click the Quest button.


Code Location: tutorial

Task 1: Clear the Way
Description: Looks like there are some Skeletal Soldiers blocking the road to Battleon. Defeat these two skeletons and then come back to me with their axes as proof. Once I know the path is clear, you will be rewarded with GOLD and EXPERIENCE.

Items Required: Skeleton Axe (2)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP

How To:
Defeat nearby Skeleton Soldier to get Skeleton Axe. After that, report back to Serval to get your reward.

After that click More button and Serval will continue to teach you:

"LEVEL EXPERIENCE AND GOLD: You can also get XP and Gold from killing monsters and completing quests.

CLASS EXPERIENCE: You also get CLASS XP which help you level-up your class and get NEW SKILLS. You can find lots of other different classes to master AQWorlds and you can master them all.

Click the Ready! button to do Serval's quest. After you've managed to defeat 2 Skeleton Soldier, click Serval again to complete her quest.

Return to the quest giver after you complete all quest objectives. Click on the QUESTS button, then click my "Clear the Way" quest and click the COMPLETE button

After that, move again to follow Serval. And then Twilly will told you:

"GETTING YOUR LOOT: Some monsters and quests drop items. CLICK YES when they do and if you have enough room they will be added to your inventory. You'll be able to view and equip them from your INVENTORY.

ENHANCING ITEMS: You can also use ENHANCEMENTS to make most of your items stronger. We can talk more about that when we reach Battleon.

START YOUR ADVENTURE: You should also check out the BOOK OF LORE for more information about your adventures and achievement badge collection

Click Ready! button and move further on. And then your path will blocked by a Lich. Click the Quest button.


Code Location: tutorial

Intro: Oh no, the Lich Ravager has come for us! Please, you must help us defeat it! Most Quest items will not drop if you do not have the quest in progress.

Accept my "Defeat the Lich" quest, then take him down.

Task 1: Defeat the Lich
Description: The Lich Ravager is blocking the way to Battleon. Take him down to ensure Battleon's safety.

Items Required: Lich Defeated (1)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 300 XP

How To:
Defeat Lich Ravager. After that, report back to Serval to get your reward.

If you manage to defeat Lich Ravager, you and Twilly then continue to Battleon City, while Serval decide to guard the path to Battleon and help any travelers she found.

Continue your journey to The Story Chapter 1 quest.


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