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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 28 July 2014, 01:57:03 GMT+7


AQWorlds Tutorial: Save The Princess

There is 10 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Lord Brentan (Guardian of the Neverglades)
2. Cleric Joy (Princess Tara's Tutor)
3. Twilly (Helpful Healing Moglin)
4. Galanoth (DragonSlayer)
5. Griselda (Frightened Shopkeeper, Princess' Companion)
6. Skeletal Shopkeeper (Former Shopkeeper, Minion of Zorbak)
7. Zorbak (Ebil Necromancer Moglin)
8. Artix (Paladin)
9. Robina (Ranger)
10. Yara (Paladin)

Upon reaching Lore, you hear a Shocking News:

BREAKING NEWS: Princess Tara, youngest daughter of King Alteon of Swordhaven, mysteriously disappeared yesterday.

If you see the Princess, contact Sir Vavor in Swordhaven immediately.

URGENT: Armies of Undead are massing to attack Swordhaven! All Heroes (this means you!), report for battle!

After you hear the News, you make haste to BattleOn City through the shortest road... well... by falling down from the cliff... off course... Then after you've concious from the falling, you met Lord Brentan.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: You look like a Hero, and boy do we need one right now! Everything is falling to pieces... the Princess has been kidnapped by a vicious dragon, and we cannot get close enough to rescue her! Every time we try, he blasts the area with fire and we have to fall back! If you are willing to help us, walk down this path and speak to Cleric Joy!

[WHAT HAPPENED?] Didn't you read the news scroll? Princess Tara was kidnapped by the deadliest dragon we've seen in years! And to make matters worse, we have heard rumors that a massive army of undead is marching towards the area!

[WHERE AM I?] We are in Greenguard Forest, not too far from the town of Battleon. You'll want to stop there and gear up before heading off to adventure. You can stock up on gear, potions and get the latest news.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: The dragon is attacking the Town right now, and the beast has our Princess! We need to unlock te Tower before we can go save her. Click on the Quest button to search for the key to the Tower!

[STOLE HER?] Princess Tara loves animals, but not even SHE can control a beast like this! I do not even know how the dragon found her. One moment I was preparing medicines for Swordhaven's Knights, and the next, she was gone!

Task 1: Key To The Tower
Description: If you are going to save the Princess, you've GOT to get into the Tower. It's locked, and I'm pretty sure one of these Zards stole the key. Defeat the Zards until you recover the Tower Key.

Items Required: Tower Key (1)

Rewards: 50 Gold, 50 XP

How To:
Defeat Frogzard to get Tower Key. After that, report back to Cleric Joy to get your rewards. And then Cleric Joy will told you, "Hurry, you've got the key, now head into the Tower and save our Princess!".


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: Help! The Dragon is attacking the Tower, and it has the Princess! Can you go save her, Hero?

[ENHANCEMENT?] They can raise the stats of your items to make you more powerful! I'll even give you one for free to start! Click the button below to open my enhancement shop, and purchase one of the 3 enhancements that you see there. Then you can apply it to your weapon and you're good to go! Find me in BattleOn for more information.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: I heard there was a new Hero in the area... that's you, right? Right. I'm Galanoth, the Head of the Order of DragonSlayers. I was summoned to take this beast down, but I cannot... not without risking the life of the Princess.

If we can scare it into dropping the Princess, we can catch her and then attack the dragon. Will you help us?

Task 1: Save The Princess
Description: Head up to the Tower and defeat the Dragon! As it fails, we'll catch the Princess and then finish it off!

Items Required: Dragon Defeated (1)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Go inside the Tower to defeat the Dragon. Inside the Tower, you may met a Girl, she is Griselda. Click at her to unchain her, so you can talk to her. Then continue your journey to defeat the Dread Dragon.

Task 2: Bone Up on Battling
Description: These skeletons must be from the invading army! Slay 7 of them to clear the Tower and reap the rewards: more gold and experience!

(Note: Most completed quests need to be turned in, return to Galanoth when this quest is complete)

Items Required: Skeleton Slain (7)

Rewards: 50 Gold, 50 XP

How To:
Go inside the Tower to defeat the Skeleton. After that, report back to Galanoth to get your rewards.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: Hero, help me! My friend, Princess Tara was stolen! You're going to help her, right? Oh, good! You should make sure you stock up on potions. I always carry extra in case the Princess needs them. Potions will heal your health or return your mana, which is VERY helpful when you're about to face a dragon!

Those skeletons just appeared while I was trying to figure out how to help the Princess! They chained me up and left me here... until you came. Thank you, Hero!

If you manage to defeat the Dread Dragon, then:
- Galanoth will told you, "The Dragon escaped with the Princess! Hero, you must hurry to speak with Artix and Robina. They'll have seen which direction it flew in. Head down the road and pass through the cave to find them".
- Cleric Joy will told you, "Hurry Hero! I don't think the Princess will be able to hang on much longer! Travel down this road and through the cave to get to Artix and Robina. They'll tell you where to go next!".
- Twilly will told you, "I hear you've just beaten a big dragon! There are much stronger monsters to be found in the land of LORE, so you'll want an enhancement to help you. You can put enhancements on lots of items".

Then click at the Giant Rock near Twilly to move the rock and then enter the cave.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: Aroooo! Urrr argh! *Whispers* It is a rule that Undead are not allowed to talk, but Zorbak does not always pay attention. You just got here. I can tell because all of your gear is brand-new... and brand-noob! If you want to survive in this world longer than I did, you're going to need to stock up. Open my shop and see what's available.

[USING SHOP] When you kill monsters or complete quests, you get gold. You can spen that gold in shops to buy new gear like armors, weapons and accessories. Those will make you appear to be as great a Hero as I know you really are! You can also buy Classes, which will change how you battle.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: Mehehe! I bet I know who YOU are... you're a Hero. I can smell you a mile away. (Literally. You smell like dragonsmoke. Ugh). If YOU help ME find all the royal goodies the Princess dropped while flying around and bring'em back to me, I'll show you how to get to Artix and Robina.

(Hint: Click on Blue Arrows to pick up quest items).

Task 1: Recover Royal Gear
Description: Mehehehe! Do me a favor, Hero, and collect any of the Royal Goodies laying around. The Princess dropped gear when she was captured by the dragon. I'll reward you... maybe!

(Hint: Click on Blue Arrows to pick up quest items)

Items Required: Royal Diary (1), Royal Sash (1), How To Tame Dragons (1), Royal Diamond Bracelet (1)

Rewards: 250 Gold, 25 XP, Quest Items (Royal Parachute)

How To:
Find Royal Diary, Royal Sash, How To Tame Dragons and Royal Diamond Bracelet. The Royal Diary, Royal Sash, How To Tame Dragons and Royal Diamond Bracelet will be marked by an Arrow (You may want to explore entire area to find all these items). Click at the Arrow to get Royal Diary, Royal Sash, How To Tame Dragons and Royal Diamond Bracelet. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your rewards.

Then Zorbak will told you, "Meh. That was pretty good. But I bet you'll be able to do better soon. And if you don't... I can always use a new undead minion! Mehehe! Now, if you want to keep going, push the rock on the wall behind me. It's supposed to be a secret door, but I can't turn the glow off".

After that, Click at the Giant Rock to move it. Then continue your journey on. While at your journey, you may found a book. Click at the book to get the Book of Lore. The Book of Lore contains many information, including your achievements, your history, and so on.


Code Location: breakstone


Greetings! I have seen your skills and I must ask for your help in Swordhaven to meet Sepulchure in battle. You should go to Battleon to gear up before the fight. But first, would you consider helping me save a Princess? I promise it will be dangerous!

Thank goodness you are here! Bloodtooth the Dragon has kidnapped the Princess and is attacking the town of BattleOn!

Aye! This is a pretty tricky situation. If we shoot the Dragon down, the Princess will fall, too.

Artix, how can you smile at a time like this? This is serious!

I just know we can win, Robina! First, we need a plan to get up there and rescue the Princess.

And then, with the giant bow, you manage to reach and landed at the Giant Dragon. Upon land at the Giant Dragon, you finally found out that Princess Tara has been under control by the Artifact Ring.

Defeat Princess Tara to awake her.

After that, you can continue your journey to met with Yara.


Code Location: breakstone

Intro: The best way to succeed and survive in Lore is to know your surroundings. And in this case: knowing how to navigate your interface, how to chat and how to stay safe!

AQWorlds Game Commands

After that if you finish read all the information Yara has been told you, then you can continue your journey to BattleOn City!

Continue your journey to The Story Chapter 1 quest.


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