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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 27 October 2013, 18:48:35 GMT+7

An In-Game Convention

AQWorlds 5th Birthday - BattleCon 2013 (An In-Game Convention)

There's 35 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Artix (Paladin)
2. Zazul (Ring Master, Ticket Taker, Customer Support Lead)
3. Nythera (Purple Mage, Head of Player Support)
4. Galanoth (DragonSlayer)
5. J6 (Synthetic Bounty Hunter, AQWorlds Artist)
6. Dage The Evil (Lord of the Undead Legion, Evil AQWorlds & BattleGems Artist)
7. Arklen (Technomancer, AQWorlds Animation Wizard)
8. Jemini (Time-Traveling Treasure Hunter, Magical Artist Girl)
9. Ghost (AQWorlds Undead Animator & Spooky Artist)
10. Memet (Nightmare Moglin, AQWorlds Asst. Game Lead & Artist / AQW Artist)
11. Aegis (Gilded Mage-Knight, Lawful Good AQWorlds Artist)
12. Roroth (Drow Gunslinger, Dark Elven AQWorlds Artist)
13. Hizu (Silent but Deadly, AQWorlds Monster Animator & Artist)
14. Zoshi (Monster Hunter, AQWorlds Artist)
15. Solrac (Magitech, Cybernetic AQWorlds Artist)
16. Aranx (Archangel of Unknown, Ascended AQWorlds Artist)
17. Tyronius (Shadowfire God, AQWorlds Artist)
18. Diozz (Time-Surfing Mech Rider, Graphic Artist)
19. Mido (Were-Jaguar Warrior, Graphic Designer & AQWorlds Artist)
20. Nulgath (Archfiend of the Oversoul, Oversoul Game Lead & AQWorlds Artist)
21. Vokun (Lord of the Forgotten Tombs, AQWorlds Artist)
22. Alina (PotionMaster, AQWorlds Game Lead)
23. Kraken (The Beast from Below, Dragon's Bane Game Lead)
24. Cysero (Mad Weaponsmith, BattleGems Art Lead / Mad Green Weaponsmith)
25. Beleen (Pinkomancer, Creator of Pretty Words and Derp Art)
26. Randor (Marshal, HeroSmash Game Lead)
27. Titan (Tech Mage, EpicDuel Game Lead)
28. Hollow (Self-certified Mechanic, AdventureQuest Game Lead)
29. Geopetal (The Rock, DragonFable Game Lead)
30. Maegwyn (MechQuest Game Lead)
31. Faith (BeastMaster, HeroMart Lead)
32. Chairman Platinum (CEO of EbilCorp)
33. Oishii (Caffeine Potion Vendor)
34. Ven du Violetmist (Knight of Leviasea, AQWorlds Artist)
35. Zhoom (Ranger, AE Programmer)

Starting at 12 October 2013, Artix Entertainment begin two weeks of the most brutal and battle-tastic double-celebration ever! The most EPIC in-game convention EVER!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Monx! Welcome to our in-game convention! I am so glad you are here to help us celebrate Artix Entertainment's 11th Anniversary and AQWorlds's 5th Birthday! I cannot wait show you everything we have set up, but before we can get our BattleCon on... we have to take out the Con-crashers threatening to shut it down!

[WHERE TO NEXT?] I LOVE going to conventions, so I explore as much as I can. Because YOU are here to hang out with this year, I buffed my Dex and End before coming. I can move FAST and will not have to stop until it Con ends! This is going to be one of the best conventions ever!

Task 1: I Guess We DO Need Steenkin' Badge
Description: Oh no, Hero - did you see that? One of those skeletal ravers just stole your con badge! You had better get it back quickly, before they kick you out of the convention!

Defeat Raving Skeletons to get the stolen Con Badge back.

Items Required: Con Badge Recovered (1)

Rewards: 250 Gold, 250 XP

How To:
Enter the Convention Hall and defeat Ravin' Skelly to get the Con Badge. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 2: Con Kit
Description: Now, back to putting together our "con kit"! We cannot enter the convention until we collect all of the things we need to survive it! See what you can get from those Cosplay Zombies - what a great excuse to slay some undead!

Defeat Cosplay Zombies to get vital Con requirements.

Items Required: Con Survial Guide (1), Water Bottle (1), Hoopy Frood Brand Towel (1), Event Schedule (1), Xtra-Strength Energy Potion (1), Anti-Con Rot Sanitation Device (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP

How To:
Defeat Cosplay Zombie to get Con Survival Guide, Water Bottle, Hoopy Frood Brand Towel, Event Scheduler, Xtra-Strength Energy Potion and Anti-Con Rot Sanitation Device. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 3: BrutalCorn Barrier
Description: Get Ready, Hero! The most brutal boss EVER is blocking the way into the convention, and none of are getting inside until he's defeated. That's right - you are going to fight BRUTALCORN!

Defeat BrutalCorn.

Items Required: BrutalCorn Defeated (1)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Defeat BrutalCorn. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 4: Badge Signing
Description: One of the best parts of any convention is collecting autographs from all of your favorite celebrities. Come on, Hero - we are going to visit all of the game tables and get everyone to sign our badges!

Get your Con Booth Badge signed at all tables.

Items Required: Visit AQ Table (1), Visit DF Table (1), Visit MQ Table (1), Visit AQW Table (1), Visit ED Table (1), Visit BG Table (1), Visit HS Table (1), Visit OS Table (1), Visit EC Table (1), Visit HM Table (1)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Visit AQ Table, Visit DF Table, Visit MQ Table, Visit AQW Table, Visit ED Table, Visit BG Table, Visit HS Table, Visit OS Table, Visit EC Table, and Visit HM Table to get your Con Booth Badge signed by clicking at the Arrow Mark. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 5: Con Rot
Description: Did you hear someone sniffle? We can not allow BattleCon to be infested with Con Rot! Those Con Crudlings are the source of the infection. We must stop them!

Clear out 10 Con Crudlings to prevent Con Rot.

Items Required: Con Disinfected (10)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Defeat Con Rot. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 6: Buzz-Killer: Caffeine Overload
Description: We will not be able to cross through this hall until these awful Caffeine Imps have been dealt with! Put them to sleep so they will not be able to steal our energy!

Put 7 Caffeine Imps to sleep.

Items Required: Lights Out (7)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Defeat Caffeine Imp. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 7: Lights Out For Ravers
Description: Oh no! Those Raver Skellies have stolen everyone's glow necklaces! You know what that means - It is time to battle some undead!

Battle Raver Skellies to recover stolen glow necklaces.

Items Required: Glow Neklace Recovered (6)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP

How To:
Defeat Ravin' Skelly to recover Glow Necklace. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 8: Silent But Undeadly
Description: Phew! After a few hours in a tighly packed and poorly ventilated area, the convention really starts to stink! If we defeat the Battle Odor, we can get the con smelling fresh again!

Items Required: Defeat the Smell (6)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 300 XP

How To:
Defeat Battle Odor. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 9: Cosplay Zombies On Parade
Description: I do not like the number of zombies that are at this con! What do you say, Hero? Will you help me clean up the area to keep the con-goers safe?

Items Required: Defeat Cosplay Zombie (100)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Defeat Cosplay Zombie. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. You will also get ConZombie Slayer Badge.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Step right up, step right up! Come and see the greatest show in all of Lore! You'll be dazzled and terrified by our - hmmm? What's that? You need help with something, you say? Come, step into my parlour! Let's see what kind of solution we can conjure up!

[PLAYER SUPPORT?] Player Support is the first line of defense whenever you have ANY issue, be it payment, account, technical, or game-related, and we personally read EVERY email sent to us. We're a small team, but we are MIGHTY in our power to help solve your problems and make sure you enjoy our games as much as possible!

[ACCOUNT SAFETY] Here are some tips to help keep your account safe and out of the hands of thieves:
- Never share your account with anyone!
- Use a secure password! Use both letters AND numbers, upper and lower case!
- Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long
- Confirm your email with us so it can't be changed without your permission!
- Never enter your account name and/or password into any site not made by Artix Entertainment
- For more information, please visit


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hmph. Listen, Hero - I'm a half-dragon void mage. I'm powerful and terrifying, and by all rights you should terrible before me. So aren't you glad I'm actually on your side? If you're ever having a problem with you account, you can always come to me and my Player Support Minions for help.

[PLAYER SUPPORT?] Player Support is the first line of defense whenever you have ANY issue, be it payment, account, technical, or game-related, and we personally read EVERY email sent to us. We're a small team, but we are MIGHTY in our power to help solve your problems and make sure you enjoy our games as much as possible!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Welcome, Brave One. You have arrived at BattleCon, Artix Entertainment's in-game convention. I am Galanoth, Artix's right-hand DragonSlayer. I am here to make sure you have the BEST CON EVER... and enjoy all of the games our teams make!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Freeze, Scumbag! Hah, just kidding. Hi! I'm J6, I'm a full time bounty hunter, but since my synthetic parts reduce the amount of downtime I require, I'm also a full-time artist.

In addition to the armor and weapon art I create, I also draw most of the background art you see in AQWorlds. In fact, I made this room we're standing in! That's right, I'm the only thing standing between you and a blank white void. Try not to think about it too much.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi, I'm Dage the Evil. You may know me as the Lord of the Undead Legion, but my true passion is crafting weapons... in-game and out! You never know where I'll turn up bearing one of my newest creations... so always be on your guard!

Thanks to the vast amounts of dark power and energy drinks running through my veins, I am working on BattleGems AND AQWorlds... Soon I will create gear for the entire world!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi, I'm Arklen! I'm a little out of my element here - I much prefer exploring Lore to being stuck at a booth all day. I've been using my magic to mess with the con's lighting and music to ease the boredom. So far, no one has figured out that it's me!

As a Technomancer, I use my wizardry to bring the digital pets and monsters of AQWorlds to life! And by that, I mean that I animate them. I'm also an artist, so sometimes those same monsters are drawn by me too!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi there! I'm Jemini, the best treasure hunter and collector of shiny things in the galaxy! I also like to collect all kinds of gorgeous art, most of which I draw myself!

If you are looking for something beautiful or adorable, I'm your girl! From the most fashionable formal wear you can find in AQWorlds to the criminally cute characters of Pony VS Pony, I've done it all!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: I was once a DragonLord, but I fell while trying to save my hometown. My name is no longer important - just call me Ghost. My spirit is tied to the cursed blade I used to fight with, which keeps me here in Lore. Since I can't leave, I draw and animate monsters to fill my time.

All of the cutscenes we use in AQWorlds need to be animated by someone, and that person is usually me. I also animate a lot of our monsters. No, that does NOT mean it's my fault you had to fight Brutalcorn when you came in. It's only my fault that it looked so good when you did.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi, I'm Memet. I might be a nightmare, but it's not so scary if I look like a moglin, right? No one wants to talk to me when I'm scary - how boring.

I draw stuff. Armors, Weapons, Pets, Brutalcorn... moglin paws are just the right size to draw it all. That's why I'm a moglin, you know. Moglins are also good at writing quests and cutscenes, so sometimes I do that stuff, too.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: I've spent my life studying both melee and magic so I can combat the forces of evil, chaos and bad art! I may not have had any official Paladin training, but I'm just as effective both on the battlefield and behind a tablet.

I specialize in creating fantastic armor sets for AQWorlds, to help all of you join me in the battle against evil! As for you evil Heroes... well, at least we all want to fight chaos, right?


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Greetings. I'm Roroth, one of the last of the Dwarfhold Drow to escape chaorruption. I lost an arm while fighting my chaorrupted king - but I can still wield a pistol (or a pencil) like an expert with my other one!

I started in MechQuest, but now spend my time creating armor, weapons, and bulletproof pets for AQWorlds! Need a new rifle? Come talk to me. Want laser sights on it? I got you covered. I'm handy like that.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Who better to train all of Lore's deadliest monsters than Lore's deadliest ninja? After fighting me, they're ready to counter any of your attacks - you couldn't ask for better combat practice!

Before I vanished to fight evil in new realms, I animated some of the monsters you battled so hard against. I've also crafted a batch of the finest ninja gear for you to use in battle, so you can fight like I do when I'm training them!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi! I'm Zoshi, the finest monster hunter in Lore! Nothing beats going out into the wilderness to observe, fight and capture a never-before seen beast! Which is, of course, why I create so many of them.

No one can design monsters for AQWorlds better than the guy who hunts them! I've also created plenty of unique armor and weapons for you to take on your next hunt.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Solrac holds up a scroll, upon which words begin to magically appear: "Welcome. After Aranx the Archangel healed me from near-death, I turned to technology to restore and improve my body. This has allowed me to fight evil - and draw! - even better than before".

The scroll's message disappears, and then continues: "My artistic focus is on armor and weapons, and my cybernetic enhancements allow me to create several new sets each week... but what you DON'T see is the tasty candy filling built into each piece of art I make. So yeah, I make the sweetest gear. You're welcome".


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: What? You've never met an angel who was also an artist? Well, now you have! Aranx at your service, Ruler of the Unknown and Champion of Peace, Love and Harmony.

I use my angelic talents to create beautiful armor and weapons for AQWorlds. My specialty, of course, is designing elaborate, angelic wings! You only live once, but me? I live forever in the art I create!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: The one and only true Shadowfire God would not normally stop to manning a booth at a convention. But a thousand years ago I lost my realm and my power, so here I am. I've slowly been regaining my strength, and I've been cultivating my artistic skill while I bide my time.

I specialize in creating fierce armor and weaponry that is worthy to be used by a god. Until I've regained my power, I suppose you mere mortals can use it, too.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Only magic can save the pararel universe I come from, but it doesn't exist there, so I'm trying to find a way to bring it back from Lore. I'd try to explain, but it's complicated - someone from your world wouldn't understand.

Mostly I do a lot of the illustrations and graphic design that you see on the AQWorlds website and on HeroMart's posters and calendars. But I've got some art in game too - including some awesome mechs for you to ride in!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: "Roar!" I'm Mido, your friendly neighborhood were-jaguar warrior! When I'm not battling the enemies of my ancestral jaguar kin, I like to relax with a graphics tablet and a nice cup of coffee.

I am Artix Entertainment's Graphic Desig Cat - I'm the reason our websites and product packages look so good! I have also been known to create armors and weapons for you to use in AQWorlds.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: This is ridiculous. Why I am here? The Archfiend of the Oversoul does not attend conventions! Do they think I have nothing better to do? I would destroy you if I did not think you would serve me better as a loyal minion.

In addition to ruling the Oversoul, I'm also the creator of the Oversoul game. Although most of my time is spent working on it, I still create armors, weapons and even a class for AQWorlds to reward my minions for their loyalty.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: I was once a guardian of the Forgotten Tombs, protecting its artifacts, treasures and magic. When it collapsed, I locked myself away for a millenium. I didn't have much to do in there other than practice my art, so now that I've returned you can all enjoy the fruits of my labor!

I like to use my millenium of underground drawing practice to bring you some of the darkest armor sets and weapons you've ever seen.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Welcome to BattleCon, our in-game convention! We could not create AQWorlds without you, Hero, and that's why it's so awesome to see you here! I'm Alina, and the entire AQW team is honored to battle alongside you as we take down Drakath! With you fighting for us, I know we'll win... and once we do, a whole new world awaits!

Just in case you didn't know, AQWorlds is updated EVERY week (sometimes multiple times a week!) with new stories, items, quests, monsters and more! Join thousands of your fellow Heroes to defend the world from Drakath and his 13 Lords of Chaos! The day he succeeds will be the end of the world as we know it!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: What? You've never seen a giant talking tentacle before? You're at a CON, baby! Expect nothing less! I'm Kraken, the beast from below, and I'm working with the Dragon's Bane team on a mobile expansion to the Bladehaven story!

Bladehaven: Dragon's Bane is currently in development, a 3D game designed to play on your cell phone or tablet! Play as Galanoth, Lore's most famous DragonSlayer, as he takes up his blade to save a land ravaged by ruthless, corrupted creatures controlled by elemental dragons! Take up arms, for history is written by the blade.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Oh, hey, Hero! Man, it's been a while since I talked to you, right? Me, Artix, Yergen and the BattleGems team are building our first mobile game... which is WAY better than building our first mobile washing machine! (You can't play games on those... YET). Keep an eye on Artix's Design Notes, because this baby is almost ready, and you are definitely going to want to check it out!

The original AdventureQuest was described as a "lunch break style game". That would make this new game we are creating, it's snack sized, ultra delicious brother... perfectly sized to fit in your pocket. (Unlike washing machines). Build combinations of different gems to defeat monsters, get new gear and explore the world!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Helloooo! There's not nearly enough pink in here, is there? Let me fix that for you! Here, have this awesome pink hat made out of balloons! Want a balloon sword to match?

I'm not normally an artist - usually I spend my time writing hilarious, pun-filled cutscenes, quests and Design Notes posts! But sometimes I like to create some derpy goodness for all my favorite Heroes to enjoy! I'm also very handy with a balloon.


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hero, quick! Good or Evil... which do you choose? Me, I can't pick! I love 'em both, and that's why I wanted to talk to you! I'm Randor, and I lead a crew of crazy designers making HeroSmash. We're shaking things up and smashin' em down... the good AND the bad, and you look like the perfect person to help!

Decide whether you are a Hero or a Villain and save the world... or destroy it: quest to save helpless townspeople or terrorize them, rescue defenseless animals or rob banks, and choose between performing good or evil deeds! Customize your superpowers, your outfit, and even your secret identity in our super-awesome superhero adventure!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: You look like a Hero who likes a good fight. Me, too! I'm Titan, and this here is NightWraith. We didn't see enough action where we were stationed when we were young, so we built our own world to dominate: EpicDuel! Even the best of friends love a good PvP battle every now and then... and we've got an entire galaxy for you to battle through in live combat against other players!

Delta V needs YOU! We are bringing massive amounts of the most explosive gear in the universe to help you dominate your friends... and your foes! Enhance your combat skills and boost your defenses, then go head-to-head on missions against some of the fiercest challengers the planet has to offer in 1v1, 2v2, and 2v1 encounters!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Ah, Hero. I thought I would find you here. The Oversoul is calling you... can you hear it? No? Pity. Then you should listen harder, and prepare for one of the longest journeys of your life. You think you fought difficult battles for me here? Then you have no idea what evil awaits you in the next realm. MY world!

OverSoul is our first game with a card-based battle system, AND it is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game! Use the battle cards to fight monsters and other players, and if you win a battle against a monster... you have a chance add it to your collection. Play as any monster in your collection and level it up!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Oh man, Hero! I can't believe I'm finally meeting you! I'm Hollow, Head of the original AdventureQuest, and the AQ team and I have been fine-tuning, recalibrating and overclocking the world of Lore for the last 11 years! We sure could use a good Hero to help us!

Champion the forces Good! The war is raging for Lore and the battle depends on YOU! Use your powers of stealth, skill at combat and mana-blasting magic to challenge the creatures who would take over the planet! With a story that updates each week, massive amounts of gear and classes that will let you take on the biggest, baddest opponents around, you can spen your lunch break saving the world!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hi Hero! I'm Geopetal, AE's rockstar! (I am literally made of rock, but am very gneiss!) Do you like dragons? Because I DO! And that's why DF's storyline is built around you and your dragons, and your quest to save the world from a dark DoomKnight threatening all that is good! Embrace your destiny AND your dragon-powers!

Save the Orbs, save the world! Battle titan-sized monsters from the back of your dragon and unleash rapid-fire attacks with awesome weapons and customizable armors. In DragonFable, YOU are the Hero, and the fate of the world is in your hands... and in your ability to master the Dragon that will save the world!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Ooooh! I am so excited to meet you! I'm Maegwyn and this is Korin! (Don't as about the bag). I hope you don't mind explosions... or lasers... or robots... or exploding planets... because we made a game with ALL of those awesome things! Jump into MechQuest and the whole galaxy will be yours to command... and save!

Will you save the universe? MechQuest is AE's best, most gigantically-destructive war-machine battle game! Equip a massive mech and be prepared for the ultimate action... in SPACE! Quest to destroy the ShadowScythe on planets all around the galaxy! In a mix of mechs and magic, use every weapon at your disposal, from explosive grenade-launchers to laser-swords to save creation!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Welcome to HeroMart, Hero! This is the in-game version of the official real-life item shop of Artix Entertainment! Not only do we create your favorite web games at the Secret Underground Lab, but we also pack the boxes and ship them to you straight from the Secret Underground Lab! Want to see what we've got so far?


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: You there. How would you like to fulfill all of MY dreams? Work for me doing the dirtiest, evillest work possible for zero gold? No? Excellent. You'll start next week.

If I told you anything about myself, I'd have to kill you. On second thought, undead minions don't need to sleep... MUAHAHAHAHAHA!


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Hey, why are you vibrating like that? Oh, silly me - you're not the one who's vibrating! I am! I've had so much caffeine. You should have some too, otherwise you'll never stay awake through the entire con!

Nothing is more important than making sure you stay alert, especially with all these zombies and skeletons roaming around! Now that I think about it, maybe some health and mana potions would help you too. Want some?


Code Location: battlecon

Intro: Greetings, Hero. You will not know much about me until much, much later. I prefer to stay mysterious until such time as you need to know more. And you will. Prepare, because that day is coming. Fast.

I started making cartoon shorts for the original AdventureQuest and created suggestion items for AdventureQuest and DragonFable. With each new art submission, I got more and more inspired -- and excited! And began chasing something even more awesome: AdventureQuest Worlds art!

AQWorlds 5th Birthday - BattleCon 2013 (An In-Game Convention): Secret Underground Lab


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: It is good to see you, Hero!

Task 1: Hunt for the Brutal Intruder
Description: It is always good to begin at the beginning. Search the rooms closest to the Lobby for any obvious intruders besides BrutalCorn. Come back and tell me what you've seen.

Items Required: Lobby Cleared (1), Artist Room Cleared (1), Hamster Closet Cleared (1), Kitchen Cleared (1), War Room Cleared (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP

How To:
Search entire room at Secret Underground Lab. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 2: Brutal Detection Desired
Description: No one expects a BrutalCorn attack! That is why we must place Brutal Detection Devices throughout the Lab. Put them in the War Room, the Lobby, at the beginning of the hallway, and at the end of the hallway.

Items Required: Lobby Detector Placed (1), War Room Detector Placed (1), Front Hallway Detector Placed (1), Back Hallway Detector Placed (1)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP

How To:
Put the BrutalCorn Detected Device at the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlab) and the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb). The location to put BrutalCorn Detected Device is marked by an Arrow. Click at the Arrow to put BrutalCorn Detected Device. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. Then Artix told you, "While you are hunting for BrutalCorn... want to help take care of some OTHER distractions? It will help us get our future release out faster... unless MORE invaders arrive!".

Task 3: Silence the Green Screamers
Description: Since you are here hunting BrutalCorn, I would be grateful if you could take out some of the intruders from the LAST invasion. There are 7 Green Screamers left in the Green Screen room.

Items Required: Screamer Silenced (7)

Rewards: 700 Gold, 700 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Green Room to defeat Green Screamer. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 4: Soundbooth of Horrors
Description: I have another favor to ask, Hero. While I guard the Lobby from more invaders, please clear out 13 of the Soundbooth Horrors blasting Warlic's audio recordings or we'll NEVER get that Critical Hits vol 2 CD recorded

Items Required: Horror Halted (13)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Audio Room defeat SoundBooth Horror. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 5: Skeletons in the Server Closet
Description: It is time we cleaned out the closet. Take out the 5 skeletons hiding in our server closet... and maybe you'll learn the secret of the Lag Monster.

Items Required: Closet Cleaned (5)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Server Room to defeat Closet Skeleton. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. Then Artix will told you, "After I have finished a long battle, there is only one thing I like to do... grab my axe and slay Undead! But sometimes it is hard to wait, so I kepp our spare practice Skeletons in the Server Closet. There are so many in there now it can be hard to get to the servers!".

Task 6: Server Gremlags
Description: Maybe we have not found the hiding place of the Lag Monster, but when you cleaned the server closet, we found many server gremlins! They cannot be helping the lag; take out 6 of the gremlins!

Items Required: Gremlag Banished (6)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Server Room to defeat Server Gremlin. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. Then Artix will told you, "Great timing, Hero! I just received my NEW BATTLEAXE! I cannot wait to test it out, and there is a hallway FULL of windows right over there! Are you thinking what I am thinking?! *big grin*".

Task 7: Window Slayer
Description: I GOT A NEW AXE! Getting new weapons is one of my most favorite things. And what better way to practice our Windowslaying skills than by knocking out ALL the windows in the Lab?! Destroy 15 just for fun!

Items Required: Glass Slain (7)

Rewards: 1100 Gold, 1100 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Server Room to defeat Server Gremlin. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. Then Artix will told you, "Every hero - and gamer - needs a snack after testing new gear like that! We are going to need... GAMER FUEL!".

Task 8: Gamer Fuel
Description: I have just received word that MORE invaders have been spotted! Or... NOT spotted, which is the problem! Cysero says he can smell invisible invader ninjas stealing our lunch! Find the invisible ninjas and bring back the snacks!

Items Required: Sushi (1), Pocky (1), Coffee (1), TableGum (1)

Rewards: 1200 Gold, 1200 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Server Room to defeat Invisible Ninjas to get Sushi, Pocky, Coffee and TableGum. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards.

Task 9: Key to Doom
Description: Hero... I have serious news. The Room of Gloom is the ONLY place left BrutalCorn could be... and the Rabid Server Hamster is the keeper of the key. (It is the safest place to hide it!) Defeat the hamster to get the key and get in that room!

Items Required: Gloom Room Key (1)

Rewards: 1300 Gold, 1300 XP

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and into the Server Room to defeat Rabid Server Hamster to get Gloom Room Key. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. Then Artix will told you, "You have... the KEY to the ROOM OF GLOOM!?!?! Hero, what you hold in your hand could be the one thing we need to protect the Lab! No normal creature can enter the Room of Gloom and survive unharmed. But you are no normal Hero!".

Task 10: UltraBrutal Battle
Description: To save the Lab (and the members of the AE team) you must defeat BrutalCorn!

Items Required: Ultra BrutalCorn Slain (1)

Rewards: 2000 Gold, 2000 XP

How To:
Go to the Gloom Room (Code Location: ultrabrutalcorn) and defeat Ultra BrutalCorn. After that, report back to Artix to get your rewards. And also you'll get a BattleCon VIP Badge for defeating the Ultra BrutalCorn. Then Artix will told you, "I cannot thank you enough, Hero! Because of you and all your hard work, the Lab is saved! We really could not make our games without you. The entire team will get to work immediately... AFTER we celebrate AQWorlds' 5th Birthday!".


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: Thank you so much, Hero! It's because of you we can make games each week... and aren't being trampled by BrutalCorn while we do it!

Task 1: Dragon Shinobi Tokens
Description: So far, all of those costumes have helped us prevent mass panic, but eventually people are going to notice that BattleCon is full of monsters. We have to keep everyone safe! Bring me goo from the monsters in the lab, and nuggets from the monsters at BattleCon. I will give you a Dragon Shinobi Token in return!

Items Required: Monster Goo (1), Monster Nugget (1)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP, Quest Items (Dragon Shinobi Token)

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and defeat any monster to get Monster Goo. Then go to Convention Area (Code Location: battlecon) and defeat any monster to get Monster Nugget. After that, report back to Alina to get your rewards.

Task 2: Dragon Shinobi Tokens For Legends
Description: As a Legend, you are a little bit stronger than the average player. Goo and nuggets are one thing, but if you can bring me actual monster GUNK and CHUNKS, I will gladly give you two Dragon Shinobi tokens instead of one.

Items Required: Monster Gunk (1), Monster Chunk (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP, Quest Items (Dragon Shinobi Token x2)

How To:
Go to the left part of the Secret Underground Lab (Code Location: undergroundlabb) and defeat any monster to get Monster Gunk. Then go to Convention Area (Code Location: battlecon) and defeat any monster to get Monster Chunk. After that, report back to Alina to get your rewards.


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: Do you know where I can pick up a good washing machine? No? Guess I'll have to MAKE one. Artix doesn't really need those doorknobs anyway.


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: I don't like them ninjas. I don't much like horses, either.


Code Location: ultrabrutalcorn

Intro: Now THAT is funny... I could have sworn my new friend BrutalCorn was laying here. But now there's just candy. Maybe Cysero can use them to build his washing machine...


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