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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 20 October 2013, 15:04:36 GMT+7


AQWorlds 4th Birthday - Operation: Gameocide

There's 14 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Twilly (Rebellious Healing Moglin)
2. Itzachi (Rebellious Class Dealer)
3. Ragnar (Rebellious Warrior & Member Shop Vendor)
4. Chairman Platinum (Chairman of the Board, EbilCorp)
5. Rare Item Minion (Valencia Replacement Drone)
6. Promotion Drone (Ballyhoo Replacement Minion)
7. Animal Exploitation Specialist (Pet Shop Replacement Minion)
8. Biological Reconstructionist (Warlic Replacement Drone)
9. Zorbak (CEO of EbilCorp)
10. EbilCorp Minion
11. Artix (Paladin)
12. Zhoom (Sandsea Ranger, Programmer)
13. Thyton (Ninja Artist)
14. J6 (Robot Artist)

Starting at 12 October 2012, EbilCorp drones and minions has begin infiltrate and attack all 6 Artix Entertainment Games, include AQWorlds. Defeat their armies to save Artix Entertainment Games. You only have 7 DAYS, before they succeed to completely destroy Artix Entertainment Games !!!

Defeat EbilCorp in each game to unlock that game's reward! Once each war meter reaches 100%, /join EbilPortal, then enter your game's door, click on the chest, and claim your prize!

- 12 October 2012: EbilCorp launch Operation: Gameocide.
- 12 October 2012: SOS Message from Artix Secret Underground Lab.
- 13 October 2012: HeroSmash Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get HeroSmash Destiny Helm.
- 13 October 2012: EbilCorp release 1.200.000 monsters into AQWorlds.
- 15 October 2012: AQWorlds Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get AQW Golden Destiny Armor.
- 16 October 2012: DragonFable Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get DragonFable Destiny Sword.
- 18 October 2012: MechQuest Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get MechQuest Destiny Blade.
- 19 October 2012: EbilCorp release 800.000 monsters into AQWorlds.
- 19 October 2012: EpicDuel Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get EpicDuel Destiny PvP Medal +1000.
- 19 October 2012: AQ Heroes manage to destroy all EbilCorp minions, and you can get AQ Destiny Trobble Pet.
- 19 October 2012: WE WIN THE BATTLE !!!


Code Location: battleon

Intro: Hi there! Have you found one of the strange Treasure Chests that are showing up all over Lore? Gather them while battling EbilCorp's invasion of explosive drones! Save Artix Entertainment!


Code Location: battleon

Intro: Greetings Hero! I've been waiting for you! We need to save AQWorlds! The spirits have shown me images of the future if we lose EbilCorp. I've been sent here to offer you these classes to help increase your power. Please look over them carefully. Once you master them, the power they can grant you is exactly what you will need to crush Chairman Platinum!


Code Location: battleon

Intro: Greetings, Hero. I have some of the most exclusive items in AQWorlds to offer you... even my own Asgardian Armor and weapons. However, my items are not fit for everyone. Although EbilCorp is attacking our game, I will still only allow the greatest heroes to purchase them. Are you worthy?


Code Location: battleon OR ebiltower

Intro: Welcome to "Operation Gameocide" - our minions have invaded zones throughout this world. Every drone is set to detonate on Friday, October 19th. Once activated, an automatic shut-down sequence will be engaged. All Artix Entertainment games will be permanently destroyed. You are now an EbilCorp employee. Report to CEO Zorbak for registration.

[WHAIT IS GOING ON?!] Since Artix Entertainment did not accept our offer to join EbilCorp, we are taking their entire gaming network offline. Our drones have invaded every AE game, and they know at EbilCorp, failure is not an option. Once we have achieved total control, we will take ALL of Artix Entertainment's games offline. Permanently.


Code Location: ebilbattleontown

Intro: I am authorized to sell top-quality weaponry and armor to you to demonstrate the benefits of working for Chairman Platinum. All EbilCorp employees are required to purchase their own gear.


Code Location: ebilbattleontown

Intro: To show our newest employees the benefits of working for EbilCorp, Chairman Platinum has ordered me to offer you a chance to win FREE GOLD and Adventure Coins.


Code Location: ebilbattleontown

Intro: Welcome to the Animal Exploitation Center. There are so many ways to use creatures in combat, and I am able to demonstrate every technique. Remember, nothing is too cute to be used for EbilCorp. Especially not if your enemies will pay you to stop.


Code Location: ebilbattleontown

Intro: Technology can rebuild you better, stronger, and deadlier. Working as an EbilCorp ninja, assassin or terror-clown, you will need as much cyber-augmentation as the Chairman will authorize.


Code Location: ebilbattleontown

Intro: Listen up, Hero. You're going to need to kill every creature with that stupid red E on them if you want to save your game and your 4th birthday party. Meh, I know. That's a lot of work just for cake. But it'll worth it once you're in the Underground Lab celebrating. When you're done here, head to the Game Portal. You've got to save ALL the games to start the party. Oh, and I "borrowed" some EbilCorp gear to help you blend in. Mehehe!

[YOU WORK FOR EBILCORP?!] Mehehe! What, you're surprised? I know exactly what to tell that hairy-faced goat to get on his good side. That gets ME the gold and YOU the info you need to know in order to save Artix Entertainment's games. Meh, after all these years, I can't imagine life without that annoyingly-optimistic Paladin and you heroes annoying me.

Task 1: The Ebil Sea
Description: All over the /Sandsea are hardened crystallized chunks of sand, which have more than likely been consumed by the creatures inhabiting the area. Bring back these chunks and EbilCorp will definitely not pay us for our efforts... but we'll make them pay for it!

Items Required: Crystallized Sand (50)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck)

How To:
Go to the Sand Sea area (Code Location: sandsea) and defeat any enemies to get Crystallized Sand. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your reward.

Task 2: The Gel-ous of the Forest
Description: ... Collect Gel-ous Ore from /greenguardwest

Items Required: Gel-ous Ore (50)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck)

How To:
Go to the GreenGuard West Forest (Code Location: greenguardwest) and defeat any enemies to get Gel-ous Ore. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your reward.

Task 3: Strands of Deforestation
Description: ... collect Bamboo Strands from /bamboo

Items Required: Bamboo Strands (50)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck)

How To:
Go to the Bamboo Forest (Code Location: bamboo) and defeat any enemies to get Bamboo Strands. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your reward.

Task 4: Steel Shrapnel
Description: Metal Shrapnel not only works well as ammunition but it makes for great armored plating. I'll need iron and steel, as much as you can, from the Ebil Monsters in /Orchestra.

Items Required: Metal Shrapnel (50)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck)

How To:
Go to the Orchestra Zone (Code Location: orchestra) and defeat any enemies to get Metal Shrapnel. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your reward.

Task 5: Taking Life from the Unliving
Description: Here, take this ionization trap with you. As you slay the undead in /doomhaven, it will draw their life force into the device. With the energy stored Ebi... we will be able to utilize that life force as an energy source for our ultimate weapon. Hehe! It'll be to die for.

Items Required: Energized Life Force (50)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 500 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck)

How To:
Go to the Doomwood Haven (Code Location: doomhaven) and defeat any enemies to get Energized Life Force. After that, report back to Zorbak to get your reward.


Code Location: ebiltower

Task 1: Investment Opportunity
Description: I see you've been holding on to your Ebilbucks. You know, if you give them back to EbilCorp we will take them from you and maybe let you have something in return! Why wouldn't you want to give back to that which has given you nothing?

Items Required: Ebilbuck (10)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 5 XP, Quest Items (Ebilbuck, Forget Stick, Ebil Bumper Sticker, Pet Rock, Can of Air), Quest Rewards (Ebil Assaulter Rifle)

How To:
Do the quests from Zorbak that will earn you some Ebilbucks. After that, report back to EbilCorp Minion to get your reward.

At 20 October 2012, we manage to defeat EbilCorp. Then Chairman Platinum will told you, "NO! I can't believe that you were able to defeat my minions in ALL SIX GAMES! YOU caused "Operation Gameocide" to FAIL! I will not accept this failure! You haven't seen the last of me, you worms! Enjoy your moment in the sun and your little tour of AE's Secret Underground Lab!".

AQWorlds 4th Birthday - Operation: Gameocide - Secret Underground Lab


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: Happy birthday, Hero! Thank you for saving Artix Entertainment from EbilCorp's invasion. I knew they would not defeat us. Not when we have YOU fighting on our side! Now that our games are safe, it is time you started your tour of the Secret Underground Lab. Daimyo will show you around while I help the team get your birthday celebration ready!

Four years ago, we released AdventureQuest Worlds. We had never made an MMO before, but we knew that if we never stopped trying our hardest, we could do it! And we know that with players like you fighting alongside us to make AQWorlds the best game it can be, we can do ANYTHING! Happy 4th birthday, Hero, we could not make this game without you!

[CHUNIN CLASS] The Chunin is a very powerful shadow warrior who uses massive strength to attack multiple enemies at once! Members and non-members can earn the class but only until the birthday event ends. After that you will only be able to buy the AC version until it goes rare next October!

Task 1: Chunin Tokens
Description: We have got a lot of cleaning up to do now that the party has REALLY started. I will tell you what... bring me some Ebil Fragments from defeated EbilCorp Monsters and I will give you a Chunin Token!

Items Required: Ebil Fragments (1)

Rewards: 100 Gold, 100 XP, Quest Items (Chunin Token)

How To:
Defeat any EbilCorp monsters to get Ebil Fragments. After that, report back to Artix to get your reward.

Task 2: Chunin Tokens for Members
Description: As a Member you are a little bit stronger than the average player. I think you can probably bring me entire Ebil Chunks from the EbilCorp Monsters without getting too much Ebil all over your nice clean armor.

Items Required: Ebil Chunks (1)

Rewards: 200 Gold, 200 XP, Quest Items (Chunin Token x2)

How To:
Defeat any EbilCorp monsters to get Ebil Chunks. After that, report back to Artix to get your reward.


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: The Artix Entertainment Employee Hand Book states that if there is an undesirable or trivial task that must be performed, in a group of equally-qualified personnel, the last to touch their nose is responsible for performing it.


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: In the Secret Underground Lab, Tactical Maneuver Bells ring every hour. Any team members that can flood out into the hallway and begin the day's exercises, set by Thyton. It never hurts to be prepared for the next Zombie Army attack!


Code Location: undergroundlab

Intro: Everyone at the Lab is incredibly creative, but sometimes brainstorming and talking about a concept makes the idea even better! Throughout the day, you'll see team members moving from room to room, sharing sketches, going over new ideas, and discussing new ways to make the games better. (And we haven't painted the Green-room blue... yet!)


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