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Walkthrough Time Stamp: 31 March 2012, 23:36:46 GMT+7


There's 3 NPC to talk about this quest:
1. Alina (Royal PotionMistress or Battle PoisonMistress)
2. Traitorous Knight (Minion of the Silver Man)
3. Jenna Rowanleaf (Herbalist of Swordhaven Forest)

AQWorlds Alina's Tale: Assassination Attempt

Assassination Attempt

An assassination attempt has been made on King Alteon's life... and my own, but I am the one charged with the crime! Help me clear my name, Hero, and find out who is behind this nefarious attack on our beloved Defender of Good!


Code Location: swordhaven

Intro: It is good to see you, Hero! Upon my return from journeying to find new potion reagents, I was horrified to learn that there has been an assassination attempt! Someone tried to poison King Alteon. And even more distressing, I am a suspect! Will you help me save the King and clear my name?

[THE TALE BEGINS...] As I was in the Castle Garden replanting my newest reagents, guards arrived at my side and said that Bertram, the Royal Food-taster, had just fallen gravely ill. His role is now being filled by Sir Rogate, a deputy Knight, but that does me no good. Not when I am also a target!

The guards escorted me to my quarters and there we found Shendra, my assistant, unconscious. A bowl of the same soup Bertram ate was by her side. No one would think to harm her, as sweet as she is, but I have enemies who wish to see fall.

Luckily, I have friends who believe in my innocence. But there are still those who would see me jailed for attempted regicide. I must leave before they make their move to imprison me! I've got a stash of useful potions, a strong will, and a fierce desire to see justice done.


Code Location: manor

Intro: I don't know Raoul Silvertree very well, but he has a reputation for being a toady, willing to flatter and flutter around those with power in order to advance his career. He knows his potions, though, AND his poisons. If anyone will have information I can use, he will. But first we've got to get to him.

Task 1: Hard Water
Description: We NEED to question Silvertree, and that means we're going to have to cross that river. It's full of healthy minerals, but far too deep for us to wade across. I need 7 stone reagents from the Amethyst Golems to activate my Petrification Potion to turn the water to stone. That'll be much gneiss-er to cross.

Items Required: Stone Reagent (7)

Rewards: 300 Gold, 300 XP, 300 Rep: Good

How To:
Defeat Amethyst Golem to get the required items. Bring those required items to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 2: Raising the Stakes
Description: Silvertree isn't usually so secretive. He's always hosting parties and playing up his popularity. I can't imagine him wanting to keep anyone out of his mansion unless he had something to hide. Fortunately, I know a way past his barrier. Once you collect enough flowers, you can use my Dandelion Draft and the portcullis' bars will float right up!

Items Required: Breeze Blooms (10)

Rewards: 400 Gold, 400 XP, 400 Rep: Good

How To:
Look around for the Breeze Blooms. (CLICK HERE for the Breeze Blooms Image) and click at it to get the required items. At the first area, you can found 5 Breeze Blooms. At 2nd area, you can found 2 Breeze Blooms. Go back to Alina, there you can find 3 Breeze Blooms. Bring those required items to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

If you manage to do all Alina's task, Alina will told you to enter the Manor and met her inside.


Code Location: manor

Intro: No innocent man would protect himself this much! Raoul is hiding something, and we must reach him and question him about, if not bring him to justice for, the attempt on the King's life!

Task 1: Stop! Potion Time
Description: Much like those pendulum blades about to cut us off, Raoul always did go back and forth between more powerful patrons. My Temporal Solidification Potion will freeze those blades in place! We'll need a clock's mechanism and something cold for it to work, though, like 7 Frigid Frogdrake horns.

Items Required: Frigid Frogdrake Horn (7), Clock Weights (1)

Rewards: 500 Gold, 500 XP, 500 Rep: Good

How To:
Defeat Frigid Frogdrake to get the required items. Then go to the room right of Alina's standing, and open the clock work's glass door and click at the Clock Weights to get the required items. Bring those required items to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 2: Inscrutable Motivation
Description: There he is! But... he's in a spell-trance. Who knows what he's about to do, or why! Quick, gather up some of his potions and reagents, if we're lucky, there's enough there to make my signature draught, a Potion of Inscrutable Mutation. It'll interrupt his current working, and... finesse him into telling us what we need to know.

Items Required: Random Potion Bottle (10)

Rewards: 600 Gold, 600 XP, 600 Rep: Good

How To:
Look around for the Random Potion Bottle. (CLICK HERE for the Random Potion Bottle Image) and click at it to get the required items. At the Right Room, you can found 4 Random Potion Bottle. Go back to Alina, there you can find 3 Random Potion Bottle. At North Room, you can found 1 Random Potion Bottle. At the outside of the mansion, you can find 2 Random Potion Bottle. Bring those required items to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

After that, go to the North Room, there you'll find Raoul. After you pour the potion and force him to speak, Raoul summon Bird of Paradise to attack you.

Task 1: Paradise is Not So Nice
Description: Raoul was always a scholar and a finagler, getting someone else to fight his battles for him. I'm not surprised he's summoned one of his creations to fight for him now. But I'm determined to get the answers I seek, and the little bird who's going to tell me is cowering behind this creature!

Items Required: Bird of Paradise Defeated (1)

Rewards: 750 Gold, 750 XP, 700 Rep: Good

How To:
Defeat Bird of Paradise to get your rewards.

If you manage to defeat the Bird of Paradise, Raoul will confess to you.

After that, Alina will told you, "Positioning his daughter as my apprentice to take advantage of the situation was... less than honorable. Raoul will face the King's justice!.

The King was eager to assure me that he believes in my innocence, but the Silver Man must be whispering poison in his ears, because he looks uneasy when I come near. It saddens me to have lost his confidence. And I don't trust the Silver Man to stop at one attempt on the King's life. It is imperative that we continue our search in order to unmask the traitor and keep the King safe!

I might not like it, but I can understand why I was a suspect. I work in both potions and poisons. They are mirrors of each other; and a skilled alchemist can make both. I prefer to do Good, but I found I have a talent for the darker side of alchemy. Luckily, a little poison can hear where even the best potions cannot, so I employ my talents where they will help people most

AQWorlds Alina's Tale: For Love of Good... and Evil

For Love of Good... and Evil

Someone is luring away the Pactagonal Knights for who knows what nefarious reasons, and now Rolith, the Pactagonal Knight-Captain is missing! The time has come to put down my potions and decide if it's worth being Evil to save Good lives... including the life of a Knight I've long admired. *blush*


Code Location: poisonforest

Intro: Follow if you will, PoisonMistress. But if you were truly devoted to Good, you would support my master and his brother! They see what is true, what is right... what is PURE Good. And now, so have we. My brothers-in-arms are with me, and those that did not join... they are regretting their decision. But all will be well, because once we achieve our goal, then Good will triumph over all!

Do not let me delay you with a battle. Please, go and meet my master. I am certain that he will convince you of the righteousness of his cause.


Code Location: poisonforest

Intro: You were right to say we should investigate Rolith and the missing knights here first, Hero. Look, I can see drag marks in the ground... but whose? They lead into the forest, and that's in our favor because I believe everything I need to craft the poisons to save our friends is in those woods!

All my life I have tried so hard to be Good. I studied poison-craft because it spoke to a darker side of my nature, but I used that knowledge for only the most noble of purpose. But the time has come to put it to a more... deadly use. And if it will save Rolith's life, and those of the Knights, then I am willing to do that!

Task 1: Poison Creation
Description: The forest is dense, and we'll need to clear a path quickly. To make a Vegetal Decay Draught, I'll need 8 drops of Traitor Knight's Sweat, 5 Toxic Gallstones from the marsh lurkers, 3 bunches of Nightrage Weed, and 3 handfuls of Cyanidic Soil. They should all be found near here, but most people don't know how to look.

Items Required: Traitor's Sweat (8), Toxic Gallstones (3), Nightrage Weed (3), Cyanidic Soil (3)

Rewards: 800 Gold, 800 XP, 800 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Clean Cloth, Astringent Slime, Vegetal Decay Draught)

How To:
Find the Cyanidic Soil and Nightrage Weed. The Cyanidic Soil and Nightrage Weed will mark by the Arrow. Click it to get the Cyanidic Soil and Nightrage Weed. After that defeat Traitor Knight to get Traitor's Sweat. Then defeat Marsh Lurker to get Toxic Gallstones. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 2: Vegetal Decay
Description: Apply the Vegetal Decay Draught three times to each tree that needs to be moved. It is my hope that once we've cleared enough trees, we'll find where Rolith and the Knights are being kept. You'll need to return to me to get each new dose of the Draught.

Items Required: Poisoned Tree (9), Hideout Discovered, RAWR! (1)

Rewards: 900 Gold, 900 XP, 900 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Combustible Krialo Moss x3)

How To:
Talk to Alina to get the Draught. Then poison the Tree. The location to poison the Tree will mark by the Arrow. Click it to poison the Tree. Because the Draught only contain 3 drops, after you have poison a tree, you must talk again to Alina to get new dose of Draught. Then scout the entire area until you found the Hideout. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

When scouting the forest, you may met Jenna Rowanleaf.


Code Location: poisonforest

Intro: It is good to see friendly face! These knights-- I took them to be the King's men-- but when they told me what they required of my herbal mixtures, I HAD to refuse. They threatened my SON if I would not comply. When I moved to defend us, they laughed and burnt my house down. What have Alteon's Knights come to?!


Code Location: poisonforest

Intro: The forest is so quiet; all of the animals must be in hiding. That does not bode well for us... or our friends. While you battle any enemies we may encounter, I will gather the auxiliary ingredients to bolster the potency of my poisons. With a dash of magic and a few extra ingredients, we'll make them regret what they've done! Just make sure to return to me to get each new dose of poison for the tree.

Poison is complex. With exactly the right dose, even the most toxic poison can save a life. But in knowledgeable hands, what can appear to be a beneficial potion can become even more deadly than the deadliest of poisons. When Good can mask itself as Evil, it is hard to know who-- or what-- to trust.

Task 3: Recycle, Rebuild, Rescue
Description: How can ANYONE who claims to fight for Good do this to an innocent family? We must help them! The Traitor Knights should have nails, and teh Treeants will have vines. All you'll need to do is bring back enough boards to help rebuild Jenna's home! 4 should do the trick.

Items Required: Unbent Nail (6), Sturdy Vine (6), Cottage Rebuilt! (1)

Rewards: 950 Gold, 950 XP, 950 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Combustible Krialo Moss x3, Aniseweed Pulp, Sour Sap)

How To:
Defeat Traitor Knight to get Unbent Nail. Then defeat Treeant to get Sturdy Vine. After that go to the left road until your road blocked by large wood road block. Click it to get the Wood that needed to build Jenna Rowanleaf's Cottage. Then go to Jenna Rowanleaf location, and click at the Arrow Mark to rebuilt her cottage. If you need more wood, just go to the Wood Road Block again. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 4: Corrosive Philtre
Description: I cannot fathom BURNING someone who will not do as you ask. At least my poisons kill quickly. Free 15 Burning Loyalist and collect embers from their fire. With the pure rainwater you'll find in the buckets by Jenna's home, and the Krialo Moss I've got, we're going to free those Knights from the fort!

Items Required: Combustible Krialo Moss (1), Burning Loyalist Ember (15), Pure Rainwater (5)

Rewards: 0 Gold, 950 XP, 950 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Corrosive Philtre, Burning Ember)

How To:
You can get the Combustible Krialo Moss from finishing the 2nd and 3rd Task. After that, free the Burning Loyalist to get Burning Loyalist Ember. Then find the Pure Rainwater. The Pure Rainwater will mark by the Arrow. Click it to get the Pure Rainwater. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 5: Loyalty Rewarded, Wounds Salved
Description: I've got a salve made from the Aniseseed Pulp applied to those Cloths from the Traitor Knights. Finish freeing the last 10 Burning Knights and apply the salve to them. They will be alright.

Items Required: Knight Soothed (10)

Rewards: 1000 Gold, 1000 XP, 1000 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Xavier's Plans)

How To:
Free the Burning Loyalist to soothe them. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards. If you manage to complete this task, the Xavier's Plan will inform "Step 1) Brainwash Good Knights. Step 2) Reintroduce back into Alteon's Court. Step 3) ??? Step 4) PROFIT FOR GOOD!".

Task 6: Storm the Fort
Description: I need you to slay the Traitorous Knights guarding the gate while I finish preparing the Corrosive Philtre. I believe there's only 8 of them, so you should finish them easily. Once you do, apply the Philtre to the gate and we'll be able to enter. Don't drink any!

Items Required: Guard Slain (8), Hole Enlarged (1)

Rewards: 1050 Gold, 1050 XP, 1050 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Flakes of Rust)

How To:
Defeat Traitor Knight. Then go to the Enemy Hideout and click at the Gate to apply the Philtre. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Then enter the Enemy Hideout.


Code Location: poisonforest

Intro: If you have read the plans we received from the Knight, you'll know that the Lionfangs are active again. Xavier, Maximillian's younger brother, runs this camp. It is HE who is to blame for all our trouble. There is much we can do to teach him the difference between Good and Evil, don't you think, Hero? That is... if I can remember it myself.

Hurry, Hero. I see Rolith surrounded by the traitorous Knights and Xavier's minions. You handle Xavier. I'm going to show those traitors what it means to serve the King!

Task 7: Termination Tonic
Description: Take out the 11 Traitorous Knights in the camp. They're all Lionfang's men now. I will need 11 drops of Enraged Blood and then, with the other ingredients I have, you'll make a Termination Tonic. With that, we can make them all pay for what they've done!

Items Required: Enraged Blood (11), Brew Bubbling (1), Combustible Krialo Moss (1), Burning Ember (1), Sour Sap (1), Flakes of Rust (1)

Rewards: 1250 Gold, 1250 XP, 1250 Rep: Good, Quest Items (Termination Tonic)

How To:
You can get Combustible Krialo Moss, Burning Ember, Sour Sap and Flakes of Rust from completing 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th Task. After that defeat Traitor Knight to get Enraged Blood. Then find the Brew Bubbling. The Brew Bubbling will mark by the Arrow. Click it to get the Brew Bubbling. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Task 8: Burn ALL the Things!
Description: Now that you have the Termination Tonic, pour it on EVERYTHING-- the tents, the supplies, all of it! THey deserve to have nothing left! And here... *pour* now your weapon is coated with the Tonic. When you go to battle Xavier, it will... help him understand what he's done.

Items Required: Tonic Thrown (11), Xavier Lionfang Slain (1)

Rewards: 1350 Gold, 1350 XP, 1350 Rep: Good

How To:
Pour the Termination Tonic. The location to pour the Termination Tonic will mark by the Arrow. Click it to pour the Termination Tonic. Then defeat Xavier Lionfang. After that report back to Alina Lore to get your rewards.

Then after you've managed to defeat Xavier, you must choose whether to imprisonment him or use Alina's poison to find out what Maximillian's plan and then execute Xavier.

If you want to see the cutscene, CLICK THIS ALINA'S TALE CUTSCENES.

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