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Orisinal Launching: ?
Language: English
Support: Mail
Very cool flash games that made in Indonesia. They have a very huge collection of flash games in their site, such as Bugs, A Dog For All Seasons, Monkey Slide, Wake Up Calls, The Bird And The Sea, Starry Night, Fire Dragon, Rain Maker, Hungry Spiders and many more ! In their site, you can also find Wallpapers collection. A must see site !

Keno Launching: 2005
Language: English
Support: home
This game let you guess 20 numbers from 80 numbers. If you guess all 20 numbers right, wow, you're a Keno Master!

Battle Ships Launching: 2003
Language: English
Support: home
This Flash game let you fight the computer and destroy their 5 battle ships before they destroy yours.

Flash Man Launching: 2005
Language: English
Support: home
Ever play Pacman before ? If you did, try these flash game !

Stress Relief PaintBall Launching: 2005
Language: English
Support: home
Try to hit the stress relief balls in the office to gain maximum points and progress to the next level, good luck!

MasterMind Launching: ?
Language: English
Support: -
Mastermind is a code breaking game of logic and deduction. Your aim is to crack the code which is hidden at the top of the board. This version includes Multiplayer Game.

Elves Realm Launching: 2013
Platform: Mobile Device
Language: English
Support: home
PLAY FOR FREE and join us to travel through the mysterious lands with castles, kingdoms, caves, unknown world and tons of other players!

- Amazing and addictive card-based adventure games! You'll lost yourself in the fantastic mystery!
- Free-to-play MMORPG combat game
- Over 500 cards to collect
- Gorgeous graphic design, and user-friendly interface
- Rich Story Line
- Outstanding battles
- Powerful card selector
- Interactive Community

Elves Realm places you in a world filled with mystery and fantasy. Fighting is the heart of this game. The character classes, Runes and skills make this game easy to learn, but difficult to master! Put your deck in the Arena to see you Rank in the world. Not everything is about power, Elves Realm requires quick wit and careful planning. What you accomplish will only be limited by your desire and determination! Come for the thrilling battle! World domination is now within your grasp!

There is an event that will give you 1 Magic Coupon if you enter the Invitation Code when you sign up an account for Elves Realm game. If you don't have the Invitation Code, you may want to use this Invitation Code: 44te2a

Click Here For Elves Realm Tips and Tricks !     Last Update: 29 Dec 2014

CMONPOKER Launching: 2013
Language: English, French
Support: Forum
CMONPOKER is a poker Texas hold'em no-limit game with no installation, compatible with PC, tablet and mobile.

100 More Chips Each Day! Fast Registration! No Installation! Thousands of Players!

Play Online Dice Games Launching: 2014
Language: English
Support: Forum
This is a great website where you can play a lot of free dice games. You can find many of the most popular dice games from around the world at such as Yahtzee, Farkle, Balut, Snakes and Ladders to name a few. The games are free to play and can be played against a person or computer. The games do not need any browser plugin and are playable in both desktops as well as mobile devices.






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